Blogger vs WordPress – Reasons Why You Must Choose Blogger

Blogger PlatformBlogger over WordPress? Are you serious? This could be your initial reaction once you read the title of this article. But yes, I am serious and I can show you some valid reasons why you should build a blog with Blogger rather than in WordPress.

Okay, let me clarify first that I am not saying that Blogger is totally better than WordPress because both platforms have its advantages and disadvantages. Since most people prefer the self-hosted WordPress platform because of its flexibility and security, it is better to understand first the important advantages of Blogger over WordPress that could help change your perspectives over the blogspot platform.

Let me first start the most common criticism that Blogger gets from the public – security. Yes, there are many blogspot blogs that are already defunct because the Blogger team deleted their accounts. The reason is spamming. One of the biggest case is Allan Liew’s Although this blog is still active, it was already  taken out in Google’s index since last year. To those who are not familiar with this particular blog, it was the number 1 ranking site in the most competitive keyword in the online business industry – “make money online“.

There are thousands of blogspot blogs that are suspended and this highly discourages people to sign up with Blogger. Spamming is a very big issue in the Internet and Blogger is one of the strictest program when it comes to this matter. Since Blogger is a part of Google universe, it is just appropriate to make all their products of high standards all the time. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong in keeping your own backyard clean and less waste (spam).

So let me give you the top reasons why you should prefer Blogger over WordPress.

Search Engine Optimization

If you ask 10 people about which blog platform performs better with regards to SEO, 9 out of 10 people would say WordPress. While this is true, Blogger is not really in a big disadvantage. First, Google does not rely heavily in meta tags and keywords anymore. Second, Google owns Blogger which makes it more easy to distinguish which side you should support. Will Google leave their Blogger program to be dumped by WordPress forever? Of course not, there will be more changes in the future especially if you are within Google’s backyard.

For your information, there are a lot of blogspot sites that tops in Google for various keywords. This includes my own blogspot blog (a health niche) and of course Allan Liew’s previous ranking which were discussed earlier. So if you run a Blogger blog, never be concerned about SEO because you are in good hands.

Free To Use

Blogger is 100% free. Most Internet marketers suggests that you should start blogging with blogspot to familiarize yourself to various aspects like posting, widgets, applications, elements, feeds and many others. Once you learned a lot, you can switch to WordPress anytime through WordPress Import feature.

If you think this way, you will not realize the importance of Blogger as a platform and it will just remain a training ground on your perspectives. As a free platform, Blogger is totally easy to use to all novice and first-time users. But unlike self-hosted WordPress, it highly requires technical knowledge with regards to hosting, servers and other tools, not to mention the expenditures that you will spend for each set-up.

Make Money!

Both Blogger and WordPress allows its user to insert monetization programs to earn money with their blogs. While WordPress have much more flexibility when it comes to advertising space, some Blogger themes are not lacking behind. Blogger templates are customizable where you can insert every ad sizes available. So when it comes to ad space, Blogger is not in a disadvantage.

You can use Pay-per-click (PPC) programs (Adsense, Kontera, etc) and direct advertising to your blogspot blog. Adsense can even inserted straight from your Blogger elements for easy configuration. You can also insert some Blogger hacks to publish ads within individual posts, just like WordPress. With Blogger, you can definitely make money online!

Based on these benefits, why choose WordPress if there is no such big difference? The only thing that you should care about is to abide all the rules and guidelines of Blogger to avoid deletion of your blog. Aside from that, Blogger can challenge WordPress in every department.

So if your blog is in Blogger, I suggest that you support your platform all the way and promote it the way Internet marketers do. After all, blogging is all about sharing valuable content and building a community. So choose Blogger enjoy your blog to the fullest!

Facebook Vs Google Plus [INFOGRAPHIC]

Since the launch of Google Plus, internet critics started comparing Facebook and Google Plus. If you don’t know what it is then let me tell you, it is a brand new social network created by Google. Everybody wanted to compare the features of these 2 giants.

Therefore guys at The Tech Addicts made a graphic to compare various features of these social networks. They both have advantages and disadvantages, and it is up to you to decide where you want to stay longer.

Check out the interesting infographic below to see the analysis between the two social networking sites.

Facebook Vs Google Plus

Infographic Credit : The Tech Addicts

Which Suits You Better? Blogger or WordPress?

Many bloggers ask me whether to chose Blogger or WordPress. Many others get confused for choosing the right one. So, this is the post which tells you which is the best for you! This article mainly concentrates on the what you can do with Blogger or WordPress or which suits you the best.

Blogger Vs WordPress

Blogger suits you if:

  • You want to invest less.
  • You want to make it professional with your CSS & HTML skills.
  • You don’t want guest authors.
  • You don’t want multiple authors unless you know them personally (as there is no “Submit for Review” option).
  • You want to be good in SEO with great effect (like adding the image alt tags manually).

