New Facebook Privacy Issues Everyone Should Know About

Facebook PrivacyIn the wake of the release of the enormously popular movie, The Social Network, a few privacy considerations have been reported in the media recently of which every user should be aware. For one, Facebook has confirmed that certain popular Facebook applications may have passed on user data to different advertisers and marketing companies. Moreover, Facebook’s new “Groups” feature presents the possibility of more privacy worries.

On Sunday October 17, the Wall Street Journal reported that all ten of Facebook’s most popular applications, including Farmville, Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, and Frontierville, had transmitted Facebook ID numbers to at least 25 advertising and data collecting companies. Many advertisers track user activity online in an effort to build Internet profiles to target potential customers.

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Change Facebook Fanpage Vanity URL In Just 6 Steps

Facebook UsernameFacebook is really nice platform to share your Social things as well as it gives leverage to Business owners to take advantage of this powerful medium. When we talk about Business then we must thinking of Facebook Fanpage because if you want to use Facebook for Business then Facebook Fanpage is must for you.

Till now Fanpage URL was having some ugly style but now you Can change your Facebook Fanpage URL. You can have some unique name for your Facebook Fanpage. Like

The name which you are looking for must be free. Earlier we shared a simple tutorial for finding the Facebook Profile/Page ID and we are going to see a tutorial on how to change the Facebook fanpage vanity URL in just 6 Steps. Let’s see step by step procedure for changing Facebook Fanpage URL.

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HOW TO: Create An Event Easily On Facebook

Social Media is useful in various aspects, and creating events online is quite a great way to interact with fellow netizens. Earlier we saw the simple tutorial for creating & managing an event using LinkedIn.

Today I’m going to share (yet another) simple tutorial for creating an event on Facebook.

#1 – Go to Facebook Events section.

#2 – Fill in all the details regarding your event, including the time and place. You can even edit these afterward. Try to get as much detail in as you can initially.

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Promote Your Facebook Page With Contact Importer For Pages

Almost every blog and brand have their own Facebook Page. If you have a list of customers, members or email subscribers then you can then use the Contact Importer tool provided by Facebook to upload your list, find them on Facebook, and let them know about your Facebook Page.

Contact Importer for Facebook Pages

I found the Contact Importer for Facebook Pages above the page thumbnail, click on it and follow the instructions.

Import Contacts

You have two options for importing contacts to view your page :

Contacts Importer

#1 – Upload a Contact File : Upload a contacts file and Facebook will securely import your contacts.

Outlook, Constant Contact, .csv files and others are supported.

#2 – Find Your Web Email Contacts : Search your email for contacts. I believe it is the fastest and easiest way to find potential fans.

As of now Facebook supports Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and some other services.

Maximum of 5000 contacts supported as of now.

Finding Your Web Email Contacts

I used #2 method for importing contacts which worked well for me.

HBB Recommends

A suggestion for your page may be shown to your contacts who are already on Facebook and an email will be sent to your contacts who aren’t on Facebook.

Have you tried this Contact Importer? Did it work for you!? Share your opinions below.

2 Easy Steps To Find Facebook Profile And Page ID

We need to find Facebook profile and page ID on several occasions now; even a small WordPress plugin needs it now. This guide will help you to find it quickly. If you are using a custom username for your Facebook profile or page, then unique profile ID will not appear. You can enter custom username where profile ID may be required. Facebook Like Box and some other plugins require this unique ID.

In this article, we shared the steps for finding both Facebook profile ID and page ID. This is Facebook’s way of giving us (and our brands) a unique identity on their system. This helpful facebook ID tip was brought to our attention by John from BCS who are a loan brokerage in the UK. We might be doing a feature on their company in the future so watch out for that soon!

Find Facebook Profile And Page ID

Find Facebook Profile And Page ID

How To Find Facebook Profile ID?

Open the desired Facebook profile in your browser, and then “View Source” of that page (Usually Ctrl + U) and search for profile_id= tag in the code.

Find Facebook Profile ID

This is the profile ID “1058521934” for my personal Facebook profile.


10+ Useful Tips To Identify/Find Fake Profiles On Facebook

How To Find Facebook Page ID?

Go to the Facebook page you own/admin > “About” > “Page Info.”

Now, at the very bottom, you can find the “Facebook Page ID”.

Find Facebook Page ID

It’ll look something like this – “137527299736”

If you want to find the Facebook Page ID of some other page, then do try the “View Source” method for them. Search for page_id= tag in the code.

Find Other Facebook Page ID


2 Easy Ways To Report Fake Facebook Profile Accounts

I hope this simple procedure is helpful for you, you can make use of this on several occasions, even when you are working on Facebook Photo Post Likes and much more.

That’s it. Earlier we used the Facebook graph for finding the profile and page IDs, but right now they are not working properly. This browser ‘View Source’ tip is working right now, you can check that out. We’ll update this post if we find any other methods as well.

If you find this simple tutorial useful, please share and tweet about it. Meanwhile, share your opinions in comments.

10+ Tips To Identify Fake Profiles On Facebook

Facebook-SecurityEarlier I shared an article regarding ways to report Facebook fake profiles. Now I prepared some tips to identify fake profiles.

Like many other social networks, Facebook also contains tons of fake profiles unfortunately. Those fake profile holders use Social Engineering tactics to attack innocent people. Facebook has almost 500 Million Users (Check Infographic) and it is not surprising to have few thousands fake profiles. Below I mentioned some funny but true tips to check whether a profile is fake or not.

