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Top 10 Link Building Methods You Should Know


link buildingIn a world which is dominated by the presence of enormous competition and the rule of the jungle is followed, it is very important for any business or marketing concerns to promote themselves properly and correctly, using the techniques of the net to promote themselves. One needs to advertise and promote themselves through the web dominated society because of the high demand for them in the market. To carry out the function, one needs to develop the SEO or the Search engine optimization. It is very competitive and has produced results constantly. It is one of the Top Link Building Methods which is appreciated greatly.

Why link building is so important?

The search engine optimization generally helps in the building of the links. More the links, the better will be the flow of traffic into one’s website and hence will generate revenues. The building of links helps to generate better ranking in significant search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing. That not only increases the revenue, but also enhances the visibility of the site and also puts the overall performance of the web page into higher gear. Top Link Building Methods will obviously yield the best result for you, since what you look for is the ultimate result for you.

Top ten link building methods

Link building requires a proper channel and a correct technique. The following are the ten best proper link based techniques. These are some of the most essential elements which need to be followed while building a link.

#1 – Guest blogging: The write up of any notable or eminent individual from the society generally increases the inquisitiveness of the people in a site. HBB welcomes Guest Blogging.

#2 – Press Releases: Top Link Building Methods include press releases as it is a very important source of generating viewership in the site and increasing the traffic.

#3 – Blog commenting: Blog commenting leads to the increase in site traffic a people of various backgrounds post comments or write ups in your site.

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#4 – Webmaster contextual link exchange: These links work absolutely fine when they are posted in any comments. The links on the side wide may not be of that great a source of help.

#5 – Boosting of social media shares: Increase your own checking out of the other sites as well as that will enable you to learn your fault and help you to rectify them.

#6 – Bookmarking the sites: Bookmarking the site will obviously help you to recognize the site whenever you are online and are checking out the various concerns.

#7 – Forum signature links: With a lot of forums, usage of them minus the signatures can work out very well. Top Link Building Methods like this help you to generate all the help possible to get good traffic.

#8 – RSS Syndication: Syndication of the posts to the different pages can lead to increase in the value of SEO.

#9 – Social media profile link: It is to make sure that almost all social sites should have the links of your site.

#10 – Not over doing of the link building: Top Link Building Methods generally involves not over doing of the link. The ranking page may slap a ban on the site.

Do you follow any of these methods? Do you know any other new link building method? Kindly share your views in the comments below.

This article is written by Sachin. He is a freelancer article writer and a blogger who interest in writing great articles for various niches. He has also previously written for brands such as Protect your bubble, a gadget insurance brand that provides reliable insurance for your expensive gadgets. If you wish to write for HBB, kindly check this.



Hi I am Sachin.I am a full time blogger and marketer. I love writing and blogging.

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    • Avatar


      hey Sachin, you have mentioned Forums as one of the good method for link building, one quick question, there are many forums who claims that they gice do-follow links so many members of those forums have more than 1000 posts and signatures included in those posts, does it mean that they have 1000 do-follow backlinks from that particular forum? Does that much of links from same domain hurt website?

    • Avatar


      Blogs and forums are my main sources of link building but I do sprinkle in a few other sources from time to time to help diversify my link profile. Press releases can also be a quick and easy way to gain a high PR link.

    • Avatar

      Anish Sangamam

      Guest blogging is the best way to get one way back links but its not that easy. One should have high quality content. The easiest way is via forum signature links.

    • Avatar

      Ann Mary @Pregnancy Miracle

      Guest posting & blog commenting is the best part to increase 7 build more links! Well, it is so useful for someone who can actually increase their output to make the things more helpful! Exciting! 

      • Avatar

        Mark Rick

        Google has changing its algorithm frequently. Recently Google has update Panda and Penguin algorithm in it. This is to avoid spammers raising quickly in SERP. The penguin update says that the site which is ranking for poor or low quality backlinks will not rank any more.

        There keywords that are ranking for low quality backlinks or the backlinks that comes from unrelated sites will not help anymore in sustaining the ranking. Also the spammers are rising and they just posting some irrelevant comment in guest posting and blog commenting. There is no use in add the site links in those sites which is not related to our niche.

    • Avatar

      Dave Fuller

      An interesting article on link spam

    • Avatar


      People overlook the benefits of having your link in your signature on large discussion forums. This goes a long way if you build reputation on the site by posting relevant stuff, and not just arguing and insulting other forum members all day.

    • Avatar


      Gud post all these are common things only kindly share the details of auto submitting  content to web directories

    • Avatar


      To me Guest Blogging is the best way to build quality links towards a website. Thanks for sharing these useful tips

    • Avatar


      Great tips.. Creating forum profile links does makes any sense in link building campaign? Or we need to make signature links.

    • Avatar

      Deepanker Verma

      backlinks is important but after the penguin update, we must take care about the quality backlinks. Guest posting is the best way

    • Avatar


      Hi Sachin, Fantastic tips. Link building is still a vital part of optimization process. I would like to vote for Guest blogging, Blog commenting, Forum signature and Press Releases. We can apply social media with link building for better optimization. Cause big “G” is keeping eyes on social media.


    • Avatar

      Sandeep Singh

      Commenting and guestposting is the best way to build links for bloggers ! Nice informative article Sachin !

    • Avatar


      forum signatures and blog commenting are good and easy way to get backlinks to your web page. make sure the links are do follow before commenting do take advantage of seo. 
      these methods can also bring in so visitors to your web page if you post useful comments and posts  

    • Avatar


      Good one. I really love Blog commenting, Its the best and simple one. Article writing is also good.

    • Avatar


      Great post, I use blog commenting, forum signatures and links from social media sites.
      thanks for sharing 

      • Avatar

        Great article Sachin. These points will surely help anyone and especially the guest post link building is a method that is now days popular and is given high importance by BIG G as well.  

    • Avatar

      Avi Jit (@skyhitblog)

      I think guest blogging is the best way to gain quality links. And the second one is blog commenting which also helps a lot.

    • Avatar

      Gerald@Merchant Services Advice

      Guest posting & blog commenting is the best part to increase 7 build more links! Well, it is so useful for someone who can actually increase their output to make the things more helpful! Exciting!

    • Avatar

      Ujjwal Kumar

      Nice link building method …From now i will try to do all these for building links 

    • Avatar


      Hi Sachin Gupta,
      Thanks for the post. I have following almost all the Methods. But how can i get a press release about my blog?

    • Avatar

      Raj Kumar

      Nice post ,you have not missed even a single way to build backlinks.Forums signature is the simple way for making backlinks

    • Avatar

      ankit khurana

      No other medium can take place of Guest post for link building ……..nice post

    • Avatar

      Namanyay Goel

      Sad to say, a poor post.

      #6 Bookmarking, isn’t even a link building method. Neither are #8 #9 and #10.

      Essentially, there are only 6 methods, that too described poorly. 

    • Avatar


      Great article Sachin.  especially point #10: overdoing of links may slap a ban on the site… 😛

    • Avatar


      Certainly a nice post, these are best possible ways to build quality links and generate relevant traffic to your website.

    • Avatar

      Guest blogging and guest posting is the best way to build links,I myself have been doing the same since i started blogging 🙂

    • Avatar


      Link building is great way to boos rankings in SERPs but overdoing it can kill your site.

      • Avatar

        Mr Invicto

        totally agree …. one of my friends tried paid link building service and ended up wasting his money and site.

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