Are You A Better Blogger? Ask Yourself Now.

Blogging has changed the way we Learn and Earn. From the past six years blogging has changed drastically. Blogging is considered as a easy money making facility, but is not same for everyone. Blogging has changed the way we do business, share our thoughts, communication and lots of things. Everyone wants to make an exception and create a buzz in the internet so the people will notice them and their doing’s.

Better Blogger

Some people think that it is a magic behind a blog that make money with very little efforts, but  you can also produce good results from your blog  if you follow these steps:-

  • Choose a right niche for your blog, you can choose a niche of your interest or you can research on it and find what is people interest now a days. Ask this question to yourself before deciding a niche . And find whether you can write on that niche on a long run.
  • Be passionate,  if you are passionate about blogging than people can easily find it in your work. Passion is what make a blogger productive and to put all efforts to do their work. It is always said that a person can only be successful if he is doing thing of his own interest and enjoy doing that thing. And moreover if you are not seriously involved then why should your reader listen to you.
  • Consistency matters a lot in blogging and is the key of successful blogging. Does you post irregularly?  You have to decide it when you are going to post means twice a day, thrice a day or once a day. This will make your audience engage with your blog and find something different each time they visit your blog.
  • Another thing is your content, content matters a lot if your content is unique and written carefully then nothing is going to leave you behind. Write your content  in such a way so that reader can understand your perception. It’s not the quantity that matters in content but it is quality that matters .You must provide unique and valuable content so that your readers will love to visit your site.
  • With  thousands of  blogs now a days you have to make your blog stand out different from the rest. Try to provide something that your reader’s find it interesting and want to visit your site regularly.
  • Involving your audience in your blog is an another great way to become a successful blogger, a successful blogger is not one who have thousand of visitor a day but the one who make their readers happy with them and respect them, value their opinion and have a comment strategy or involve your reader to participate in surveys
  • If  you want to be unique then make your way of writing different from other your design should be different ,make your blog speak different voice, submit it to different directories, make backlinks, follow other sites.
  • Make your post attractive use images , bold the titles make points,  if somenone add your link to their blog then thank them by sending them thanking note.
  • Don’t change your URL instantly, like shifting to some other domain , changing hosting. Some blogger take a lot’s of time to decide which hosting will they use permanently for their blog so they are shifting from one to another by avoiding this that their readers might not find them or it will result in loss of their readers.
  • Do easy the task of your reader by letting subscribe to  RSS feed so that they can get your updates through mail.
  • Provide easily navigation through pages, so that you as well as your reader will navigate easily thorough different pages.
  • To make it more interesting, take quizzes, contests, or something that are of reader’s interest.
  • Translate your site to multiple languages,  it will make your site increase  traffic by engaging more users.

This guest article is written by Saksham. He blogs at Blogging Junction where he shares link bait tips and tips to blog fast. If you wish to write for us, kindly check this.

30 thoughts on “Are You A Better Blogger? Ask Yourself Now.”

  1. This is a checklist for anyone who wishes to be a successful blogger (which includes me :))

  2. Definitely blogger. My favorite bloggers use it. From what I’ve noticed it appears really easy to customize and maintain your blog on this site. Don’t really know a lot of other stuff about it though

  3. Today, competition is very high so its very difficult to come up. But, these type of information would be boost up the people to become a better blogger in future. Thanks a lot saksham:)

  4. Hi there.
    I think I am a lot better as a blogger than I was 2 month ago, but I also know that I still have a lot to learn and a lot of work to do to be better. I like to visit other blogs and try to figure out what they are doing. I think it is all about passion and hard work.

  5. This is Eddie Gear, I usually comment with a different login. However I feel that it might be relevant to use this specific login. Are you a better blogger? I have a question for you, Are you someone who is ideal to judge anyone? Or am I ideal to judge myself? Hmmm there are many questions that are in my mind right now. I will read this article again later.

  6. No. I am not expert blogger because still need to know more about blogging. You point out here lots of important thing that useful for me to learn something new.

  7. I'm about to put up a new site for a business. It will have a mix of articles, videos and audio files and will be updated frequently. I will also be selling products. Is a WordPress blog better than a static site for this? Please tell me the reasons for your answer. Thanks!

  8. There is definitely no magic behind a blog that makes money with very little effort. In blogging like any other business requires you a lot of time and commitment in order for it to start generating any kind of income. I think the most important thing you highlighted here is consistency.

    Consistency really does matter a lot in blogging because your blog will never be noticed like how you want it to be if you're not consistent with how perform your blogging tasks. Thanks for sharing your insights Saksham.

  9. Another great post Saksham, I like the first point you choose, choosing your niche. That is the first and foremost thing that many bloggers fail in, even me …I had failed in finding the main niche of my blog when I started and it took me almost 1 year to find my niche, if i had done that a lot ahead then my blog would have a lot better statistics till now

  10. Blogging is not what it used to be. There is a lot of competition and indeed a lot more of junk around. There are some passionate bloggers but most of the so-called bloggers are after “getting rich quick”.

    But I am sure that a passionate blogger can keep up the race and win, if he/she uses the right tactics.


  11. Today blog is not about just content, I know content is the king but you also need to concentrate on other things like looks, photos and contest etc.

    • Hi,
      of course a blog is not about content content only,of course you also need some other things like looks, photos and contest, but at the end of the day even if blog has the best look in the world, soft and shiny, challenging and intriguing with absolutely fantastic colors and images, but NO CONTENT, would you be a friquent visitor watching the blog colors?
      Regards. Tessa

    • Hard work and passion it is not always the case, as you can be lazy, but still your blog can be quite interesting for the visitors and you ideas can be so extraordinary that visitors would love to read them not knowing that you are lazy blogger.

      Regards. One of the most lazy bloggers.

  12. Hey Saksham Talwar,

    NIce article, but you have missed a point.

    Newbie Bloggers should know how to market their blog. Now a days, most bloggers are poor marketers. It will be hard to become a problogger without knowing to market our blogs.

    • I agree with you Praveen, marketing is equally important. These days people find it difficult to market, but still if done a lil hard work, marketing can be made easy!

  13. Actually These points will be difficult for beginners to understand. If they follow they will become a good blogger.

    • If a blogger feel this one is difficult…………………. then how he/ she can grow and upgrade their blogging work. If everybody read care, once and then again it w'll be easily clear all the valuable points described here.

  14. Well Passion & Self-Belief will make a novice blogger a successful blogger 🙂

    Well written points Saksham.

  15. It takes much time to be a better blogger. Because now the competition is very high every niche.

    Nice post Saksham

    • I agree with you Swamy! Competition is a lot higher these days and it will surely take some time to be a good blogger!


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