Facebook Link Previews Not Working Properly? Try This Then!

Changing your blog posts’ titles, links and thumbnails often? Facebook link previews not working or showing properly? We almost had the same problem long back, but no more. I guess there is only one way to fix quickly this. We’ll talk about it.

Facebook Link Previews Not Working Properly?

Most of my old (and some current) blog posts have thumbnails as random screenshots and pictures. Sometimes I do this on purpose, but then, I also become way too lazy to edit them and replace them with some other image. If you are like me, or if you have the habit of frequently messing up with your blog posts, then here is an easy way to overcome this. Thanks to Facebook Developers Debugger Tool.

Recently I added a new thumbnail image for my blog post, but still, the old screenshot remains not the new one.

This is how my blog post looks with the old thumbnail, but I wanted to change it.

Facebook Link Previews Not Working Properly?

Head over to Facebook Developers Debugger Tool and enter the desired blog post URL there. Click the button that says “Debug”. Now you’ll come to this page (below). We are now going to tell Facebook to fetch the new scrape information instead of the old ones. So, click the button that says “Fetch new scrape information”. That’s it.

Facebook Developers Debugger Fetch New Scrape Information

This tool shows the scraped time and other useful information regarding your blog post link.

Now, here is the same blog post with the updated thumbnail I added.

Facebook Link Previews Not Working Properly Try This Then

Perfect and Easy right? Most of us try using short URLs and other unnecessary tricks to get the preview links working correctly, but this is the direct and natural way I would say. This trick/tip applies not just for thumbnail but also for the title, description and others as well.

I hope this helps you to fix the Facebook link preview issues, do let us know your views in the comments below, maybe you have a better solution for this?

Top 5 Facebook Marketing Mistakes By Startups

1. One Way Broadcasting

The very common mistakes done by startups that they just promote their ideas without getting engaged with fans. Broadcasting will not solve the purpose and eventually fans will fall down. Fans should feel like a community on the page. The content strategy should include relevant content + engagements.

How to avoid it

I. The roster of posts should include some content which let people interact i.e. quizzes, comment here posts or some facts.

II. Engage with the fans showing acting on the page, like their pages, posts too

III. Avoid continuous feeds of boring content

2. No Facebook Strategy

Long term plan is always needed to get benefitted from Social Media. Strategy should include smart goals what to achieve in particular time frame, post plans, engagement objectives and recording of important metrics. The Facebook insights can be always helpful planning things well.

Essentials ingredient of Facebook Strategy:

No Facebook Strategy

3. Buying Too Many Facebook Likes

Buying likes is a death sentence for a Facebook page. Purchased like profiles are generally fake or show least activity. So, it is better to focus on generating organic fans.

4. Incomplete Page Information or Using Personal Profile for Promotion

Engaged user always looks for complete page information, so always fill the complete page information. Check Zoutons.com’s Facebook page for example.

How to Set Up a Facebook Page

Set Up Facebook Page

5. Inconsistent Content Management

Not devoting proper time on the Facebook Page is not going to help, the strategy of putting one story a week is not enough. Check what is called inconsistent content management.

Facebook Marketing Mistakes - Inconsistent Content Management

12 Extreme Reasons Why People Unlike Your Facebook Page

Credit: Techblog:Faithhighway

Social networks are a huge part of our lives now, and they intervene with every aspect of our lives. The impact of social networks like Facebook makes it easier to be heard by people from all over the world, and we have seen how popular pages are like on Facebook, which makes us think and imagine having a page on Facebook. But not everyone can really have a popular page on Facebook, because a lot of people try & fail, but with the right keys you can reach different types of audience. You should understand that people will unlike your Facebook page for many reasons that make your page less likeable, so make sure you understand the following and avoid it.

1. Too much activity

If you open your Facebook and you see a too many activities from a particular page, crowded on your wall like “Abc123 – this”, “Abc123- that”, “Abc123- here”, “Abc123 – there” and Blah, blah, blah…? What would be your intuition says first?

2. Not Enough Content

Do you like to stay with the page with not enough content? NO, of course not! If people liked your page, they did so to see more of what you had to say or post, and they want to know more because they are interested, so keep posting but without over posting.

3. Irrelevant content

Never post an irrelevant content on your fan page. For example, let’s say I liked a page for reggae music, why would I want to see this page posting about hip hop!

