4 Vital Questions To Ask Before Starting SEO Campaign

SEO CampaignEvery online business holder aims at getting best possible visibility, brightest of the search page ranking, outnumbering traffic, great conversion, all leading to outshining success. And SEO is the mast that every website-ship uses for smooth and fast flow through the ocean of internet and to be seen properly at every port called search engine.

However, the experts believe that even after undergoing all the efficacious search engine optimization methods, sometimes your site lack few vital things that work like hurdles in the path of your online success. And only when you check them out and remove them, your site starts doing well.

Here, you’ve some vital questions to ask before you start up with your SEO campaign.

Question 1. Is your site crawlable?

Answer: Sometimes, you keep moving on with all your SEO practices without checking out whether they are really working or not. First and foremost thing about your site is its crawlability.  If your site cannot be crawled by the search engine spiders, none of your SEO efforts are going to work and there won’t be any success at all.

So, this is first thing you need to do, i.e. you need to check out your site whether it is getting crawled by the search engine spiders or not. There have been several such wonderful sites that couldn’t get enough success even after doing every possible thing for success because they are simply not being crawled. This happens when the architecture or the robo settings of your site is preventing the search engines from crawling it.

Even your blog can be faced with such kind of trouble, especially when you change your content management system. Better you check out your privacy settings; otherwise you’re going to lose out a lot of potential traffic.

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Question 2.  Did you do a really through keyword research?

Answer:  Now, this isn’t a joke that you’re grinning out there. It is indeed a serious thing and you need to focus on it well. Some website owners simply pick up any keyword that they have found to be working well for other sites. So a keyword which has been successful for some other site may or may not be equally useful for you. So, instead of going for a hit and trial method, better you go for a through keyword research.

According to leading experts from the best seo company dubai, keyword research is the foundation of your SEO strategy. The right set of keywords can help you rank on the SERPs, generate qualified traffic and boost lead generation. It can also help you emerge as an authoritative voice in your industry niche. Keyword research can also help you accelerate timing and performance, as well as lower SEO investments.

Again, a certain set of word that worked well about a few years back may or may not have same power at present. Best is to check out how your targeted searchers are searching the internet through the search engines. Do a thorough keyword research and choose your keywords on the basis of that.

Question 3. Are you using your keywords? If yes, how?

Answer: It has been found that some people don’t use their keywords at all whereas some people go for its usage ad nauseam defiling the reputation of their site. Yes, you need to use your keywords in your site content. At least once, if not more than that; best practice is to place your keywords in the headline and in the content.

And if you’re one of those SEOs afflicted with keyword affinity, keep in mind that you’re not supposed to use them more than 2% to 3% of the total text.

Question 4.  Have you ever considered of linking to yourself?

Answer: If you’re thinking that SEO has always been about the back links that you get from other sites, you need to know that internal linking is also a part of SEO. And if you’ve been knowing this and yet been ignorant toward it, you simply need to bid a warm good bye to your ignorance and start linking to yourself. But make sure you don’t distract your readers with your linking strategy.

Linking to yourself has lots of benefits. First of all, search engines like the sites with internal linking as this makes your site quite search engine friendly. Second, you get the link juice from the page well spread to the other pages linked to which the other pages are linked. Third, this will reduce your bounce rate, which is a positive sign toward the success of your site. Fourth, the chances of conversion will increase as the visitors will spend more time on your site. Fifth, if you have some really good content which is related to your present post but was somehow missed out by the visitors, the content will be utilized. Finally, this will make your site look more directed to the readers and not the search engines which will improve your reputation in the eyes of the search engines.

So, simply think of asking these questions to yourself before and consider adding these points to your search engine optimization methods and celebrate the success of your online business.

This article is written by Sunny Makkar. He is from SEOCommunity which provides a platform to all Indian SEO Professionals, Webmasters, Bloggers and Internet Marketers.

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  1. I want to increase the traffic towards my website, but I don’t have enough knowledge about SEO. I was browsing the internet for a solution when I come across this page. To my surprise it has the answers of all my problems. Now I know that how I can get more traffic and enhance my business.

  2. i do agree with you Sunny, keyword density more than 3 percent may harm your blog. It should be anywhere between 2-3 percent. Interlinking is also very important. It will definitely increase the page views if done cleverly with perfect match. It will be good for your blog if you follow these rules. Thanks for the beautiful article.

  3. Solid list. I would like to add though that you should also check your hosting. If it's on a shared server, do a reverse IP lookup to see what other sites you are sharing space with. If you are sharing space with shady sites like adult ones, move the site.

      • Hi Pulkit, what exactly you want to ask? If you are talking about the IP change while surfing the internet you can use some tools or software like Hotspot .

          • Sorry, you can't ask your host to change the IP, instead you'll have to change the host to have the host IP changed.

            • Can you cite a source from where you got this information? Because I think you are just making it up.

              Why would a host not change a website's IP? Why would they lose a customer just because of an IP problem?

            • Sorry Pulkit, I got your question wrong, I thought that you're saying that whether anyone can directly change the host IP using any command or something, which is not possible.

              But yes, you're absolutely correct, if you want the IP to be changed you can surely request the host to change it for you, it is absolutely possible.

  4. Have to ask those 4 questions before starting SEO campaigns. and, it will be great task to know about such type of information on here 🙂

  5. All these are SEO strategies to got a good rank in search engines, but in a new pattern you have mentioned here. Thanks for reminder.

  6. Nice Info!!!!!!!!!

    I am totally agreed from you and your thoughts all point are perfect in this post but #1 point is much important from my point of view.

    If google is not crawling our site that means we did some mistake on our site and SEO techniques are not working which is too bed news for us. So we should see as soon as possible our site mistakes and try to improve that quickly other wise we will lost each and every thing from the point of view online marketing.


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