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5 Reasons Why Most Bloggers Quit Blogging Within 6 Months


Why Bloggers QuitAlthough Blogging is definitely lucrative and there are thousands of successful bloggers who make a lot of money every month, the bitter truth is that a large majority of bloggers fail and quit blogging just within 6 months of starting their blog. In fact out of every 100 newbie bloggers, around 90 hang up their boots even before enjoying a trivial amount of success.

Why does this happen? Why do newbie bloggers find it hard to stand out in this ever expanding blogosphere? In this post I’ll discuss some reasons why this happens and hopefully you can learn some lessons from it too.

1. Looking for quick money

As it often happens, when people read about the success stories of others they get motivated by the desire to earn quick money and replicate their success. As making a blog requires only a small investment initially, and some bloggers regularly post huge monthly incomes, newbie bloggers tend to think they can also do the same with ease.

However it generally doesn’t happen that way since they look at blogging like an easy way of making money overnight, which is the reason why they don’t bother about putting in long hours in their blogging pursuits. However just like any other Business, blogging also requires a lot of hard work initially, which most newbie bloggers don’t seem to understand, leading to lack of results and disappointment. Check the 3 Rules you should follow before you make money blogging.

2. Not passionate about writing

Though I may sound rude but it’s always better to crush unrealistic expectations. The fact is that blogging is not just for anyone and one can only succeed if he has a penchant for writing, which is not the case with most new bloggers out there. Thus those newbie bloggers who don’t have a knack for writing or don’t enjoy writing find themselves slacking off after a while and they are unable to come up with good content on a regular basis, which makes them shy away from posting frequently on their blogs. Always remember, don’t get bogged down when Blogging.

3. Lack of Motivation

Though most bloggers start out with a bang and are extremely motivated in the beginning, adding content regularly in the first month or so, this motivation starts fading away with each passing month, and the period between the third and sixth month involves the maximum struggle since it is a make or break time for the blogger. Those who quit are generally the ones who don’t have the motivation left to continue their blogging pursuits, while the ones that manage to overcome this period generally end up on the winning side. If you are tired of writing, here are 7 tips to overcome that.

4. Not enough topics

While starting out every blogger thinks that adding content should be a piece of cake and they would somehow be able to add lots of quality content to their blog. As a matter of fact, adding content involves as much research as the writing part, which these bloggers don’t realize and they either end up copying other bloggers’ articles or not writing at all, both of which are extremely harmful for the growth of the blog. Here are some useful posts to get inspiration:

  • 5 Ways You Can Get Fresh Content Inspiration
  • 4 Tips to Find Unlimited Blog Post Ideas

5. The Unavoidable renewal

Though this may sound strange, but I personally know many bloggers who invested in setting up their blogs, thinking that they would recover the money in no time and then renew their hosting accounts with the same. However when they don’t earn much in the first few months and the renewal time for their blog is up, they are unwilling to invest any more money as they are skeptical whether blogging can make them any money at all and they end up abandoning their blogs as a result.

I hope that any new bloggers reading this post currently will be able to learn from these common mistakes committed by most bloggers, and remain dedicated and focused on their goal to become a better blogger.


This article is written by Harshit Singhal. He is a blogger, tech enthusiast and freelance writer. He gives blogging tips on his blog Exceptional Blogger. If you wish to write for HBB, kindly check this.


Harshit Singhal is a blogger, tech enthusiast and freelance writer. He gives blogging tips on his blog Exceptional Blogger and also owns a finance blog called

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    • Aakash Rohilla

      Nicely written by @Harshit. Yes! I have seen newbie bloggers quitting because they don’t have money to renew. I personally thinks if a Blogger don’t have money to invest, don’t start Blogger / Blog. Write Guest Posts on other Blogs which will give same reputation as your own blog will give you.

    • Ediary

      Patience is the main key to get get success. Another important thing is motivation.

    • Lakhyajyoti

      Most of the people started blogging to make money through it. But it is not easy to make quick money through blogging. This is one of the top most reason people left blogging within first six months of starting it.

    • Shruti

      Blogging needs patience. One needs to work hard without thinking about raising the profit funds. Nice post Harshit.

    • Jay

      I generally blog to support product marketing and/or promotion of sites with interactive content – I have found much blog traffic to be very hit and run. They come to read your article but leave almost instantly, rarely clicking on ads. Blogging can be a good way to “feed google” fresh content to help build traffic.

