5 Tips To Free Yourself From Facebook Addiction

The largest social networking site, Faceboook, has almost 750 million active users worldwide and out of which almost 10 million are Facebookaholics. Well, Facebookaholics is a term given to Facebook addicts. Think you all know that excess of everything is bad.

Facebook Addiction

But excess of Facebook is worse! How? Well, you get hooked to it, escape your work, give less time to your friends (in reality, I mean), if you are a student, you even escape your homework and studies for Facebook. And now if you too are fighting with the addiction to Facebook, here are some tips to free yourself from that.

1. Set a login time

Well, working according to a time table really keeps you organized. So instead of logging in whenever you feel like just set a particular time for that. And yes, the point is to get yourself out of this addiction, so you need to set your logging out time too and limit yourself from stay for too long on Facebook.

2. Try blogging or youtubing

Blog and YouTube are really good and effective remedies for Facebook-addiction. You can blog instead of wasting time on Facebook or you can watch videos on YouTube. Well, blogging can also prove to be addictive sometimes, but I know that if you are a Facebookaholic, it’d be tough for you to be a blogaholic. No worries then!

3. Restrain and withdraw

I mean you have to stop yourself from commenting on anyone’s statuses, on pictures you get tagged in and also you have to resist yourself from updating your own statuses every now and then. You have to withdraw from whatever gives you pleasure and hook you to Facebook. Well, I know that’s really tough for a Facebookaholic, but, you see, in order to overcome this addiction, you have to do that.

4. Engage yourself somewhere else

You can always try engaging yourself somewhere else whenever you feel a strong urge to log in not according to your time table. You can hang out with your friends, can play video games, can try thinking of a new topic to blog on and etc.

5. Delete your account

I know that this point really sounds very dumb and stunning too. Deleting your Facebook profile and losing whole of your friends list and messages is like having a cloud burst above your head, but after all you are doing all this for your own sake only. Well, this is the ultimatum, and I know none of you would try it ever, but if all of them 4 points above fail, and still you are very determined to give up this addiction, try this 5th step, it’s the only way out.

Facebook is a good social networking site yet addictive. Well, if you spend a lotta time on Facebook, it ultimately means that you too are a Facebookaholic! And now it means that you have to think of something to get yourself out from this addiction. Hope this helps you.

This article is written by Bharat Chauhan. He likes coffee and Pepsi very much, cause those are very good source of caffeine instead of doing drugs. If you wish to write for us, kindly check this.

26 thoughts on “5 Tips To Free Yourself From Facebook Addiction”

  1. hello there…
    The last point really sounds very dangerous 🙂 .I can never do this.But the setting a login time is a great habit.I personally experienced it.Now I do FB only for 30 min a day…Thanks for the tips.

  2. I believe FB is another fad that will remain longer than expected, unfortunately. I deactivated my account and am so glad I did! FB can be used for good, but most people use it for socializing then become hooked.
    Now FB is posing a threat to Google, which says to me it’s gonna get even bigger and draw more addicts. Mark Zuckerberg, supposedly the founder of FB, wants to get everyone on the planet to join FB. Great, not only will we have internet junkies but now FB’s enterprise will attempt to take over virtually all aspects of our online experience. I want no part of it, thank you very much!!!


  3. People all of the time are constantly on Facebook. I see friends constantly updating their status I think they are on there 24/7.

  4. I had this stupid punishment from fb that they suspended my account because I sent friend request to unknown person! If any body says I don't know you by clicking a wrong button should they punish me or the one who does not know what he is doing!!

    Some guys have their accounts accessed by their girlfriend, and when they see a request from a lady wanting to join their boyfriends, they simply say "I don't know this person" for her to be blocked! Jealous people! and now the fb guys blocks (give 2, 4, 7 days detention) this Innocent lady! But this punishment was good because in the end she just gave up with fb shit! "THE FACEBOOK DETENTIONS ARE GOOD TO REDUCE THE NUMBER OF ITS USERS AND ADDICTIONS"

  5. Totally agree with the fith point! It´s clear that we need a little bit less social media in this world. I don´t really like the development of the facebook/twitter world

  6. This is a list for people who are only using FB to play games and to stalk people. But for serious bloggers, I think Facebook addition can be a good thing especially if they are using it to expand their network.

    While corresponding through email is still a great way to build relationships, Facebook is also a great if not a better alternative as you can easily comment on their posts or chat with them.

    Facebook is a tool and it is only as good as the person using it.

  7. Hello there!
    This is really interesting and maybe applicable to myself too ;)))

    But don't you think there are ways of making use of facebook addiction of your friends and relatives?

  8. Most of the people will be addicting to the face book because it will be interacting with other people easily. Thank you so much for sharing your post on here 🙂

  9. That's a great list of tips on how to stop Facebook addiction. However, I believe that the first step in liberating your self from Facebook addiction is to stop the denial of addiction instead accept that you are a Facebook addict and you need to stop it.

  10. Great tips! I always procrastinate on Facebook but fortunately I am able to control it now. Just a little tip: Don't bookmark Facebook and always logout and close the site when you're done so that you won't get tempted to check it. 😀

  11. hiya miss Kristina,
    thanks for appreciating the picture up there but i didn't upload that. it could be Pradeep sir who did that 'cause i submitted this post for review without uploading the picture. Thanks to him. 🙂

  12. Deleting your Account is not a tip its just the final decision to get rid of Facebook from your life.. but still need to shift your Focus if you want to get out of facebook addiction..

  13. Hi, Bharat,
    I am, luckily,not one of those unfortunate addicts, as I refused to open an FB account exactly for the reason I knew it would be too much time consuming and create an addiction. My best way to deal with it was to say no to it from the start.
    I like the photo you've put here in your post-quite unique.lol
    And of all your tips, I think the most painful one for a true addict is deleting the account. I bet it hurts and it is more easy to say it than to do it.

  14. thank you guys for coming here and sparing a little of your so very expensive time for reading this post.

  15. this is is a addition which similar to a drug addiction. I guess engaging yourself somewhere else is the best way.

  16. That's a good tip there. Never though of getting out of Facebook-ing life yet. But if one day I really need to get out of Facebook-ing, I'll seriously consider these tips.

  17. In fact, Face book is one of the most famous social networking sites on here. And, it will be more interactive with other people on face book. And, it will be good only-its my point of view 🙂

  18. It is impossible to delete my account. FB restrict me from doing this 😛 but you are right FB eat lots of our precious time. It is good for people who have nothing to do over net except facebooking.


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