Orkut Attacked By New Worm — Bom Sabado [Alert]

Quite recently I came to know Orkut has been attacked by a new worm named Bom Sabado (Damn names!). It is actually a new script indeed.

This script is believed to be generated from Brazil where Orkut is most popular social networking website. Earlier mysterious links were spreading on Orkut and creating huge problems, that almost made Orkut users quite Orkut!

This new worm spreads on Orkut which sends a scrap with words “Bom Sabado” in it. There are some HTML content also there.

If you open your scrapbook, same scrap will be sent to all your friends from your account.

Orkut New Worm

Use the mobile version of Orkut till this issue is cleared. Requested to stay from Orkut scraps until further notice.

16 thoughts on “Orkut Attacked By New Worm — Bom Sabado [Alert]”

  1. Great another attack on Orkut. its been a while since i check Orkut. I don’t like to spend any more time on it but its because of my family members and some special friends I haven’t closed my account there yet.

    By the way, These attacks aren’t new. I have also been involved in some of the worm attacks which me and my friends hit last year. They were only to show our dominance, nothing else.

  2. The problem has been fixed by google now. Actually things are better after the google takeover. Google is not doing a great job with it. Its slowly loosing out to Facebook in India as well.

  3. Yeah dude. I got this msg “Bom Sabado” from some of my friends,but they dint send it to me. I loved orkut a lot, but it sucks now.

  4. Google is perhaps paying less attension towards Orkut. Maybe it has realized that it can’t compete with the might of Facebook. 😛

  5. This isn’t new. Orkut’s allow for all sorts of scripts makes it very vulnerable. Gone the days! 😉

    • Facebook is free from all malwares, thanks to it restriction to scripts. Orkut is so open to all, that malwares use it too at times! 😉

  6. From long time such activities are happening in orkut and it seems Orkut Management is not so serious.


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