Orkut Attacked By New Worm — Bom Sabado [Alert]

Quite recently I came to know Orkut has been attacked by a new worm named Bom Sabado (Damn names!). It is actually a new script indeed.

This script is believed to be generated from Brazil where Orkut is most popular social networking website. Earlier mysterious links were spreading on Orkut and creating huge problems, that almost made Orkut users quite Orkut!

This new worm spreads on Orkut which sends a scrap with words “Bom Sabado” in it. There are some HTML content also there.

If you open your scrapbook, same scrap will be sent to all your friends from your account.

Orkut New Worm

Use the mobile version of Orkut till this issue is cleared. Requested to stay from Orkut scraps until further notice.

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