HP Slate — Brief Overview Of Basic Features [Video]

HP Slate is one of the most talked tablets out there. Earlier we saw the ‘expected’ features of Samsung Galaxy Tab, now it’s time for HP Slate brief review of basic features. HP Slate and Samsung Galaxy Tab will be a good competition for Apple iPad.

Came to know the package contains a dock that would allow the Slate to be place upright for use, features a kickstand, HDMI out and a couple of USB ports.

Earlier I wrote a post reviewing HP Slate Main Specifications.

Youtube Video Credit : x313xkillax

Do check the video and share your opinions about HP Slate’s features as comments below.

10 thoughts on “HP Slate — Brief Overview Of Basic Features [Video]”

  1. To me it seems that the HP slate is just a rip off the iPad but I can see its advantages. Thanks for posting that video, its very informative.

  2. Sweet! The graphic card might be underpowered, but overall, it’s a great competitor to the iPad. Possibly superior in every way.


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