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3 Rules To Follow Before You Make Money Blogging


We all know that making money blogging is possible but it takes time and dedication. You won’t succeed at blogging in a day or two, it’s a long process. It means that there are definitely some rules to follow before you can start being successful. I often see posts that contain a list of things you should do to become successful but they forget to list the basics. What should I do before making money blogging? Are there some things I should follow? The answer is yes.

MMO Rules

Here are the 3 simple rules bloggers should follow before making money blogging:

1. Writing Good Content

As bloggers, our main goal is to write quality content to our audience. Writing killer articles is what we should always try to do. The reason why a blog would have a large readership is because of its high quality of content. People on the Internet are consistently looking for free information and this is why they end up landing on blogs most of the time. Try to be creative and do some researching before writing posts and you should start seeing an increase in your visitors and RSS subscribers. Posting frequency is also important because if you don’t update your blog, your visitors will think its dead. I have personally seen more results when I write posts more often then I usually do. Remember writing killer articles helps to recover old readers.

2. Don’t monetize too early

This is a huge mistake that you can do! If you monetize your blog too early, your visitors will think that your blog was created for the only purpose of making money and not for offering value or tips. Make sure to wait few months before monetizing your blog. I would personally suggest waiting 3-6 months before monetizing a blog because before that time frame, it’s hard to generate a lot of traffic. Remember that you will need a lot of traffic before making money blogging.

3. Working hard and being consistent

Hard work always pays off and you can do a lot of different things to help you as a blogger. You can comment on blogs, write guest posts and start working on link building to help get some exposure and traffic. Remember that interaction is something really important for any blogger. You can have the best content in the World but if nobody reads it, your efforts will be wasted. As I have mentioned, posting frequency is something that you should work on and the more you posts when you start out, the better it is! When you create posts, they will be indexed on Google and this will help you generate a lot of organic traffic. This is definitely one of the advantages of blogging because you can have your posts indexed on Google and benefit from it. There are some blogs that have up to 1000 indexed posts on Google and some have more then this!


I am Fazal Mayar, the blogger behind Richer Or Not. You can follow Fazal on Twitter @fazalmayar. If you wish to write for us, kindly check this.

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    • Deynn

      It is a requirement to be creative if you want to be a blogger, hence this is an advantage for you in terms of writing a good content this helps to attract more readers. Your audience must find your content appealing. Your content and web design play a big role in determining if the visitor will stay or come back.

    • David

      These tips really seems like pro tips to me. Have to start following them soon. Thank you.

    • MS Rawat

      is 2nd rule applied on hindi blog also? Kindly suggest

    • Nizam

      Detailed and well described rules. No doubt, being consistent is really a key factor to become a successful blogger.

    • John @ hanginghyena.com

      It also helps to build around a theme – establishing yourself as an authority site in a particular space – I’ve done this for a couple of technical topics. Usually, you need to get 1 – 2 pieces of breakout content (eg. a video or how-to presentation – I recycle a lot of my technical talks towards this end), after which you surround it with 10 – 20 supporting articles for link building, user retention, and to keep google happy (since it sees you publishing for a while).

      Agree with commentator who said don’t monetize too soon… Goggle is very paranoid… 

    • Huong Cales

      We usually write between 5 and 10 articles per product review. The articles can be any form of content just try not to copy too much content over from other sites as you are only going to have a site filled with duplicate content. Try to be unique if you can.

    • Brian Kinkade

      Hey Fazal,
      From a reader's point of view, I agree with you that content draws me to a blog. It is also said that content means much more than just the article itself but most of the time besides the graphics and images used the written content gets me engaged.

    • nick

      I don't agree with point 2, at the end of the day if you monetise your website you ared oing exactly that trying to make money out of it.

      Adding ads or whatever to make money while having established subscribers may piss them off and may show you have turned into that money making sell out like the rest of the internet. Think its best just to put minimal ads on your sites from the begining. Agreed that made for adsense websites should die though!

    • Deneil

      I completely disagree with #2. Nobody should hold off on making money from their blog.

    • Matt

      I agree that it's a good idea not to try and monetize a blog too early, and too much. People get put off if they think the only reason you're doing something is to sell stuff.

      Ironically, you can probably sell more in the long run if doing so is your second intention, not your first. By offering good information, you develop rapport and trust. And when people trust you they are more likely to buy what you recommend.

    • Satish

      Thanks dude, i never kept ads in my site until 1year 🙂 but later realized that google adsense will bring traffic 😛

    • Jerrick

      i take note in the second point which it don't monetize too early. Now i just know that monetize also do need to see the right time. Most of people start monetize once they have a huge traffic, maybe it just not that easy as i think.

    • Compro Oro

      A question! Do I have to build a newtork of blogs or just focus on 1. ?

      • fazal mayar

        I would say start by 1 and if you see some success, try to build a network.

        I am about to create my second blog because my first one has seen some success.

    • Kavya Hari

      Initially, i would like to say thanks for Fazal for given great post on here 🙂 High quality content and traffic should be most important task to make money blogging. At the time, we have to wait at-least 3-6 months to make money blogging 🙂

    • eLifeTips

      Writing good and useful content which the audience love and doing it consistently is the greatest challenge in blogging. Thanks for the tips.

    • Deepak Eapen

      Great article Fazal. Though these are the most rudimentary rules that any blogger must follow, many tend to deviate from it not long before they start off and end up cribbing that blogging yields no results. No matter how basic these three rules are, it still important to post it and read it a number of times for beginners as well as experienced bloggers. It's good to be reminded of the best practices more often than never. Good work dude.. !

    • Praveen @ Geeks4share

      Nice post Fazal. Content, Traffic and Patience are the most needed, to make money blogging !

    • Arjun Singh

      I was wondering to know if i have followed all the steps for earning money online properly and you knw wat.. ur post came as an answers.. 🙂 which says YES I HAVE!

      Thanks you.. 😉

    • Ifham khan

      Really if we start a blog for earning then we have to wait for 3-4 months.

    • TechnoExam

      yah.. Fazal mayer .. its really true.. we should provide good quality content to get more fans. I refer 'fans' instead of visitors. Isn't it ?? Good . keep it up..

    • Sarah Harris

      These are definitely the good basics you should know when starting a blog. I didn't really know any of this and my personal blog is a year old and still has no PR. But lately I've been writing more and just making the content as original and full of keywords as possible. It's a tough game, and definitely takes time. You have to be patient and not focus on the outcome, but rather the day-to-day stuff that's involved. After all, a blog should be fun.

    • TrafficColeman

      Keeping your work load moving is one of the keys into building traffic and seeing some kind of results. You have to put your best foot forward.

      "Black Seo Guy "Signing Off"

    • fazal mayar

      thanks for the comments guys, patience is KEY! blogging is like starting a business, you can't be successful in a day or two!

    • Haru

      i try to work hard but this few weeks, i have been so busy with my job.i just created my new blog..but i had try my best to submit to all search engines before im leaving my blog for a few days..i will write lots of posts after finished my job

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