Google Inside Search Event [FULL VIDEO]

This is a footage from the Inside Search event, taped live from San Francisco on June14th, 2011. Amit Singhal and ...
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Create Unique QR Codes For Your Blog Posts

A QR code is a specific matrix barcode that is readable by dedicated QR barcode readers and mobile phones. By ...
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Use Google To Test Your Browser’s IPv6 Readiness

IPv6? You would have seen this term everywhere, almost anywhere. Why? What’s so special? Web Analysts says World IPv6 Day ...
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10 Free Android Apps That You Should Try

This is my first post on HBB, so just thought of sharing my list of free android apps, that I ...
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HOW TO: Add Google’s +1 Button On Your Blog

Google's +1 Button Recommendations
Here it is finally, earlier Twitter surprised us with the new ‘Follow’ button, Facebook with ‘Send’ button, and now Google’s ...
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Use Google To Find Creative Commons Content

You find a cool image on the web, and you use it on your blog? No offence? Nope, you are ...
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HOW TO: Check Flight Schedules Using Google

Flight Schedule Google
You have used Google almost for everything except for flushing your toilet, seriously! You can even use Google as your ...
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15+ Tips To Increase Your Website Crawl Rate Easily

Google Crawl Rate
Google Crawl Rate is nothing but the frequency with which Googlebot visits your site and it can vary from hours ...
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HOW TO: Find Back-Link Opportunities Inside Google

Google Backlinks
Google is an amazing place to not only use as a search engine but to find back-links. Google makes it ...
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10 Essential Uses Of Google Toolbar You Must Know

Translate Webpage
Google Toolbar is one of the interesting tools I encountered recently. Others are Google Reader and Dropbox. Google Toolbar is ...
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