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5 Smart Ways To Improve Your Writing Skills


Improve your writingBlogging is all about writing, for the content you create is going to be read by thousands of readers worldwide and no matter what anyone says, even the first few lines of your post can make or break the deal for you. If your writing is weak and full of errors, then you would never be able to build that connection with your readers.

I have seen a number of bloggers who claim to own successful blogs but it’s only when you go through some of their posts that you get to know how limited their writing skills are. Trust me, you do not want to be in that position, so you should make it a point to keep improving your writing skills on a regular basis. Using these simple yet effective tips, you can improve your writing significantly which will help you not just in the near term but for years to come:

1. Get Rid of Grammatical Mistakes

If you plan to become a better writer, then you need to avoid making any grammatical mistakes, for it can ruin your credibility as a writer. When you are not sure if a particular phrase can be used or not, then it’s better to avoid using it altogether, instead of repenting later on when your readers comment about your mistakes.

If you are having trouble getting to terms with grammatical rules, then you need to work on your grammar by going through various websites that give free english lessons. You could even refer to the grammar books which you were assigned in school but you never bothered about them. Remember, don’t forget to proofread your blog posts.

2. Learn Some Idioms

Many a times, it so happens that we aren’t able to recall the right word which we need to use in a particular sentence. Not only does this happen to amateur writers but also to seasoned writers who write for a living.

If you know a few idioms, then they can come in handy at such times and bail you out of trouble. Again internet is the best resource for learning them but you shouldn’t go overboard in trying to learn too many of them, or you’ll most probably forget them when you need to use them somewhere!

3. Know Synonyms for Different Words

You will be in a much better position to write non-repetitive and interesting posts once you know the synonyms for a variety of words which are used on a daily basis. Nearly every word has various variations which you can then use while writing.

This especially comes handy when you’ve used a particular word a couple of times already but need to use it again. If you know the synonym for that word, you can easily replace that word with its synonym, instead of using the same word again and again.

4. Break Down Your Points

Many amateur writers make the mistake of writing long paragraphs which make their writing seem dull and uninteresting. On the other hand, breaking down your points and then elaborating on them one by one will make it easy for the reader to read your post and your writing will appear crisper & much more interesting.

Even if you don’t have a lot of points to discuss, you can break your main point into three-four paragraphs instead of congesting all your  sentences in one single paragraph.

5. Edit Your Post

Last but not the least, you should make it a habit to read what you’ve written. This serves dual purpose – first, you’ll be able to know if you’ve made a mistake somewhere and secondly when you read as a reader, you can assess your post better to see if the flow of ideas is correct and the points make sense. Then you can edit it and fine-tune it to make it more engaging & useful for your readers.


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Harshit Singhal is a blogger, tech enthusiast and freelance writer. He gives blogging tips on his blog Exceptional Blogger and also owns a finance blog called

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    • Lakhyajyoti

      Great tips. All the points you have mentioned in your post are important to become a great writter. Thanks for your post.

    • Thomas

      It is a very informative and helpful article. These are the basic requirement if you want to write an article which is good. Bloggers should make an effort to minimize errors and make their article interesting for their readers. They should try to improve the standard of their article as that will make them get more followers and will also help them make a good reputation in the blogging arena.

    • Terry

      These are some really helpful tips especially for newbies who are still learning the tricks of the trades. In the bogging world “Content is the King.” if a writer posts an article with spelling errors and without proper spacing between two paragraphs then it really makes bad impression in front of the readers. These small things also make huge difference. So the writer must really work hard and improve his writing skill.

    • Jack

      I think just cross checking the article for mistakes is not enough to make the article better. The writers should really be careful with what they are writing as many people are going to read it and learn from it. They have the responsibility to provide correct information to people, even a small grammatical error can be enough to make your article from an excellent one to a mediocre one.

    • Chris Simpson

      A person whose second language is English is bound to make many mistakes in their article. They can actually make use of the various software’s and applications available, to help writers like them. It will automatically correct not only your spellings but also the sentence formation. Meanwhile the writer can improve his language but reading more articles and books so that he gets a better idea of what is the current hot topic.

    • Mahesh verma

      yes harshit you are right about all mistakes that people do. the most common which people do while writing is the Grammatical and Spelling mistakes. And Breaking down your post to points makes easy for reader to read the post.

    • Ray

      Thanks for the tips! I’d still say the most important part of writing is to develop a unique voice so that your readers would enjoy your reading till the very end. 

    • Bryan @ TECHZyN

      Hi HArshit
      nice post
      Proof reading is a must, especially if English is your second language. YOu can ask some one else to proof read your article before publishing or hire someone from fiverr to do proof reading. slowly learn from the mistake you have made and correct them

    • Jay

      One other thought – since a fair amount of blogging for SEO involves keyword position and analysis, you should try using some of the free tools to assess how well you are seeding your key terms. I’ve gotten a lot out of “letting a machine” read my word and provide an opinion of how Google will judge it’s meaning.

      Blogging is tricky since you have multiple audiences. It is helpful to clearly position each post towards a specific purpose. Is it to be read by the general public, a few highly interested people reading for deep technical content, or primarily Google? That should influence your style and level of time investment…

      Because, to be truthful, everyone has a small amount of content that is basically just for Googlebot.. 

    • Puneet

      Thats right Harshit. Good writing skill is needed in blogging. 

    • Avi Jit (@skyhitblog)

      Hello Harshit..!! You added good points to your post. Rechecking our blog posts and proof-reading it before publishing are very good practices.

    • sai krishna

      Nice explanation Harshit, proofreading is very important. In starting of my blogging, I used lot of tools for proofreading.

    • Gautham

      Cool Tips Harshit, Proof reading is another great way to improve your skills by correcting your own mistakes, Thanks for sharing

    • cursedboy

      Such a nice tips I must say … I’m new to blogging will surely keep all these tips in my mind 🙂

    • Rajnish

      Thanks for the tips Harshit I am new to blogging so these tips can help me alot, but learning Idoms and synonyms seems to be very hard.

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