Business Vs Personal: What Is Facebook Really For?

Without doubt Facebook is the number one Social Network out there. It became a routine job for us to check Facebook updates, comment, like, share, etc. It’s practically like we can’t live without it, like we can’t live without AIR! But there are two kinds of people out there, people who use Facebook for personal stuffs and people who use Facebook for business stuffs.

Businesses use Facebook for building their brand online and promoting their products. Most of us think Facebook is a Social Network for chatting and getting new friends online, but it is a life-changer for Business people, they can develop their business using Facebook’s growth. Below we have shared an infographic discussing this topic, “Business vs Personal”, what is Facebook really for? You can check this infographic and kindly let us know your views about it.

business vs personal facebook


5 thoughts on “Business Vs Personal: What Is Facebook Really For?”

  1. Terrific article dude. According to me, Facebook is an integral part of the business world, as well as for normal people. For businessmen, it is a source of marketing and for normal people, a medium of communication.

  2. Facebook according to me is a medium of socialising globally with the help of just one click. We can sit in one corner of the world and reach out to various other people in different parts of the world without being physically present at that place. Later it got explored as a medium of corporate socialising. Businesses use facebook for corporate recognition and promotion.

  3. It sounds like Facebook is more interested in small businesses, and for good reason! If they obtain business from these advertising credits, then they’re more likely to pay for additional advertising going forward.


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