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5 Social Media Secrets For Startups Exclusively Revealed


Marketing success of a startup largely depends on how efficiently startups are able to explore Social Media websites to their advantage. While most of the modern companies today are active on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, only a few have been able to manipulate social media successfully to their advantage to realize their business goals. So, the successful ones understand the value of a strategic social networking plan to their engage potential customers.

Social Media Secrets For Startups

Social Media Secrets For Startups

Here, we take a dig at 5 social media secrets that are helpful and essential for startups.

1. Is A Social Media Page Design So Important?

Having a social media page enriched with perfect professional feel that helps you stand out from crowd should always be a part of your elementary actions. An expertly designed social media page is, therefore a precondition that ascertains its success in terms of increased visitors’ attention and ability to keep viewers’ engaged. So, now you know that you have to achieve the difficult task of gluing the visitors to your site. With this you should also prepare yourself for your next plan of action.

Prepare yourself for a professionally designed social media page that allows better user engagement and clear highlighting of your business features at strategic places. Therefore, your page should appear to be a perfect amalgamation of text, images, icons, logos, headers, footers, call to action buttons and other elements beautifully and tactically positioned at different portions of your page.

With this you should also need to focus on increasing the visibility of your business website on search engines- do you know that? Since, only a well-designed page is always SEO-friendly, you can be sure that now search engines will easily crawl and index your page for ranking it in search results. Therefore, a startup social site’s prospects of gaining a sizeable market share by engaging the audience and becoming visible on search engines greatly depends on its design.

So, how do you go about searching for unique design ideas? Well, popular crowdsourcing websites such as Designhill provide you with easy ways to get access to creative social media page design. Just launch a design contest and soon you are flooded with the latest design concepts effectively customized to your specific business needs. So, it makes sense to explore social media page designs by Designhill or other crowdsourcing platforms for an extravagant dose of inspiration.

2. Why Should You Post Smarter And Not Harder?

Now, having a perfect social media design is not sufficient. Rather, regular posting of unique and quality content on social media account is in fact more essential. So, instead of emphasizing on traditional strategies that focus more on the quantity of posts, you should indulge in implementation of smarter strategies that lay stress more on quality.

We need to understand that Google does not rank a social media site merely on the basis of number of times the posts are submitted on it. Instead, Google is more inclined towards knowing how your page is accepted by visitors and how many people share your site’s links etc. Well this should be enough to prompt you for posting high quality content that includes a lot of fresh and highly useful information pertaining to your business. Therefore, you should emphasize on the type of content that aims at solving the problems of your potential customers related to your products or services usages. In addition, you can also focus at other quality content that is of your visitors’ concern.

3. Is Consistency The Key To Your Success On Social Media Landscape?

Is it really important to make your startup company’s presence felt on social media all the time? Startups need to address this vital question carefully as it paves way for their future success. However, many of them easily get overwhelmed by the fact that social media is an enormous place to handle so use it for every business related activity. A general marketing advice, however, is that as a startup you must focus on maintaining a steady social media presence at the first place. The people are likely to ignore your business if they aren’t able to find you on the social media regularly. So, all your excessive plans can go in vain no matter how much hype you have created for your business activities.

Therefore, you need to schedule regular checks on your channels to get a correct overview of your media presence. You can even seek the help of tools like Hootsuite’s Grade Your Social to get a perfect evaluation of your Twitter presence with just one click. Such tools let you know about your recent engagement with people and your success rate in getting engaged with them. In addition, you should ensure that posting of your content on the channel and your communication with visitors is regular.

However, the design of your social media page is the biggest contributing factor without which you cannot expect to draw in large number of visitors and keep them engaged. Therefore, owning a seamless page design should always be on your wish-list.

4. Do You Need To Chalk Out Your Goals Before You Start?

An obvious answer to the question is that yes you must clearly define your business goals before launching your social media campaign. So, make sure you are aware of your business goals you expect to achieve through social media. However, considering that you are a startup, try to keep your goals realistic. Better, dissect your long term goals into smaller short terms goals so that you are able to easily track the impact of each one of them.

The right move to setting the goals would be to go for a more practical approach to social messaging. Such a serious and professional approach is more preferred over an easygoing presence on the social sites, because you need to think in terms of your target audience.

Moreover, you also need to make your company culture visible on several social sites through your messages. Explore the fact that people are interested in knowing how you conduct your business. Since, this way, they get a realistic feel of how your startup is useful and helpful to them. However, despite maintaining a professional approach, you can at times opt for a playful manner of your message just to refresh your customers. So, keep on experimenting with your messaging approach on social media pages.

5. Does Anybody Care For You And Your Social Media Channel?

The gigantic size of social media compels most of the startups, to seriously mull over the thought if people really care of ‘who they are’ and ‘what they do’. After all, no startup would like to easily lose sight of people in this overcrowded social media place! So, to address this genuine concern, your company should aim at making genuine human connection with the potential customers on the social media websites.

A sound strategy to develop connect with the people is to showcase the human face of your company. Now is the time when you can effectively explore the wishes of your social media audience who want to know more about your startup business idea, the people behind and your products & services. Therefore, your social site account should effectively deliver exciting details about your employees and their contribution to your business. Make sure to highlight their human side more while giving hints of their professional skills.

By showing humane face of your company, people relate more easily to your business. Once you engage them to your social media, you can easily convert each one of them to become your business brand ambassadors. Do you know that they can provide your startup a much-needed exposure required for your business growth and transform it to become a brand?

You can either be present on every social media website or select few of them to target your audience. However, a good move would be to choose the globally renowned social channels and explore them strategically on the above-mentioned points. Also, note that not all the social media channels are suitable for every startup. For example, if you run a B2B advice startup, then LinkedIn is a better channel to promote your business as the site has vast data of professionals. Similarly, if your business needs marketing, then give preference to Facebook Ads or Promoted Tweet. However, remember that without a stunning Facebook page design or a Twitter page design you cannot expect your social media secrets to work for you. The best way to acquire a spectacular and creative Facebook design is to crowdsource your Facebook page design at Designhill.

These are some of the major considerations that you should take into account as a startup to get your customers’ attention.


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