4. Repetition of Same content became boring over time

Oh, please stop that! Would it be pleasing if you hear that on your Facebook fan page? It would be annoying your visitors. Facebook updates or a post should be viral, not by the repetition of same content. It will be boring over time and it will lead to unlike your Facebook page.

5. Posting Too Much of Self-Promotional Stuff

Don’t make your fan page a junk yard where you post things that are both irrelevant and weird for your fans, instead make it like a Wikipedia or Google for your fans and reduce posting promotional stuff, because they like your page for a  certain reason.

6. Push Marketing

Push marketing never works any more, People are smart now. This will just annoy people and make them look for another page that’s more like what they want and a lot less like what you are posting to them from push marketing.

7. Not offering enough deals

If you have a product and your fans are eager to buy, know that before they buy it from you they will look for it somewhere else to make sure that they are getting the best price, so why not offer them a lower price, or OFFER them different deals that they cannot refuse. This way they will spread your name and also get satisfied with your product.

8. Don’t be a JERK

Sometimes, people will post things that you won’t like. Editing or deleting fan’s comments will just show you are a Jerk. It could kill your reputation, especially if you are trying to build one in a certain market. Try to accept negative comments as constructive criticism instead of getting all defensive about them.

9. Promoting fake news/fake offers

Never post or write any fake news or make a fake offer, it really makes your fans disappointed and it will make them just get OFF your page in a second. It will also kill your reputation, so make sure you are certain of the things you post, and that they are accurate.

10. Never Spread Rumours

Spreading rumours on particular group / person / company, will definitely hurt your fans if they are fans of that company / person / group. So never write any kind of news you are not sure of, or you will end up making enemies more than fans.

11. Posting adult content

Posting adult content on your page really is very odd when you hold a good reputation in the society, so never make yourself start posting these types of things or else you will be ruining your name by yourself, and losing the trust of many people. It may also get you in trouble with Facebook, because Facebook doesn’t allow adult content, so unless you are looking to get your page reported and shut down, I would recommend that you avoid posting adult content.

12. Tagging members without their permission

You have to remember one more thing, that you should never ever tag your friends or members without their permission. It will really hurt them if they don’t like the content they were tagged in, and it will annoy them that you are showing them in a certain way across Facebook among their friends.


If you ask yourself that question after reading those annoying reasons that people unlike pages for, then you are ready. You will just need to focus on not doing these things, and you will have the fan base that get along with and agree with you, without your fans having to deal with mixed feeling about your page from whether it is spam or something they actually like. So just avoid these things and I bet you’ll see better results on your page, as well.

Befitting The # Tag Community : Can Facebook Count On It?

Facebook Hash Tag

Facebook has now incorporated the famous community/same category search option # tag which already has a mighty roar on Twitter. People posting tweets with hash tags is a common and friendly process on twitter and believe it or not its damn popular. Its all about searching for topics that are hot in a community and opinion of people on that particular one. If you have a topic of special interest on Social Media and there exists a community of similar interests you can easily find the discussion with our dear # Tag. Though there is always a war of opinions on the floor that, is # tag really means to do what it was made to mean or its just a twitty habit? If not greatly working then why would Facebook adopt it?

Facebook is among the biggest players in the social media market and it studied # tag and its popularity on Twitter over the years. Now, by launching it Facebook just took a page out of the Twitter popularity guide and is ready to study and wonder, what part can # tag play in enhancing the popularity of Facebook. Its the best for those who have just begun with Facebook or are  low profile on network side and just need to find out communities of similar taste to enhance their social network and to regularly participate in sharing opinion on related topics under discussion. Facebook somehow felt lacking in providing a great user experience and hence tried it’s hands on hash tag. Just type your search with a # tag in the search bar and viola!

The Pound Symbol For What?

The real fun at Facebook starts with # tags as its a bait luring out new users into the pool of social network, to find particular discussion feeds and much more than what can be predicted. It pops up like Facebook was missing a link to feed people with gossips, latest buzzing news, trends, celebs etc. Twitter firstly started the trend of hash tag in 2007, but could only put life into those tags by providing links to it in 2009 when people started using # tags to relate tweets with communities, clubs, events, meetings etc. Later the Trends column on the left of Twitter page became a list of topics with # tag which eventually goes viral.

