Which Suits You Better? Blogger or WordPress?

Many bloggers ask me whether to chose Blogger or WordPress. Many others get confused for choosing the right one. So, this is the post which tells you which is the best for you! This article mainly concentrates on the what you can do with Blogger or WordPress or which suits you the best.

Blogger Vs WordPress

Blogger suits you if:

  • You want to invest less.
  • You want to make it professional with your CSS & HTML skills.
  • You don’t want guest authors.
  • You don’t want multiple authors unless you know them personally (as there is no “Submit for Review” option).
  • You want to be good in SEO with great effect (like adding the image alt tags manually).

Even my site is hosted on Blogger. Because I don’t wanna invest more on my blog unless I get more traffic and earnings!

WordPress suits you if:

  • You want to have a professional look and don’t have any knolwedge of CSS or HTML.
  • You want to invest more on your blog.
  • You want to have guest authors, even you may not know them personally.
  • You want to be good in SEO with less effort.
  • You want to show your professionalism!

This article is written by Paul Santosh. He is a 14 years old kid, struggling to manage studies and blogging at the same time. If you wish to write for HBB, kindly check this.

47 thoughts on “Which Suits You Better? Blogger or WordPress?”

  1. Very good article, among the so many blog hosting services available, WordPress and Blogger may be the only two which really stands out for beginners. So this comparison will really help the new folks out there.

  2. I still don’t know what side is better at SEO. In this comparison I see that both are good with, But I am looking for the better one! 😀

  3. Well, most people have started off with blogger but given that WordPress is a much versatile and overall more powerful platform most of them have eventually switched over. I've tried using both, and both have things that they can offer but WordPress is just the clear cut better platform of the two.

  4. For me it has to be wordpress. I really like the blogging platform and the wide range of plugin's available. Although load speeds can be slow

  5. Hi Paul,

    I find that most Blogger sites are nofollow, and more WordPress sites are dofollow- have you found this to be the case? Also, WordPress has the commentluv plug in which I don't think Blogger has, so that is a disadvantage as well. What do you think? Thanks for the information.

    • Hi Monica,

      The thing is, WordPress can be customized to the core, but Blogger cannot.

      Blogger.com is similar to WordPress.com, so it is not possible to add much features. You can also make a Blogger blog dofollow, but it's kinda different procedure.

      Blogger.com has both pros and cons, if you are into 'Blogging' professionally, I would advice to migrate from Blogger to WordPress. Thanks. 🙂

  6. I used blogger sometime ago, but I like wordpress, its really easy to customize everything in wordpress 🙂

  7. I would be no WordPress. Despite the fact that it's got a lot of cool features, it also offers a topnotch quality as compared to Blogger. Nice one Paul.

  8. In fact, word press is one of the best directions to look like a professional one. So i prefer word press tool 🙂 Great comparison on here 🙂

  9. OK here is the deal. I would not recommend any one to use word press at an early stage if he's not willing to spend money. The real part of a blogs success is that how you develop quality content for it.

    Platforms does really matter. I agree that there are certain things very easy in word press but many of those can be achieved by manual tweaking in blogger. So why to waste money. Its just me. I think a decent blog can be raised without word press.

    I always loved word press but then i shifted to blogger as i couldn't pay the hosting fee being a student. So for me blogger works. 🙂

  10. Hi Paul,
    as for me wordpress is much better than blogger because there are so many plugins that it can work on autopilot. With blogger you would always feel google behind your shoulders.
    Regards. Arthur

  11. I am a blogger enthusiast and I love to use it up to now, but a lot of clients and businesses preferred to use wordpress for promoting their business. I vote for blogger for a newbie and wordpress for much advance level.

    • I keep my blogs on Blogger but it doesn't mean that I am less professional or invest less time. On the contrary, whereas many Internet Marketing people just copy content from each other, I come up with researched articles.

      Your blog reader is interested in your content and not in your WordPress or Blogger account !!! A blogger can have the greatest and most professional looking blog but when his content fails, the design won't help !

  12. Good article Santosh. All the best for your future. Since blogger is from Google, Google loves blogger blogs just as it loves WP blogs. And one need not do a lot of SEO on their blogger blog, it is mostly optimized for the engines, except that one has to add Meta Desc, Title and Keywords through it's HTML design. Both are good for getting ranked in the search engines.

    • First of all thank you! the second one is, one need to do a lot with SEO in blogger like adding the image ALT and TITLE tags, making links NOFOLLOW or DOFOLLOW etc…..

    • There may be 100more reasons! but, the thing is having no good traffic and pouring out money for a WordPress blog isn't good and even not profitable 🙂

      • Agreed for the point that 'Pouring money for NO good traffic is not worth', But I would say traffic and money are purely subjective and it depends on the Quality of content and promotion you do.
        Money follows automatically, Blogger.com or WordPress.org should not be a reason for that.

        As far as profitability is concern, its not always in terms of money, for some it may be a better brand reputation, WordPress offers more options for customization and better looks of your blog.

        What do you say?? 🙂

  13. I somehow plan the same too. Many young bloggers start with blogger.com as it’s quite easy and provides with free web hosting.

    There is no second thought about the supremacy of wordpress feature wise and that’s it’s + point

  14. but once you start earning giving a few dollars a month for a good host will become a small part of your earnings & you will also feel that its worth

  15. Well mentioned…I love to blogging on blogger as i really love the special gadgets of blogger …I can make my own template …There are lots of thing in blogger that attracts me ..

  16. Well, for me Blogger was the best to give an introduction to world of blogging before switching to WordPress. This is the case with many other successful bloggers as well. Most of them had their blogs powered by Blogger, and when they realized how powerful blogging can be, they switched to WordPress for a wider experience! Thanks for the share! 🙂


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