Guest Articles I Wrote In 2009

Guest Blogging does what Google doesn’t. Yup that is correct. It increases the backlinks, traffic and also develops a good relationship with other blog owners. Below are my Guest articles on various Popular Technology Blogs I wrote on 2009. For my readers convenience, I prepared a list of blogs available for guest blogging. If you want to become a guest blogger for my blog, you are most welcome and please do read the guidelines before preparing.


Writing Makes A Man Perfect


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  • Techie Buzz
Tips to Remember Before Gifting Gadgets
  • Technically Personal
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Four Free WordPress Hosts Compared

So in how many blogs you have written Guest articles? 🙂

PageRank Update: PR 3 for HellBound Bloggers

Happy to the coreToday morning, I updated HBB’s stats in BuySellAds (BSA) and I was dumbfounded when I saw PR 3! Earlier it was PR 2.

I had a slight doubt whether my eyes are deceiving me. So I verified it with as many PR checkers as possible. Some of them are prchecker, dnScoop and iwebtool.

Thanks to all my readers and everyone else who made this possible.

Getting PR 4 is one of my site goals for 2009. Though I have not achieved it yet, this update makes me happy! 🙂

The rock solid reason for PageRank 3 is the guest articles I wrote on various popular blogs. Guest Blogging helped me to achieve this feat.

And if your blog haven’t got any changes, don’t chew your tongue in despair and don’t brood over it. Maybe, in the next update, it will be double!

Share here what you got! 😉

Miles To Walk Before 2009 (Site Goals)

I thought of writing my blog’s site goals after getting PR 2 and now my blog has PR 2. So I thought of preparing some decent site goals for HellBound Bloggers.  “I want to get a PR”. This was my goal for almost 4-5 months, because my blog had PR 0. Now I have PR 2. This made me realize the concept behind “Slow and Steady wins the race”.


Miles To Walk Before 2009

1. Posting Frequency : I’m going to increase the number of posts in this blog. So I decided to blog atleast one post per 48 hours.

2. Daily Page Visits : Increase the daily page visits to 500+. Currently I have about 200-250 visits per day.

3. Google PageRank : To get atleast PR 4. Now currently this blog has PR 2.

4. Alexa Ranking : Enter the Alexa Top 100,000. Now around 200,000+.

5. Guest Posts : To write atleast 25 Guest Posts in major blogs. Now I have written five posts. If you wish to contribute for us, check this.

6. Twitter Followers : Increase my Twitter Followers. I don’t have a number limit for this ! 😀

7. Online Friends : Increase my Online Friends to a large extend. I found many through various social networks.

8. Help A Newbie : This one is close to my heart. I love teaching people about what I know. If you need any help, feel free to contact me.

9. Form an Interactive Community : I think I can form this because I got many worthy and lovely commentators here.

10. Introduce Forums Section : Currently the forums section is under construction, hope I can make it active within this year.

Also I want to move HellBound Bloggers (HBB) to a dedicated hosting as soon as possible to manage the traffic.

I hope I can achieve these goals within 2009 with the help of my beloved readers, subsrcibers and commentators. Once again thanks for your devotion towards this blog.