Not only Twitter but Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest users have been using #tags for a long while now. For Facebook, it’s a new strategy to make it even more clingy to boost up the switching costs for its zillions of active users.I found an interesting one which looks like #Monday on twitter where people tweet and post about Monday and it’s a community there. How Facebook looks at is that it’s the easiest way to take a broader view on what are people talking about on the network. The hyperlink blows power into this tiny square with extended lines. Of course the privacy settings by Facebook will quash so that only the group of people chosen by a user will be able to see the posts. Hence, the search result with a #tag on Facebook will be a bit less than those on Twitter because it’ll get filtered through the settings unlike Twitter where people tend to have public accounts. Facebook definitely wants to capitalize on billions of likes and interactions on varied events like Oscars, Football Games, IPL etc

A lot to Achieve

Of all the queries the important question arises is, what’s the crucial point in doing so. The answer to that always ends up with the phrase “Attracting Investors”, definitely besides the fact that Facebook has improved. Here are some intimated facts –

  • Facebook advertisers can now expect more ROI, as the increase of usage of hash-tags will increase the possibilities of their access to other social media networks, since the tags will be hyper linked.

  • Facebook can now lure the traffic from other social media sites like Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest etc. because of the fact that their posts are re-shared from other medium. The #tags will be clickable linking back to the related discussion calling it back to Facebook. Piece of Cake.

  • A new marketing trend can be generated like advertisers can target on the hash tag bent of people on Facebook.


All Good Things To Those Who Wait

According to Facebook this #tag roll out  is just the beginning of what can be worth billions. A lot has been changed here since the advent of hashtags and this won’t stop but continue with benefits coming out like paper bombs for advertisers and marketers. Though this roll out was surfaced to give a direction to relevant conversations on Facebook but the ultimate goal sounds even more promising for marketers and advertisers. This is when they gradually find out the real role of #tags is their Facebook advertising strategies to achieve their business objectives.

Yes, Facebook is confident with Hash tags to work for it with great feedback and it is counting on this little fella to drive more users and taking itself and advertisers to the boulevard of new achievements. So, as per Facebook, just use it, embrace it and watch it grow over time.

5 Facebook Button Suggestions To Mark Zuckerberg

I am a self confessed Facebook addict and spend a lot of time on this popular networking site. Since I work online, it is open in one of my many tabs as long as I am on my laptop. And I do make it a point to check up all the status updates by friends, pictures shared by family members and also the casual chit-chat and exchange of information among fellow bloggers every few minutes.

Though there is no denying that it is one of the coolest social networking sites, I have some suggestions for Mark Zuckerberg.

To tell you the truth, I was inspired to write this post after I saw this picture posted on the Facebook wall of one of my friends.

Proposed FB buttons

This set me thinking about the five buttons I would want on this site!!

My 5 Facebook Button Suggestions

The “Dislike” button in the above picture is the only one I find necessary. I have my own reasons for choosing the other proposed buttons.

Mark Zuckerberg, are you listening???

1. “Dislike” Button

This is one button which I have wanted on Facebook for a long long time now. Most websites, blogs and, of course, all statuses left by those on your Friends list of pictures carry a LIKE button. But seriously, haven’t there been times when you wanted to tell a bum-chum that he is looking totally zonked out in that pic which he thinks is super-cool!

Facebook Dislike

Or one of your acquaintances puts up a status and you don’t quite agree to it?

Or, makes an unsavory, irrelevant comment on your status, and you want to tell him that you hate him for doing that?

2. “F**k Off” Button

How many of you have been p***ed off by people who have appeared from nowhere and commented on your statuses or liked your comments?

Fuck off facebook emoticon

Though you might want to allow “friends of friends” the option of seeing and commenting on your posts, you do not always want them to poke their nose into matters that have nothing to do with them at all?

Don’t you want to tell them that you could not care lesser for their opinion? Or, in other words, to just F*** off and stay away from it?

3. “Favorite” Button

This is one Twitter button I simply love. Don’t you have one comment out of the 27 you get on a status or photograph which is particularly endearing? And you want the sender of the comment to know that you love him for that?

Facebook favorite

The favorite button option would help make the other person know he is special.

4. “Yawn” Button

How many times have you wondered why people put up silly stuff like “Is at the Munich International Airport” (Why do you want to tell me about it, dude? I know you can afford that trip), put up 164 pictures of his/ her recent holiday (Why on Earth would I watch 164 of them? Don’t you thing I have anything better to do?) or “Love you son, Happy birthday” (Well you are not the only parent in the world who loves his/ her kid, what’s new?), “Good night friends” and stuff?