Even my site is hosted on Blogger. Because I don’t wanna invest more on my blog unless I get more traffic and earnings!

WordPress suits you if:

  • You want to have a professional look and don’t have any knolwedge of CSS or HTML.
  • You want to invest more on your blog.
  • You want to have guest authors, even you may not know them personally.
  • You want to be good in SEO with less effort.
  • You want to show your professionalism!

This article is written by Paul Santosh. He is a 14 years old kid, struggling to manage studies and blogging at the same time. If you wish to write for HBB, kindly check this.

Open Source Vs SaaS e-Commerce Platform

Talking to several designer and store owners, I realized how confusing it becomes when it comes to selecting an e-commerce platform to start e-commerce website, especially for the start-ups with little budget.

There are online reviews, suggestions and rating but very few actually look into the real meat and guide small retailers to choose the right e-commerce platform. Earlier we saw some of the worthy Open Source forums and shopping carts.

I decided to share what I discovered. Feel free to comment, add suggestions or even ask questions.

Let’s understand intricacies involved in implementing online store using open source platform.

Open Source Platform – What’s The Big Deal?

Open source implementation

Time to market

When you choose open source, it is going to eat up several weeks to be able to make your website available to do business.  Factors that adds to time are code customization, template integration, Testing, implementation.

Customization and maintenance is painful

Website built with open source platforms are difficult to maintain and impossible for a non-techie. You got to have developers around when you want to change something. The trickier part comes when decided to hack the code to add additional feature on top of the open source code you downloaded from the platform provider. When you do so, the code base is personalized to your needs. The problem exacerbates when the bug fixes are made available from the open source provider and cannot be merged with your own customized version of the platform. Lack of proper documentation adds more complexities. Every time you want to add or remove feature from your e-commerce website, you have to go through the process of testing, implementation and bug fixes.

Open source experts are rare

Open source experts are pricey and rare. Many developers claim to be expert in open source development but fact of the matter is very few of them write quality codes that can become part of official future versions of the open source platform. A freelance expert can cost you anywhere between $25/hour to $45/hour.


Open source platforms do not provide direct support to customers. You have to rely on the developer you’ve hired to do the job. Lack of support from the developer can jeopardize your business.


Your website will attract more traffic during the festival than the normal period. You constantly need to monitor and ensure your website do not crash during the peak season. You have to upgrade your server capacity as traffic increases and downgrade during the normal days. If you fail to do so, you loose customers or end up paying more for hosting. Hiring an expert becomes eminent.


SSL checkout is now standard feature of any online store. SSL certificates come with a yearly price and you need to have experts to install it for you.

SaaS platforms – What’s The Big Deal?

Now, let’s find what is involved with SaaS platforms.

e-commerce implementation with SaaS

Maintenance and bug fixes are free and fast

One of the biggest benefits of SaaS platform is their ability to push upgrades, bug fixes and new features quickly. Fundamentally, SaaS e-commerce are multi-tenant, hence upgrades are made available to all the store deployments within seconds without requiring it to be done individually.

No separate hosting required

SaaS e-commerce platforms are hosted on cloud and you do not require to buy separate hosting. For instance, (SaaS ecommerce platform) provides free data storage, unlimited bandwidth with all its plans. Hence, buying separate hosting is completely ruled out.

Designers take charge of the driver seat not developers

Expert designers are easier to find than open source developers. Unlike open source platforms, developers don’t have much role to play when it comes to store implementation and customization. Designer next door, with good XHTML/CSS skills can do the design customization and implementation. At times, basic changes can be done by  a non-techie user as well.

Support is integral part of SaaS offering

Most SaaS provider offers direct e-mail or phone support to their customers.

No separate SSL certificate required

SSL checkout is essential and most new SaaS e-commerce platforms (Example: provides SSL checkout included with its offering at no extra cost.

Although, open source are free but the end cost can go significantly higher compared to SaaS. If you are small business owner with less budget, less requirements and wants to do away dealing with developers, SaaS platform is ideal for you.

If you are large business with higher budgets and custom requirements, you may choose open source. But make sure that the changes to open source are no more than 30%, if you require modifying more than 30% code base of the open source e-commerce platform, you might want to consider developing your own.

Transparency Vs Anonymity: Mark Vs Moot [INFOGRAPHIC]

This one is awesome! The topic I would like to discuss about. People are either transparent or anonymous, both are proud and satisfied about that. But in Internet the whole game is different.

Now this infographic from Namesake compares two prominent web figures – Mark Zuckerberg and Chris Pool. Mark Zuckerbeg, as you know, is behind the popular social networking site Facebook and Chris Pool is the founder of the famous 4chan. They are transparent and anonymous, they both encounter their own advantages, and pitfalls.

Transparency vs Anonymity

What’s your take on this infographic? Being Transparent? Being Anonymous?