Social Media Can Help You To Build A Killer Personal Brand

Don’t you want people to look for you on the search engine?

I guess you want that, right?

Appearing on the search engine feels like a celebrity. But, how would do that when you are not a celebrity or a famous person? Don’t worry Social Media is here to make you famous! Many people are using social media for their Business growth and Marketing. It is not only for business. But also, can help you to develop your personal branding and establish you as an authority. Let’s see how building a personal brand is easy with social media. Here we go:

What is Personal Branding?

Personal branding is an art of representing yourself and your skills to the world. It’s your repo. We are living in an age where competition is tough. You need to stand out from the crowd by being your best self. Take glance how search results looks like, when I search for Neil Patel.

Neil Patel SERP

These are the following benefits of personal branding:

  • Confidence boost up – You develop confidence as you build your personal brand.
  • Get more business opportunity from better clients in less time.
  • Become an authority or expert in your area.
  • Mixing personality in your business and brand.
  • Generate attention for your product and services.


Learn About Social Media And How It Impacts Your Branding Strategies

Using Social Media To Build A Killer Personal Brand

Social media is the easy and fast way to build a solid personal brand. The following are the five tips that you can use to developing a personal brand.

1. Specify your Goal

What do you wish when people search for your name? What do you want they get?

These are the following objectives that you might want.

  • LinkedIn would be best for you to show your skills and educational qualification.
  • If you want people to read your thoughts and content, then Twitter is best for you.
  • But if you have a product or artwork that you want yo sell then Pinterest is best for you.

Now you must have been got it, what your goal is for personal branding.

Here is some more intention that you might have.

Being An Entrepreneur – If you want to be an entrepreneur, personal branding can be crucial. When people search you online, what they know about you make people decide if they should trust you or not.

Stand Out From Your Competitors – With a unique persona and solid branding you can beat your competitors. Being different from your competitors is essential to your success.

More Sale – It would not be hard for you to sell your products to your customers if you have a strong branding.

2. Determine, At Least, Three Area Of Skills

How do you want to see people know about you? Who are the people you wish to engage? The internet is jam-packed with the skilled and successful entrepreneurs. So, it is important for you to be different from others.

You might want more than just a blogger. Your desires could be infinite like to be an entrepreneur or teaching marketing skills. But, I would suggest don’t pick more than three. If you choose more areas chances you might not focus on all at the same time and fail to achieve that you want. Your intelligence describes who are you and what are you capable of doing.

You can use those skills to mention in your social media profile descriptions as primary keywords. Make sure you choose the area that you have interest.

3. Use The Same Name, Profile And Images For Social Media Networks

When you send to request a proposal to your potential customers first thing they do search for you on the Google. And try to find more information about you on the social media. It makes easy for them to find your social media profile if your profiles match up. Being on every social media with the same name and profile help others to get you and remember your image in their mind.

Here are few things you need to do to keep your profile same every social media platform.

1) Park Your Name On Social Networks:

It is a must that your name should be same on every network. Knowem, you can use this tool to find availability of your username on 25 major social media platforms. If you don’t find your name on those networks, then you should get a different name. Once you get your desired name on all available networks, you can use it or keep it for future.

2) Use The Same Name For Channels:

First name and last name that people look. Make sure you don’t use your nickname, pet name, etc. It does not make a good impact on your clients.

3) Use Same Images:

You should use the same picture for your all social channels. It will help people to remember you when they search for you.

4) Bio/Description:

Bio is the second thing which impresses people when they visit your social media profile. It should be short and sweet. People are busy, and they don’t have time to read your 300 characters biography. If it will be long, they could bore and will leave your profile. Your bio should not be more than 200 characters.

4. Post Quality Content On Your Social Media Profile

How will your audience will find you and your product? Establishing yourself easy to find for people is the first step close to the brand. Next step is to share your knowledge and show your speciality to others.

Being an active on social media increase chances for you to get more followers. A study has found that those who post or tweet more get the most followers. If you are busy and can not post regularly, then you can use social media tools. There are several social media tools out there which that you can use. Buffer’s social media management tool or could be a right choice.

Using social media automation tools can save your time. It is up to you how many social media channels you can handle. For me, I can handle 3-4 channels like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Linkedin.

5. Join A community, Chat Or Group

Find people who have the same interest as you and share the same kind of content on social media. How would you find those people who are talking about you or your brand?

You can use tools like social mention to find those people. You can join an active community where your potential clients discuss their problem. Show your expertise and provide the best solution to their problem. It will establish you as a trustworthy resource for getting knowledge.

These are the following things which you can do:

  • Send welcome message when someone follow you.
  • Follow influencers in your niche.
  • Search mentors. Do as they tell.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask for advice.
  • Tell people that you like to hear their stories. They will be happy to share it with you.

If you don’t find any active group, then make yourself one. And invite the people who active on social media.

Our End Note

Using Social Media To Build A Killer Personal Brand

As a social media marketer, we invest our time to share content and comment on others post. Wouldn’t it be nice if you promote yourself as a brand? When we talk about personal branding through social media. Creating profile on all networks is not enough.


Social Media Is A Wonderful Tool To Build Your Career & Business

You have to take part in all the communities which you have joined. Participate on the regular basis at the Linkedin group, Google+ communities and Twitter conversions. Being an active in social media helps your personal branding.

Have you ever tried any of these tactics before for your personal branding? I would like to know your valuable thoughts and suggestions in the comment section.

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