Facebook Yawn

The best was a friend who put up a status, “Stray dogs barking down my balcony won’t let me sleep. L. Wish to kill them all right now”. Now, does that require a status update too??

Don’t you wish to tell these people that you’re just not interested by clicking at this??

5. “Surprised” Button

At times, people behave unpredictably. That might be tolerable when it happens in a one-to-one meeting. But if your friend, acquaintance behaves in a manner that leaves you surprised or shocked, wouldn’t you want him to know about it?

A friend’s daughter recently won an Essay writing competition and she put a picture of hers on her wall with the update, “Proud of you, dear daughter”. A very normal thing to do, I’d say.

To which someone else whose son had participated but now won remarked, “REALLY? I wouldn’t be proud if I were in your place. We all know she won because the judges were known to you”.

I dedicate this button to her:

Facebook surprised


We have all had some wonderful times and some nasty experiences on Facebook. But I am sure all regular users have, at times, felt that there are not enough icons up there!

Infact, one of the most desired features on Facebook would be a Profile tracking app which would allow regular users to know who all have visited their profile!

Do tell us what buttons you would want to see up there, and why?

Meanwhile, don’t forget to press LIKE if you enjoyed reading this!

The Simple Science That Makes You Flag Over Facebook

Facebook, as we all know, is not a new term for internet users. It is as popular as Google, but that too in short term. The reason? Our addiction towards it. People don’t really say I’m addicted to Google, but they can say I’m addicted to Facebook. The latter makes more sense. We use Facebook for both personal and Business reasons.

For business works we spend time on Facebook pages mostly, tracking the campaigns, so and so. But when we use Facebook for personal reasons, we spend more time than that. We normally, in fact, work hard for increasing likes and comments on Facebook status updates and photos.

We have one exclusive infographic for you, to help you to improve your interaction. Yes, do you know usage of Emoticons might actually help your followers and friends know more about your status’s core idea. Learn more interesting facts in this infographic below.

facebook simple science

This infographic is exclusively created for HellBound Bloggers (HBB) by Harsh Rathi, Founder at Hackers Rising.

Increase Your Blog’s Brand Awareness with Facebook Page

Blog Brand Facebook PageFacebook Page can be used to increase brand awareness for your blog. Brand awareness is important to increase your blog popularity. The stronger your brand, the more popular your blog will be. Also, you will get more traffic as a result. With strong popularity, you can build good reputation and authority in your niche. Here are 5 tips to increase your blog’s brand awareness with Facebook Page:

1. Put Facebook social plugin in your blog

Believe it or not, Facebook social plugin can actually help you to increase your blog reputation and strengthen your brand. When you put this plugin in your blog, people will see how many fans you have on Facebook. The more fans you have, the more people will regard your blog as reputable. If you don’t have any presence in Facebook, people can’t see how popular your blog is.


  • HOW TO: Add Facebook “Send” Button On Your Blog
  • HOW TO: Create Facebook Subscribe Button For Blogs

2. Open contest for your fans

In your Facebook Page, you can open little contest for your fans regularly. You don’t need to promise a big prize. A small prize will do, such as free paid report from your blog or something else. This will help to attract people’s interest toward your blog. More and more people will like your page and know about your blog.

3. Keep your page active

Don’t abandon your Facebook page. You need to keep it active so that people can frequently visit your page. A dead fan page is like a dead website. People won’t visit it again when they know that it is dead. So, you should update your fan page as often as you can. You can post updates about your blog as well as other interesting stuffs, such as fun facts, inspiration quotes, thought for the day, and so on.

4. Encourage discussion

You should encourage discussion in your Facebook page. The more people commenting on your status updates, the better your page will look. An active discussion is impossible without your encouragement. So, you should post status updates that will encourage discussions among your fans. Make each of your status interesting so that people will want to comment on it.

5. Advertise your Facebook Page

Lastly, you need to make your Facebook Page bigger. You need to have more and more followers in your page so that people will see your blog as authoritative blog within your niche. The more likes that you have in your page, the more people will like it as well. So, it’s a kind of domino effect. You can increase your fans by advertising your page using Facebook Ads platform. It will help you to gain more followers on Facebook.

Once you’ve established a strong presence on Facebook, people will start to visit your website in big numbers. That’s because they regard your blog as reputable and popular due to the fact that you can attract much followers on your Facebook Page. It will give positive effect to your blog brand.


