12 YouTube Video Ideas for a Kid’s YouTube Channel

YouTube has almost 2 billion of active users every month. This means that any given niche can find a large audience. One of the largest niches that get an extremely large number of views every day is the kids’ channels. These channels deal with a broad niche that includes plenty of sub-niches that are vastly different from one another. This way, they have all formed large communities, without having to compete with each other. Those that get YouTube likes have managed to stand out and even become some of the most-subscribed channels on the platform.

YouTube Video Ideas For A Kids YouTube Channel

If you are interested in creating a kids’ channel on the platform, you must first determine your sub-niche. When you do that, you can visit Stormviews to purchase cheap YouTube likes and increase the engagement of your videos. In this article, you are going to discover video ideas for your new kids’ channel.

1. Unboxing of Toys

Unboxing is a type of video that is mostly associated with technology channels and gadgets. Nevertheless, the YouTube channels that have dared to post toys’ unboxing have proven that you can easily thrive in this niche. The most prominent example of this is the channel Ryan’s Toys, which is one of the largest channels on the platform. Keep in mind that this sub-niche is rather competitive and you will need to get cheap YouTube likes from Stormviews to get a competitive advantage over the other channels.

2. Vlogging

Vlogging has always been immensely successful on YouTube, especially in lifestyle channels. Furthermore, vlogging has now extended so much that any creator from any niche regularly posts this type of content. Kids’ channels such as Like Nastya shows you how you can adopt vlogging for your niche. If you choose to buy YouTube likes from Stormviews for your vlogs, then you will gather a large audience. 

3. Arts and Crafts

Many users are looking for great kids’ channels so that they find activities that they can do with their children. For this reason, many parents want to learn how to do various crafts and DIY projects that will keep their kids entertained. This sub-niche is very creative and you will have a lot of fun creating content for it. 

4. Lullabies and Kids’ Songs

There is no denying that lullabies and kids’ songs will bring you a lot of subscribers and views. Indicatively, Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes is the third most-subscribed YouTube channel in the whole world, with more than 99 million subscribers. For this type of content, you first need to produce the songs and then decide the way that you will present them. For example, you can create animated videos or use kids to perform them.  

5. Magic Trick Tutorials

Another type of video that the parents are going to love is the magic trick tutorials. For a channel with these videos, you can post videos that are both entertaining for the kids and explanatory for the parents. This way, you will have all of them invested in your content, thus giving you a lot of views. Then, to bring this content to more users includes that you purchase cheap YouTube likes from Stormviews.

6. Educational Videos

Apart from the kids’ entertainment, you must also create content that aims to educate them. You can create content that enhances their vocabulary, teaches them a foreign language, or explains how the world around them is working. No matter what you choose to explain, make sure that you have an easy-to-understand tone that the children will love. Then, get YouTube likes from Stormviews to promote your content to more users.

7. Dance Tutorials

This video type can easily fit with lullabies and kids’ songs. For this, you will have to use your kids or hire some child actors to create dance videos. Kids from all around the world will want to watch this content to dance along and have fun. If you are interested in this type of video, make sure that you pick upbeat songs and colorful costumes. 

8. Kids’ Comedy Sketches

You can create any type of video that you want in a kid-friendly version. Therefore, you can even create comedy that relates to kids and teenagers. For example, you can create a video series with funny moments in school. Both the children and their parents are going to love your videos, thus subscribing to your channel for more. You can promote your comedy sketches, by visiting Stormviews to get YouTube likes that will increase their engagement.

9. Kids’ Activities 

Just like arts and crafts, you can also show some kids’ activities that the parents can do with their children. In addition to this, you can shoot your children while playing, thus encouraging your young viewers to play along. This type of content is extremely popular as it manages to get millions of views. Therefore, if you want to stand out, you need to get YouTube likes from Stormviews and reach a wide audience.

10. Stop Motion Animation

Another great idea for a kids’ channel is to create your own animated videos. However, instead of using 2D animation, you can explore the stop motion technique. This type of animation creates stylized results that both the kids and the parents will love. Nevertheless, you will first need to know what this technique is all about. 

11. Science Experiments

Kids love exploring the world and learning about the amazing things around them. For this reason, they are going to find your science experiments fascinating. Create videos that show simple experiments that kids can try at home along with their parents. With this type of content and cheap YouTube views, you can gather a lot of views and gain plenty of new subscribers.

12. Sketches with Dolls

One more great idea for a kids’ channel is to create sketches with dolls. These videos will entertain kids and give them ideas to enhance their playtime. Don’t be afraid to shoot videos with your kids and their dolls.

If you own a kids’ YouTube channel, then all of these ideas will help you create stunning content. No matter what you choose to upload though, make sure to get YouTube likes from Stormviews to promote it.

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