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HOW TO: Open Links In Text Only Mode [Google Chrome]


Reading your favorite post on your favorite blog? But the Advertisements there are disturbing you? If you are a Google Chrome user then we have an extension (or solution) for you.

Shankar Ganesh (of KillerTechTips fame) quite recently developed an extension – Text Only, Please. This extension uses to render a text-only version of the webpage.

Open Links in Text Only Mode

Step 1 : First install ‘Text Only, Please’ extension.

Open in Text Mode Only

Step 2 : Now open any webpage, for example, HellBound Bloggers (HBB). Now you can right click on any link in Google Chrome and choose ‘Open in text only mode’. The web page you clicked on will open in a new tab, devoid of ads and clutter.

Text Format

Seriously I loved this extension and this will be also really useful for people having poor internet connection or bandwidth limits. As of now, API is not used and you can expect more advanced features soon. You can give your feedback via comments for further enhancement.


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    • Mani Viswanathan @ DailyBlogging

      This extension will be useful for me to read blogs when I’m downloading something

    • Kavya Hari

      Actually, I like Text only mode extensions and it would be more helpful for all the folks having low internet connections.

    • aswin

      Helps in checking content quickly nice share

    • Deepak@myproductcomparisons

      Nice info Pradeep. So it would just look like a text file, right? Won’t look like we are on the web i guess. But good for people with extremely slow connection.

    • Jasmine

      Text-only extension looks good. This will save the day when my Internet connection is slow!

    • icechen1

      Cool, a good way to get content quickly! Loading time are pretty slow thanks on some sites thanks to poor image management :/

    • Anu @ New Trends

      I really don’t use chrome much as I’m very used to for firefox and I feel it’s the best browser. But I must agree that Chrome is too improving very fast.

    • Rohit Batra @ IpodTouch4G

      this is really a good Extension i just installed it…

    • Riya @ Couponseasy

      Chrome is really working hard to dominate the browser world. This is very good feature which it’s offering now.

    • Shiva @ Blogging Ideas

      Nice share Pradeep, certainly a good extension since many times we need to view only the text of the articles or websites…also it will be pretty good for people who have low speed connections

    • pavithra

      This is really cool and it will be useful for people having bandwidth limits.

    • Madhav Tripathi

      This is a very good extension because sometimes we need text only mode while reading articles. There is a similar add-on in Firefox but in Chrome I think this is first of this kind.

    • Updates to the Text Only Chrome Extension

      […] this topic.The Open in Text Only Mode Chrome addon has now been renamed as Text Only, Please. The response has been amazing – a lot of you have poured in your suggestions via Facebook, blog posts and […]

    • Sam @ Weekend Getaways

      Nice extension for chrome, I feel sometime very frustrated when I see particular ads that I don’t want to see but now i got the solution. thanks very much.

    • Abigail

      Thanks mate, this will be very helpful for me. I m using chrome often, it was a huge problem for me. I thinks now it will alright by using this extension.

    • shooby

      Hey, thank you for this subject. You will make my work easy and fast. So I will install this version.

    • dinank@mobilezworld

      Very useful extension, for those who have slow connections…and would be useful when opening a website having a lot of adverts too…btw would it block pop ups on a page?

    • Shankar Ganesh

      Thanks Pradeep for featuring the extension. Happy to be here.

      There are not many features at the moment. What’s imminent is a toolbar button which you can click to load the current web page in text only format.

      If any of you here have suggestions, please let me know.

      • S.Pradeep Kumar

        Glad to feature this mate. Yea, a toolbar button would be great and also you can come up with a WordPress plugin, so you can let the blog readers to convert posts into text only format. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Eddie gear

        Fantastic job Shankar! Are you planning on one for other browsers as well? I use RockMelt which is based on Chromium so it should work on it as well right?

    • Clif

      Great job on the post. However, the last line is a problem.
      “You can tell your feedbacks via comments for further enhancement.”

      Should be “You can give your feedback …”

      Feedback is never plural. It’s what they call “uncountable”.

    • Saket Jajodia

      This great thing will going to help who have slow connection..

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