6 Simple Tips To Increase Your Facebook Subscribers

Imagine having the whole wide world tuned in to your every update? Facebook subscribe – is one of the unique ways to get people subscribed to your every update even though they are not your friends on facebook. When you have a huge subscriber base you can easily garner a large audience when you post about anything on your Facebook wall. Mark Zuckerberg has million people subscribed to him in real time; imagine the enormous traffic that each of his status update will generate?

Do you also want a large following? You also want to grow your subscriber base? Below are some quality tips on how you can successfully increase your facebook subscriber base:

1. Disable Friend Request

You can disable friend request or make them private. So when people want to connect with you they’ll find only the ‘Subscribe’ option available.

2. Post Informative and Helpful Topics

Getting information is the norm of the everyday life we now live in. When you place yourself as a good source of information you’ll immediately start to get a quality following because of the need you satisfy. Focus on a niche you’re very good and knowledgeable about and consistently post helpful topics to help those who might need it.

“Give and take” is what every human being wants and craves for; everybody wants to take something, when you’re not adding anything to a person’s life you’ll eventually be caught off or ignored.

To be significant on Facebook, one needs to add value to people’s life on a consistent basis. Updating regularly about the niche you’re very knowledgeable will automatically make you a hotspot on that topic, which will prompt people to subscribe to your Facebook updates.

3. Share Update with Public

Due to some Facebook privacy concerns you might have stopped sharing update with people who are not your friend on Facebook and you might have also chosen to share your status update with your friends only. But to maximize your chances of getting Facebook subscribers to subscribe to your update, you’ll need to share your post with “Everyone”.

public status update

Remember, your friends are already automatically subscribed to your update immediately you became friends with them. The outsiders (your friends’ friends) are the very ones that you’re targeting. If they continually see your update and it is informative and unique they may likely subscribe to your update to get notification of anytime you would update again.

But they can’t see your quality and informative update if you’ve restricted your status update to “Friends” only. If you want them to see your update on a regular basis then tick the visibility level of your post form “Friends” to “Everybody”. And surely, you’ll see your subscriber base increase drastically.

4. Use Facebook Subscribe Button Widget

You can add a subscribe button like this on your blog or blog post. The Facebook Subscribe button will look like this:

This will work effectively if you have a website or blog. This is considered the best way to get subscribers to your Facebook page especially if your website is getting a huge amount of traffic at all times. To get a widget just go to Facebook developer site and create a unique Facebook subscribe button widget for your website or blog. Copy the code and paste it anywhere you like on your site and watch your subscribe count increase.

5. Comment on Famous Celebrity’s status update

You can connect with various famous celebrities on Facebook and interact with them publicly. This might help you to get recognition and their subscribers and friends might connect with you.

comment on zuck status

6. Your Profile Up To Date

A Facebook user will 99.9% likely not send a friend request to a person who doesn’t have a profile picture or who has an incomplete profile. People need to feel secure before they can love and have friends on facebook; Trust will have to be seen and earned before they will initiate friendship with anybody.

The more your Facebook profile looks more complete and mature, the more people will trust and may likely subscribe to you. Your Facebook profile is the most important page on your Facebook account; it contains important details about you, starting from details about who you are and what you have to offer to prospective friends who might eventually view your profile. Fill all the important details that is needed on your profile, especially your profile picture. Put a face to the name. You just have to prove that you’re not a robot or a scammer who is out to con people of their valuables online.

By filling all the needed details on your Facebook you will single-handedly start seeing an increment in subscribers.

Follow the above tips very well and you’ll notice how popular you’ll become. Have you tried out the Facebook subscribe? Which strategies have you being using that works and how has it helped your business or brand? Leave your informative comment below.

This article is written by Onibalusi Segun. He is a writer and a post contributor who writes articles for www.opendoorloan.co.uk where you can get Instant loans. If you wish to write for HBB, kindly check this.

Business Vs Personal: What Is Facebook Really For?

Without doubt Facebook is the number one Social Network out there. It became a routine job for us to check Facebook updates, comment, like, share, etc. It’s practically like we can’t live without it, like we can’t live without AIR! But there are two kinds of people out there, people who use Facebook for personal stuffs and people who use Facebook for business stuffs.

Businesses use Facebook for building their brand online and promoting their products. Most of us think Facebook is a Social Network for chatting and getting new friends online, but it is a life-changer for Business people, they can develop their business using Facebook’s growth. Below we have shared an infographic discussing this topic, “Business vs Personal”, what is Facebook really for? You can check this infographic and kindly let us know your views about it.

business vs personal facebook


Facebook Groups vs Pages – Which Team You Are Cheering For?

