5+ Productive Ways You Can Make Use Of Su.pr

Su.prStumbleUpon launched the Su.pr an URL shortening service in early 2009 and it was quite popular with Social Media freaks. Initially they had invitation code and later it was available to all the StumbleUpon users. It is not only a URL shortening tool, but also a perfect productive tool, you’ll know the reasons below. Using Su.pr you can now post your best content on Twitter and Facebook Wall/Pages with one click. Su.pr is an URL shortening service for online publishers, bloggers and StumbleUpon users that allows you to simultaneously syndicate your content to multiple social media websites. Though remember, in order to use Su.pr, you must have a StumbleUpon account.

Once you log in, you’ll get this screen.

Su.pr Box

As the image above shows, you can either:

a) Post immediately

b) Only shorten the URL to use elsewhere (other social media networks, blogs, etc.)

c) Schedule your post for later

Below you can see the uses of Su.pr, which makes it a productive and MUST try tool.

1. Get Short URLs for your Blog Posts

Yes, Su.pr provides short URLs for all your blog posts. Within few seconds they’ll generate a cool URL for your posts. You can then use this short link for sharing on Social Networks or any other resource. For HBB, we made our own short URL – HBB.ME. For example,

Main URL : https://hellboundbloggers.com/2011/09/25/things-bloggers-can-learn-from-action-movies/

Su.pr Short URL : http://su.pr/AD81v3

HBB Short URL : http://hbb.me/133

2. Schedule for later

Suppose if you want to promote your posts (old or new ones), you can schedule them for a desired time period using Su.pr. You can specify the date and time to be precise. They will be automatically posted on the accounts (Twitter and Facebook mostly) associated with Su.pr on that time.

Schedule Su.pr

3. Tweet from multiple accounts

You can add multiple Twitter accounts on Su.pr and with just a click you can tweet in all those accounts without pain. You just need to authorize Su.pr to use your Twitter accounts.

Twitter and Su.pr

4. Update Facebook profile and page

You can also update your status or your Facebook page using Su.pr. Just connect your profile with Su.pr, it will detect the pages you admin and you can move with that.

You just need to authorize Su.pr to use your Facebook profile and respective pages you admin.

5. Get suggested posting time

Su.pr tracks your traffic and suggests when you can post to get maximum traffic. This includes the accounts you connected with, like Twitter, Facebook and StumbleUpon.

Suggest Posting Time

6. Su.pr Short URLs on your own domain

This feature is currently in Beta. It is available only for servers running on PHP 5. If you use WordPress, setting up short URLs on your own domain just got easier. You can check this for more info.

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  1. I have been using StumpleUpon, but have never tried their Su.pr thingy… looks quite good and handy. Thank you for sharing this good service with us.

  2. Su.pr is offering most of services like buffer plugin but in buffer you can't shorten your url, plus you can easily manage SU, facebook and twitter account using Su.pr. That's great.

  3. Nice post,

    Great tool to get better response from this tool where we can get as much as traffic for our site which one can prove really very helpful for us for online marketing.

  4. Great article Pradeep.
    I'm still new to StumbleUpon learning ways on how does the system work to get good traffic to my blog.Got registered month ago and stumbling my articles, but haven't understood it (might be due to time constraints and not enough exposure).Any writings on this system for more productivity will be much appreciated Pradeep.

  5. This is simplest method to get maximum exploser . stumble upon gives more important to this url. i personally use this stumble upon service for stumble my posts.

  6. This is something really new buddy,i didn't knew that stumbleupon had this kind of application

  7. Well i have been regular at Stumble & i dint know all these things. Nice post pradeep , Informative indeed !!!

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