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Website Authority – Tips By Matt Cutts


Earlier I shared Matt Cutts’s video regarding whether to keep Tag Cloud or not.

Now here we are going to discuss about the tips shared by Matt Cutts regarding “Website Authority”.

White Hat vs. Black Hat

In this video, Matt Cutts answers the following question:

How does a website can compete for good positioning in Google, using only White Hat techniques in industries dominated by spammers if Google takes months to respond to a complaint of SPAM, and reacts when there are already other spam websites with new Black Hat techniques, in the first positions of Google?

How can a website compete using only white hat techniques? Let’s look at the response from Matt Cutts, after the video:

SEO is about communication and establishing a website with search engines. The aim is to position a website in the first organic results of search engines when searching for keywords that are relevant to this website in order to get qualified traffic and free of those search engines.

There are techniques for such communication and the relationship with search engines and Google itself provides a set of guidelines for webmasters . SEO techniques that confirm to these guidelines are And White Hat SEO techniques that violate these recommendations are Black Hat Moreover that some Black Hat techniques are ethically and other acts are illegal and unlawful acts by criminal relevance.

White Hat Vs Black Hat

Difference in White Hat vs. Black Hat Websites

A website that uses a technique of SEO Black Hat, we call SPAM website is designed to last for weeks or months. Google learns the technique, changes its algorithm to cancel it and penalizes all websites that use this technique Black Hat This discovery may take days, weeks or months.  But it is inevitable.

Thus, the operator of SPAM websites already know that each site has a relatively short life cycle. When the spammer has a well positioned website is already working on his successor, who will use a technique different from Black Hat and innovative. All SPAM websites are born already condemned to a sudden death.

A website that uses White Hat SEO techniques is a project that is not condemned to such a sudden death. Thus, a website that meets the guidelines of Google has a lifetime of potentially much more than a spam website.

That is the advantage that a webmaster must exploit to win the spammers that use Black Hat techniques.

Website Authority

A website that publishes quality content and relevant to their visitors and that can promote such content, gains visibility on the Internet. And it will get the recognition that Google is an authority in their subject area. As this recognition of authority grows along with Google, the website will get more and better positioning in the organic results of Google, in its subject area.

As the website has a short life cycle, the medium term, an authority that will achieve a SPAM website will never be able to achieve. SPAM website does not have enough life time to achieve such authority. Until that authority because it involves a journey natural, no shortcuts …

The reputation that we are an authority on certain matters is how the progression in their studies. And take a Graduate or a Graduate. And then a graduate. And, if you continue to study, can still get a Masters and a PhD. And its progression increases their authority in the field you are studying. A website that uses Black Hat techniques can not live long enough to take a graduate or undergraduate.

The concept of authority of a website (domain authority) is a concept related to the concept of trust of a website (domain trust). In the case of trust, the analysis is more qualitative. It is important to know who is the link to the website and to whom you link to the website.  In the case of authority, there is a more quantitative analysis, based on statistical information and looking for the quantity and diversity of backlinks pointing to a website, for the time evolution of backlinks and the diversity of the website pages that get backlinks.

These two concepts do not live apart. You have to trust Google and need to gain authority, that the visibility of its content can be reached.

And the result is something as simple as that. A website with authority may publish a page about a subject and get a good short-term positioning in Google, without any external backlink to this page. And a website without authority may publish a page on the same subject, get dozens of backlinks to that page and be positioned below the website with authority. Sometimes, a license shall publish dozens of articles on a particular matter, but your opinion has no weight and has no followers, does not alter the evolution of ideas on the subject. Appears a PhD who publishes a single article on the same subject, and this view becomes the dominant view. The PhD is an authority on the matter. The license is not an authority on the matter.

If it is true that in the short term, a website that uses White Hat techniques may not be able to compete with websites that use Black Hat techniques in the medium and long term, it has all the conditions to win any SPAM website.

SPAM Abuse Of Websites That Use Techniques Black Hat

Google encourages webmasters in Webmaster Tools.

If in a given market, there are too many websites to use Black Hat techniques, it is legitimate for a Google webmaster report.  Who uses techniques Black Hat is not competing honestly, just do not deserve respect or reserve.

The complaint of SPAM is IMPORTANT. What happens when you search a specific keyword and can not find a single website quality? Only find trash.  Frustrated and lose some trust in Google. If there is much spam in Google’s organic results, Google users will lower their expectations of finding the information they use when searching Google and will seek such information offline or on Twitter or Facebook. If you bet on Google for traffic for your website, you have every interest in keeping the organic results clean of SPAM. You want Google users trust the Google search and use Google, because they do not use, who will receive less traffic from Google is you …

And, if you report spam websites that compete with your website, you get rid of an unfair competition. Who cheat, deserves to be expelled from the game.

SEO Marketing

The SEO is also marketing. If you publish quality content and is not able to promote that content, no one will link to your content. Nobody will read your content. Your website will not achieve the visibility necessary for Google to know that you exist.

A recurring idea is about SEO: Content is KING. Content is King It is partly true, If you write quality content that is relevant, which is searched, your website is able to obtain authority from Google. Because people who read quality content, sharing this information, references its website, writes a tweet or an article on its content with a link to your website.  And this social conversation, links to your website, make your website visible to Google.

But if you’re not able to promote your content, who will read? Who will share and referenced?

A strategy that Matt Cutts addressed to compete with SPAM sites is to conquer the authority, without competing directly with the spam websites. For example, in the commercial market, very competitive, with too many spam websites, it is a good idea to find a market related, but no less competitive, these spam websites. This strategy is valid for any competitive market, even those who do not enjoy the company of SPAM websites. Then follow the path needed to win reputation with Google Website authoritarian in this thematic area. Finally, moving towards market competition more competitive.

For example, the services market psychology.  A website can gain authority to publish quality content and free about psychology. The psychologist can begin by writing a blog. The market for information on psychology is not as competitive as the market for psychology. Also because, if the psychologist to write with some frequency, you get relevant traffic from keywords consist of 3 or 4 words, which are much less competitive keywords that one or two words. And after your website gain authority, may enter the market of psychology services, with another competitive ability, because that authority gained in the blog.

Do not assess whether competition in Google for psychology services is very fierce or not. It has some Google AdWords ads. For a psychologist who also wants to be a webmaster, I am sure that the keywords most important in terms of traffic, are not easy and justify the use of this technique. The idea is to compete in the positioning of the organic results of keywords are less competitive until the website conquer authority in your subject area ..Then proceed to related keywords and more competitive.

The technique applies to a market dominated by spammers or any very competitive market. But SEO is not magic. If you want magic, go to the dark side … Use Black Hat techniques But do not forget that when you die, you’ll find Matt Cutts working as a doorman at the Paradise …


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      Large post, Isha. Thanks for the video too. Black hat things works for some people too.

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      Detailed post! Black hat could bring short term rankings. But when the time passes by it leads to blacklisting & suspension of ur site.

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