Facebook Groups Vs PagesFacebook just cannot be disregarded as a powerful Marketing tool for Business and even personal use.

Many are right now unchaining themselves from traditional search engine dependency and solely marketing through the unique power of Facebook’s social network.

Two pillars of Facebook Promotion

Any self promotion on Facebook will hinge on your success and adeptness at using the groups and pages feature. For those new to this type of marketing or even seasoned veterans wanting to know more we’re going to look at the ins and outs of using either of these features to promote your blog.

Facebook Pages for Bloggers

Whilst it’s very easy to use a Facebook page to keep your readers abreast of your blog developments and interact with them there are some inherent problems. There’s effectively a bottleneck of communication with your words reaching the fans/readers/customers but their comebacks and replies being lost in all the other messages moving to and fro. The one to one touch that you could have given to your fan by speaking directly to them on their concerns or queries is thus lost. How can you hope to establish a community if the majority of those wanting their voices to be heard are drowned out? It’s all your voice and many of your fans can neither reach you or communicate with each other.

Will a Facebook group solve this problem?

A football team does well because it is a group of people with common ideas and goals all pulling together to achieve a common aim. A Facebook page doesn’t give room for team, it’s just you saying:” Hey, look what I’ve done. Do you think it’s cool?” Whereas a group will allow both your fans and you to talk and discuss amongst yourselves. It essentially allows a virtual room for genuine interaction to occur.

Facebook Pages vs Facebook Groups

A page is your virtual public relations officer. It is the online persona representing all you and your brand stand for. So if you want a presence of any significance on Facebook, then you need a page. If you have a group though it’s a little bit like having a fan club, hopefully every member is there because they like what you represent, but you don’t control the message, it’s just a great way for all members to meaningfully interact. Many see a page as mandatory and a group as a nice little optional extra to really increase your reach.

Features Exclusive to Facebook Pages

If you want to get even more fans, jump into the world of advertising with Facebook or use the powerful marketing of sponsored stories to widen your audience, then Facebook pages are the way to go.

But Groups also have exclusive features…

At the same time if you’re wanting to keep a track of the amount of people who have seen your posts FB groups allow you to use the “Seen By” feature.

Public vs Private

Having a public page will allow everybody to contribute to your efforts, but of course this could always open you up to unplanned malicious intent, in which case you might want your page rights to be admin only. A group on the other hand can be the most open and laissez-faire collective in the World allowing all comers to be a part of it. Or if you wish to have a certain exclusivity then you can make your group a closed one, in which case a potential member will need to ask to join. Or you can even take your work underground by having a secret group that remains invisible to search and normal detection. If you want to speak to your audience you’ll probably want to go with a group as FB chat does not work on pages.

Again bringing up the whole idea of a group as an interactive community allowing great communication between all members. Continuing on the theme of communities, group members can see other members and fans, but pages don’t support this feature. This of course doesn’t stop a pages basic ways of being found and joined through a conventional search, with the only exception being if it is set to admin only.

The Powers of Admin

Of course you’re wanting to keep control of your Facebook presence so being admin allows you various ways to do this. If there’s an unwanted person on your page they can be banned or even deleted. The same rules apply to groups but remember that it has the ability to snowball dramatically with all members able to add other members. Both pages and groups have sub roles that are able to be delegated. These roles such as moderator can be a better way to delegate management.

Some Added Features

You can see a weighting toward corporate entities with pages being more favoured as they are able to provide features in the form of applications and tabs allowing sub pages like FAQs to exist or even competitions. Groups don’t support these and neither do the posts made there appear on a Newsfeed. This does however allow the ability to support “shared documents”. With the absence of a newsfeed members can keep track of posts via notifications, a double edged sword if there is a lot of activity which will cause notifications to become little more than irritating spam. Of course good moderation could be a cure.
The Future

With Branding being endorsed by both groups and pages via the exciting timeline that Facebook now has you’ll have the ability to market your brand even more with a company logo as the cover picture. As more companies realise the benefits of Facebook marketing you can expect many new features to creep into both groups and pages.

This article is written by Lena Paul. She is a medical school graduate who is an enthusiastic blogger and holds an editorial position in Prepgenie a test prep provider that offers exam preparation courses for UKCAT, GAMSAT, PCAT, UMAT and LNAT.