PageRank Update: PR 3 for HellBound Bloggers

Happy to the coreToday morning, I updated HBB’s stats in BuySellAds (BSA) and I was dumbfounded when I saw PR 3! Earlier it was PR 2.

I had a slight doubt whether my eyes are deceiving me. So I verified it with as many PR checkers as possible. Some of them are prchecker, dnScoop and iwebtool.

Thanks to all my readers and everyone else who made this possible.

Getting PR 4 is one of my site goals for 2009. Though I have not achieved it yet, this update makes me happy! 🙂

The rock solid reason for PageRank 3 is the guest articles I wrote on various popular blogs. Guest Blogging helped me to achieve this feat.

And if your blog haven’t got any changes, don’t chew your tongue in despair and don’t brood over it. Maybe, in the next update, it will be double!

Share here what you got! 😉

63 thoughts on “PageRank Update: PR 3 for HellBound Bloggers”

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  2. I think you will achieve the Google PR4 this year, with the number of visitors, work and update you have done so far. All the best…

  3. Congrats. I hope that the lesson learned is that high PR is only truly achieved and maintained with whitehat approaches.

  4. hı my site pagerank is now 1 or 2 for many websites. how can ı know my real pagerank. can you give me a result if ı give my website.

    website is I am wiaiting your helps.
    .-= Eleştirel Haber’s last blog…Ynt: Bursaspor 2 1 Antalyaspor maçý özeti ve golleri izle =-.

  5. hey you had reached another milestone in your blogging carrier…congrats…. 🙂

    surely you will get 4-5 this time
    .-= sudharsan @ technoskillonline’s last blog…TeraCopy – Copy all Files at Lightning Speed =-.

  6. May I know when the blog was started and how long it took to achieve this. This can help you to estimate what can I do to take my PR higher.

  7. Yeah its always good to see the Green Bar level go up! I had slipped to Pr 0 after shifting to WordPress but I got a PR2 now and I am happy with it! Aiming for a PR4 till mid 2010.

    Anyways, good going for HB!

  8. Congratz Pradeep!! I didn’t check mine after the last update, but there should be no change. My site has some copied posts from my free blog at WordPress, so I think Google will not consider mine as trust-worthy, lol.. Never mine, it is my personal blog. Congratz again!! On the way to PR 4, huh…?

    • You are cool! I like the character! 😉

      And thanks for your wishes Yasinta.. PageRank is a part of ranking.. there are many alternatives though.. Alexa, Technorati.. check’em too! Cheers! 😉

  9. It may be a coincidence, because I noticed today that my page rank increased from 1 to 2. :). Anyway best wishes to you and hope you get page rank 4 soon

  10. Congratulation buddy.
    Hey I guess you applied for adsense few days back, m i right? did you get the account?

  11. Congrats Pradeep.

    Good luck on trying to achiev a pagerank 4 before 2010, looks like a interesting challenge. It’s always nice to see that green little pagerank bar go up. I’m currently still waiting for my pagerank to go up as well.

    But have the guest posts really helped thta much?

  12. Cool, Buddy. Hmm I got PR1 for my blog, Well the 301 redirect from my blogspot blog did the trick, in fact my blogspot blog had PR 2 and I thought I would get it but unfortunately for me, I was dropped to 1 and hence I got only PR 1 to the current URL. Any way that’s not the issue here. Once again congratulations mate. Keep Rocking.

  13. Congrats buddy, but don’t just rely on pagerank to justify your goodness, there are several other things which you will definitely learn in the future, congrats nevertheless and keep it up.

  14. Hey pradeep its good to hear you got a pagerank 4.after seeing your post i checked my blog for pagerank it showed 1.i too got a rank from google for the first time it made me more n more happy.


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