Page Rank Vs SERP

The much debated question is on a site without any content can get high Page Rank or not?  Amazingly, answer is yes, a blank site with no content, you can get a high Page Rank. To be able to increase the Page Rank  just have to have backlinks from high ranking.

pagerank vs serp

The Page Rank is determined by backlinks, and not by what is written on your page, or the Page Rank is determined by Google as a vote for your site. The more votes you get from sites with high Page Rank Your Page Rank will also increase. Despite that, which takes visitors to your website is good content and not Page Rank.

The SERP (Search Engine Result Page) or a page of search results is the web page that a search engine returns with the result of a search.

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In other words, when you search Google the term Tech News and the search result Google gives you a return of “” in the first position on a page with 7.42 million sites then that is the page ranking is great.

Have a higher rating on a page has nothing to do with high ranking in searches. Only a quality site with relevant content will be positioned on top of our researches.

Only quality relevant backlinks will give you a high page ranking.

So do not think that having follow a link on a site with Page Rank 6 will put your website on the first page of Google, the most that will happen is to increase Page Ranking Pank and get a few visits that will not get even 30 seconds on your site.  It does nothing for you in the search results.

Here a question arises, how do I benefit from a website with high Page Rank?

Simple, have relevant content, so you will attract high-quality sites, people tend to trust sites with high rankings, they see you as an authority site and thus attract many visitors for the quality of your site.


Both Page and Rating Page Rank is important, but only Rating Page takes you to the top of the SERP and bring the traffic you need for your site.

And to get a good position to make a good SEO On Page , choose and make good use of keywords and wait for the result on the SERP.

What’s your take on this? Please share it in the comments!

14 thoughts on “Page Rank Vs SERP”

  1. Oh Gosh! This is one topic I been searching for frantically and landed over here.. But to my dismay, the quality of English is so poor that I couldn't quite understand what the author tried to say, even after reading twice, thrice. No offense,but that is what I felt.

    Oh yes, I just noticed that someone else made the same point and gotten a reply.. Oh well, It's fine.. Hope the article is rewritten and made fathomable.

  2. well Nice post,My point is definitely we take care about SERP, Page Rank is nothing to take, If we concert in SERP Page Rank is automatically improve…

  3. It is always a confusing issue page rank Vs SERP. I read many articles on this subject but not convinced yet. If page rank is back link dependent and fluctuate why page rank concept is introduced by Google. On the other hand SERP is what search engine result for a keyword. If my website is a information provider, all topics are valuable and relevant to my content but keywords with individual topics may not have rich content as of dedicated websites. But the information website may give leads to those dedicated websites for rich content. With content vs relevance news provider website will have poor ranking for keywords. I will still explore this point and conclude.

    Anyhow this article is good and thought provoking

  4. I will always prefer SERPs because if SERPs is Good then we will get traffic and PR too but opposite in not true.

  5. I prefer SERPs over Pagerank as it is what ultimately matters and can get us the real visitors.
    Pagerank is important for earning though!

  6. Nice post about link building , i totally agree with you but i rather using social bookmarking and article submit

    how much backlinks should i build in a day to get PR 3 in 3 months?

  7. I agree, page rank is king, and it is all about the back links. But a bit more substance next time please 🙂

  8. I agree with the article’s basic premise. However, one could argue that without content it is very, very difficult to get backlinks in the first place. Who wants to link to an empty website? Sure, there are those that can get artificial backlinks. However, Google can often tell the difference between natural and artificial backlinking so any rewards reaped by the webmaster will be shortlived.

  9. In my opinion, the most important thing is SERP. However, PR will be as determining for same levels competitors.

  10. The topic itself was good, but the write-up was a little too shabby. Creates a negative impression on the reader’s mind that the author couldn’t even bother to run the write-up through Microsoft Word, which would have automatically highlighted most of the spelling & grammar mistakes!

    While perfect English is not a must in such informational articles, yet, such level of shabbiness gives the impression that the author couldn’t care less about his/her authors, and that s/he was just posting this for the sake of posting something to keep the site updated. I found it difficult to follow what she was trying to say exactly. Even after reading the article several times, I’m still not very clear about certain sentences. Wouldn’t bother clicking through to this Author’s blog to read more articles.

    • Am really sorry for that Kaddu, I didn’t care about some mistakes, because they seem to be the style of some people’s writing.

      And I believe this author just tried to have some formal debate like stuff in this article. Like comparing PageRank and SERP. She/he wrote this in casual format, we call them “Casual Blogging”. 🙂


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