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How to Promote Your YouTube Channel?


Nowadays we are going through as long as six hours of the day watching the video, and we need to come with unique content that has our audience’s interest. So the main question that arises is how to promote your YouTube channel.

How To Promote Your YouTube Channel

The massive number of video content has brought about a surge of brands attempting to ace YouTube channel advertising at the same time. 

Thus, if you need to stand apart on YouTube, you have to exploit. However, many unique strategies as could be expected under this case which can help you promote your YouTube channel.

Steps you can follow and learn to promote your YouTube Channel

Write an Attractive Description of Your Channel

We have a total manual for composing compelling YouTube portrayals, which has tips for both individual video depictions and channels. Here are a couple of the critical tips for all to promote your YouTube channel.

  • Front-load your keywords in the video description and title 
  • Adhere to the 5000-characters limit 
  • Make a “contents page” with timestamps that help watchers find what they’re searching for the most.
  • Add a link from related subject playlists 
  • Incorporate a couple of trending hashtags. Make sure you are clear about YouTube’s hash tagging rules before you post 

You can likewise refer to keywords in the video itself. Yet, much the same as with text, individuals lose consideration rapidly. Use several keywords during a concise introduction to the best outcomes. 

Please continue reading to know more about promoting your channel and generating YouTube views

Pick Google-Friendly Words  

An incredible YouTube channel begins with great SEO; which is one of the prior factors to promote your YouTube channel. Furthermore, great SEO starts with understanding what viewers are looking for the most. 

It turns out individuals don’t merely search for recordings on YouTube; they use Google as well. “YouTube” was the second most famous pursuit term in 2018. Google currently organizes videos over other substances for some pursuits. 

There’s no set principle for which keywords will help your YouTube video rank well. In any case, more focus on figuring out can go far. 

To help promote your video – Here’s how to discover Google-friendly keywords for any video

  • Recognize potential keywords with the use of tools like the Google Ads Keyword Planner. 
  • Google one of your alternatives. 
  • Scan the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for every keyword. Are they top-ranking results videos or written content?
  • Change your keywords and attempt once more. Have words like “How to” or “Instructional exercise” in case you’re experiencing difficulty getting video results. 
  • Pick a keyword that organizes video and suits your content.

Networking is Half of the Progress: Grow Your Network.

Be a productive individual from your community! It seems like most people don’t have much idea or they would prefer not to realize what that implies. Don’t intend to disturb individuals and spam your channel link to connect on any other creator’s videos, messages. 

It definitely doesn’t mean advancing your channel in improper spots. An individual from the network implies TALKING TO PEOPLE! Presently go to YouTube SMALL channels, discover them in the comment areas of different videos, or featured channels of other channels. Watch one or a few of their content, watch the entire video, and afterward leave a POSITIVE remark, compose something you preferred about it, or propose improvement if you think it’ll help. 

Then move to another video, another channel, and repeat. The channel owner WILL react because everybody at that stage loves to comment, really it is in human instinct we like to be NOTICED.

Consistency: It Helps the Most in the Long Run

This one is self-evident. People won’t become a subscriber into a one-time wonder. They need consistency. Stick with it regardless. As long you have others who need to watch your stuff, still of whether it only two individuals, continue making stuff.

Connecting with Your Viewers helps promote your channel

Answer back to each comment on your videos since it builds a network that keeps viewers returning for more and tempts new viewers to become subscribers. This used to be standard guidance for online channels, and for reasons unknown yet. Creators don’t follow it on youtube. If somebody takes time from their day to comment on your small youtube channel, you owe it to them to at any rate express gratitude toward them.


Ram Kumar blogs at DeviceBowl. He is a graduate in Computer Science and Engineering. Addicted to Blogging and Coding.

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