      I have had the best results with either “sticky content” where someone stays a while or people seeking information about a problem who will compulsively search the entire site and/or click on relevant ads.

      Blogging works for me, because it supports other activities. Would be hard to make a living just by writing. 

    • sunil

      when i started the work i have not make any penny in 6 months but after 6 months  my results shows
      i am glad i choose online work… i am studying in 12th arts making good money

    • sunil


    • Prabha

      Well, Agree with second reason that even I was not passionate about writing just looking for money after writing each post that was passionate about money.. that’s why I was failed.

      Motivation matters ever.. to get rid of laziness. and also setting up some goals bring handsome results ever and happened for me.

      Thanks for this quite helpful post.

    • panaceabharti

      Writing and new motivation stuff is very necessary for every blogger. if u want to get real user and money from your blog 

    • Bryan @ TECHZyN

      hello Harshit
      nice Post
      Motivation and passion is very important.  try to make quick money online blogging is impossible, you will get demotivated once you notice you are not making as much money you expected to make.
      Thanks for sharing

    • Anish

      Harshit,I completely agree that without motivation its too difficult for a blogger to continue with blogging and I would like add one more point. “Unable to perform multitasking” Most bloggers are students and its really difficult to manage studies and blogging at the same time.

    • sai

      One of the main thing is not  getting approval for adsense and buysellads. Both are main sources to earn money online. 

    • Vivek Nath.R

      Well written brother. . .I think motivation and huge knowledge in any niche is an essential. . .

    • Khaja moin

      Last point may seem strange but I personally saw one blogger who did this, though his blog was going good.

      And now I see he again started another blog with .org extension!

      Hope this time he will not quit!

    • Goa resorts


      Yes i am totally agreed with you when any newbie blogger wants to make money in less time then he/she don’t know now he/she starting to do mistakes. 


      I am agree with you. Yes blogging is a very risky business but one thing is sure if you are passionate then you will earn alot form it. Best of luck from mine side to all of you.

    • Rahul Kashyap

      ya @harshit this really. i agree your all topic  and not enough topic very interesting point. keep it bro awesome post 🙂


    • Gerald Martin

      It’s okay if you’re going to look for opportunities to make money out of blogging, but you have to take note that it’s not going to give you money in an instant, especially when you have a lot of competition. It will be hard to attract your target audience if there’s already an existing brand that has better services and products than those you provide. You have to work your way up that ladder first before you expect something. On second thought, you shouldn’t expect that much at all.

    • Gautham Nekkanti

      Well pointed out facts Harshit, Success comes with patience

    • Tanmay Sawant

      Hey whatever you have written is completely true.Now I’m just a newbie blogger.Blogging since like 2-3 months.Thankfully, after reading all this i feel more inspired and determined not to end up quitting.


      Nice article buddy,and yes most of the bloggers start blogging as a money earning source,they focus on money and not the content and qualities of blog.Hence they end up in creating a blunder.

    • Naveen

      You’ve written wonderful article, I completely agree with you. Even in the initial stage of online venture I’ve never think to quit blogging since I found blogging is better way to earn money than any thing. But we need to realize the truth that like every business, blogging also has risks and we need to face risks by hard works.

    • Avi Jit (@skyhitblog)

      Not having passion for writing is a very bad thing. Again we must not look for quick money as money comes after a period of hard work.Good article.
      Related: Why I Think My Previous BloG Was A Big FLOP?? #CaseStudy

    • sibin

      Nice post.But i want to tell one thing  Quieting blogs is not a bad idea.Some people know how to write some People know some other things.Bloggers spend lot of time on there blogs if  it become waste better way is quit blogs and turn to some other works.Before we start anything we must study everything otherwise we will stuck in midway finally we will loose our Time and Life.Ones you understand blogging is not good,stop there and look into other jobs

    • Himanshu Dureja

      One thing i wanna say is that  Instead of starting Blogging by investment of Hosting  , its better to start with Zero , I mean Using Blogspot as its absolutely free.

      Nice Post!!
      Thanks for Sharing 

    • Priyanka

      motivation has a huge role.. good points Harshit.

    • pinolobu

      You got it spot on, especially point no.2. I have been blogging for 16 years. You just have to love writing to the point that you’d even do it for free.

    • Fayaz Shariff

      Great Article Harshit.! Definitely looking for quick money is first mistake that every newbie blogger does. Well! even I am a newbie to the blogosphere and learned the common mistakes from your article. Thanks for sharing it with us..!

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