Use Google’s “Me on the Web” Tool To Monitor Your Identity On The Web

Google quite recently launched a new tool called “Me on the web”, a component of Google Dashboard. This tool allows you to create custom Google Alerts for mentions of your name or email address in news articles.

Me on the web tool

Using “Me on the web” Tool, you can :

  • Get notified when your personal data appears on the web : With the help of Google Alerts, you will be alerted if your personal information, for example, phone number, private email address, other confidential details.
  • Remove unwanted content : Suppose if you encounter any of your private details online, and you don’t want them to appear, you can remove them with the help of this tool.

Visit Google Dashboard to check the “Me on the Web” Tool and set up custom alerts.

9 thoughts on “Use Google’s “Me on the Web” Tool To Monitor Your Identity On The Web”

  1. I used Search Manipulator to bump down a bad article I had when I googled my name. It was bumped to page 5 but I wanted it lower, so I contacted Google. I paid wayy too much money for what I got. Search Manipulator's $20 program was so much more useful than Google's tools. I highly recommend them.

  2. This is a great tool,one of my emails got hacked(now fixed),it will be great to see if any personal emails and other things are being used in publicly by others


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