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Why Tumblr Is A Win-Win Platform For SEO


Everyone has heard of Facebook and Twitter, but for some reason Tumblr is often overlooked. However, if you are looking to promote content online, you need to start taking more notice of Tumblr because there are loads of SEO benefits in using Tumblr as a Social Media platform.

How Does Tumblr Work?


Tumblr is basically a vast hosted blogging platform, but what makes it different from Facebook and Twitter is that the majority of Tumblr users are 25 and under. There are currently around 130 million blogs hosted on Tumblr, which is nearly twice as many on WordPress. Tumblr also boasts a lot of web traffic—the site has around 300 million visitors every month, which equates to 15% of all Internet users.

What Are the Benefits of Using Tumblr?

The uniqueness of Tumblr is what makes is so powerful from an SEO perspective. Although the site is built around a blogging platform, it allows users to like each other’s posts and contents and to follow other Tumblr blogs. This means Tumblr has masses of potential.

  • Hashtag search capability – You don’t need lots of followers to get your content discovered on Tumblr; you just need to use hashtags. Even brand new blogs will be reblogged if the content is great, which brings us to the next advantage of Tumblr.
  • Dofollow links – The main advantage of creating content on Tumblr is that all links are dofollow. So if your post is reblogged dozens of time, you have just gained dozens of useful backlinks. Great, huh?
  • Branding – If you are keen on targeting a younger demographic, Tumblr is the way forward. Most of the audience on Tumblr is in their teens or early twenties. Use Tumblr in addition to Facebook and Twitter and cover all bases.
  • Build microsites – Tumblr blogs are perfect for people who want to build up lots of small microsites that link back to their main site. Tumblr is the place to post less serious content.

What Type of Content Does Well on Tumblr?

You can post all kinds of content on Tumblr, but there are some types of content that do better than others. Photos, illustrations, quotes, memes and animations are the most popular postings on Tumblr and if you can come up with some hilarious memes or a silly animated GIF, you are well on the way to enjoying viral exposure. If you aren’t sure about what type of stuff to post, spend time browsing through other Tumblr blogs or perform a few hashtag searches for keywords in your niche. That should give you a few ideas about what might work.

The best way to make Tumblr work for you is to post content on a consistent basis. The more engaging content you post, the more Tumblr followers you will attract, and of course the more backlinks you can build back to your website. It is also a great place to promote a brand and top quality content. So make sure you start using Tumblr today for it really is a win-win strategy.


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    • Arun Kallarackal

      I tjink image/picture based blogs will do better on Tumblr. Anyways, got to know something more about Tumblr!

    • sunilkumarr

      I like the way to write the useful and informative content so thank you for posting. Still, I don’t know this trick but now I want to create a tumblr blog and want to use it for my website SEO.

    • Harry Jacob

      It is true that Tumblr.com is one of the best website to generate traffic by submitting blog, images, social bookmarking etc. It also allows to create business profile and micro sites. I update tumblr blog on regular basis.

    • Jorge Jobs

      Tumblelogs are set on subdomains of tumblr.com or on their own domains hosted by Tumblr. For most platforms, this is extremely useful in SEO …

    • theparularora


      Thanks for the awesome article. Well, More than tumblr I would say, Pinterest and Youtube is better. They are very easy to fetch targeted traffic. But tumblr is something like mini blogging which takes almost similar efforts as it is required in the Blogging/professional blogging.

      Anyways, Thanks 🙂

    • David

      Tumbler is a great platform but I have a hard time seeing it as something more than another instagram type service. As a business I don’t ever see us using tumblr. I think its great for sharing images personally though.

    • Arbaz K

      Never used Tumblr for doing anything.
      I thought that Tumblr is just another blogging platform, but by the topics going on nowadays I wonder if it really is a great platform for doing SEO.
      Thanks for this great post mate 🙂

    • Arup Ghosh

      Tumbler is a great example of SEO.

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