1. Profile Picture. Always be suspicious of profiles featuring photos of professional models. Most of the fake profiles, especially that of females, have only one profile picture and that too a beautiful or sexy (ahem) picture! πŸ˜‰

2. Many Males. Their friends list will contain males mostly (Well, that’s not their fault, gender issue :D). It could be around 1000s or even more than that.

3. When Did They Joined? Check when she/he joined. If they have lots of friends and have only been on the Facebook a short amount of time, it’s likely to be a fake one.

4. Tag Me! He/she would be tagged in tons of cartoon pictures than his/her own picture.

5. Apps Requests. If he/she is in your friend list, then you will get lotta application or like requests from them. I got many requests like that, some include “Can you send me a chicken?”, “Can you send a buffalo?”.. LOL.

6. Facebook Albums. Most of the fake profiles photos are open to everyone. Well, not a promising tip, but worth it. It may contain a lot of pictures but they would not have tags indicating other profiles. They may also contain really tiny photos.

7. Full Filled Profile. If a profile is lengthy and detailed, then you can be sure that it is a real person. Fake Profile creators won’t have time to create long and interesting profiles.

8. Favorite Pages. Most of the fake profiles have less than 20 pages, well almost.

9. Description. Most of the fake profiles have descriptions like “Accept My Farmville Request”, “Add Me In Mafia Wars”, and many more.

10. For Boys : Girls don’t send friend requests to strangers, I mean good girls! πŸ˜› So if, by chance, you get a friend request from girls, don’t confirm it without verifying the details. If you are not a handsome looking guy and you got a friend request from a hot babe. Then you really need to triple check! πŸ˜€

11. For Girls : Who said? I support boys too! But some boys usually send friend requests to girls. So it is better to confirm with others and verify. If you are not a hot babe and you got a friend request from a handsome looking guy. Then you should also really need to triple check! πŸ˜€

12. Status Updates. Most probably fake profile’s status updates won’t get comments or likes. They may also share fake websites (Phishing attack). (Survey)

13. Celeb Request. If you are added by a celebrity! πŸ˜› Unless you are a celebrity please don’t add! πŸ˜€ If they are claiming to be a model or actress or anything like that, then they will surely have professional pictures on their album.

14. Add Feeds. Fake profile’s feeds will contain only friend request adds.

I didn’t say don’t accept any strange friend requests. Trust, but verify! 8)

So if you encounter any fake profiles, I mean if you really encounter, then you can report it to Facebook.

Did you encounter any fake profiles? Please share your experience, and at the same time, share and tweet! πŸ˜‰

HOW TO: Report Fake Facebook Profile Account

Facebook is the most popular social network site in the world, but unfortunately, it is also one of the popular target amongst phishers and other social engineers. Tonnes of Facebook Profiles out there and the game is to identify which one is genuine.

Believe me, if you find a fake profile with your real name, then it may be a sign of serious identity theft. They would have imitated your profile and prepared it for some illegal online activities, or they may even use against you. They will also use to bully you or in other words, Cyber Bullying.


Did You Ditch Your Boyfriend Recently? He Might Pay You Back Like This.

Facebook fake profile holders have the same intention as Phishers, they will use your name to obtain more info. It is not difficult to identify Facebook fake profile, you just have to do a basic checkup. You can report a fake Facebook profile in two cases.

  • 1. You are in Facebook, and someone is impersonating you.
  • 2. You are not in Facebook, and someone is impersonating you.

You can also do the same for your friend if they are facing the same issue. Try to provide exact details while reporting.

1. You are on Facebook, and someone is impersonating you

The easiest way to do this to ‘report’ that profile. Just go to that fake profile. Click that ‘Settings’ icon and select ‘Report/Block’.

report fb fake profile

And you’ll get another popup, there you have to select the ‘Report’ type. Select ‘This profile/timeline is pretending to be someone or fake’. If you get a drop-down list, then select some option like “Pretending to me”. Click Continue to submit your report.

Facebook Profile Impersonating Me

That’s all you have to do. I believe Facebook undoubtedly checks this issue and update you if they need to convey anything.

2. You are not on Facebook, and someone is impersonating you

Maybe you are not the Social Media type person, or you might have quit Facebook for some reason. But still someone is impersonating you as if you are on Facebook? Then here is how you can deal with it. Just go to this form and fill the required details.

Facebook Profile Form

You have attached the picture of Government-issued ID of the person being impersonated, in this case, that is you. That’s all. Now Facebook will see this issue dearly.


Simple Steps To Prevent Your Facebook Profile To Appear On Google Search

You can see these methods to report Fake profile of your friend or anyone you know. After the rise of cyber-bullying, I’m sure Facebook will take these issues very seriously.

Facebook Shuts Down Facebook Lite

Before some months, Facebook launched Facebook lite, a stripped-down version of its site meant to load faster and be more accessible in places without broadband connection. Many people thought this lite version would be Twitter killer.

It was specially created for people with slow Internet connections.

I was astonished to see such a status update from them. Facebook fan page status update says,

Thanks to everyone who tried out Facebook Lite. We’re no longer supporting it, but learned a lot from the test of a slimmed-down site. If you used Lite, you’ll now be taken to the main site.

Facebook shuts down Facebook lite

What’s the reason? Any clues?

Even I have no clue. People say it showed only limited advertising and it was disconnected from accessing features like Facebook fan pages and some applications.

If you used Facebook Lite before, you will now be taken to the main site.

So which version you were using before? πŸ™‚