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7 Basic Tips For Improving Your Blog’s Alexa Rank


If I’m going to advertise in a blog, other than page visits and views, I will check their 3 ranks. They are PageRank, Technorati Rank and Alexa Rank. Now in this article I’ll share some tips to improve the Alexa rank of your blog. When I started HB, it’s Alexa rank was around 700k and now it is around 70k (and now it is 10K). Credits go to you people only. Thank You!

Bringing my blog’s Alexa rank below 100k was one of my site goals for 2009.

What’s the use of Alexa Rank?

Webmasters, advertisers and ad networks use your blog’s Alexa rank to determine the worth of a link on your website. Advertisers and other people approach you after seeing your blog’s Alexa rank. Fortunately, I experienced these things. Even BuySellAds (BSA) approves only if you have a good Alexa rank.

Tips for improving your blog’s Alexa rank

alexa#1 – Use Toolbar : Install Alexa Toolbar. Alexa currently has toolbar for IE and Firefox only, hard luck for Chrome and Opera users. Now set your blog as homepage in both the browsers. You can do this in your relatives and friends house or even in browsing centers. You can also download and install HBB Alexa Toolbar.

#2 – Use Widget : Many blog owners found this tip useful. Placing Alexa Rank Widget in your blog helps a lot. But it is worth trying.

#3 – Consistency : Alexa rank automatically improves if you update your blog frequently with good contents. Update your blog daily for a better Alexa rank.

#4 – Write About Alexa : Many bloggers love to learn the tips for improving Alexa rank. They’ll link to you and send you targeted traffic. It is better to keep ‘Alexa’ as a category or a tag.

#5 – Reviews And Ratings : Some bloggers claim this tip has something to do with Alexa rank. Try to increase reviews and ratings for your Alexa website profile. You are most welcome to write one for HB.

#6 – Update Info : Update your listing data and blog’s site info using their Self-service tools. It gives a professional touch to it.

#7 – Claim The Blog : Create an Alexa account or use your existing Facebook account and claim your blog. You can verify by uploading a text file or using a meta tag code.

Though many people don’t believe in Alexa rankings, it is still ruling the blogosphere.

If you got any Alexa tips to add please share/comment about it! πŸ˜‰


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    • Pradeep Singh

      I follow all the rules and guideline to improve Alexa rank for my website, some day ago Alexa rank of my website is under 10k but suddenly day- by-day my Alexa rank is performing so bad, I don’t know why? can any one guide me what is the actual problem with my site www.ourncr.com, and how can I improve Alexa ranking?

    • Vani

      tips #6 is the most important in my opinion. If you need to increase your Alexa Rank safely, first of all your content should be quality, regularly updated.

    • Kunal Ganglani

      heyy pradeep, do you think using software like super Alexabooster help to improve alexa,, and what about guest posting , does it help for alexa??

    • sunil

      Alexa plays great role to get advt for a blog.your tips to improve rank is very helpful for new blogger. thanks for nice tips.

    • Alex

      Nice Article HBB, i hope some tips will help me. Alexa seems only count traffic from people with tool bar. i helpful

    • Rohit kabdwal

      nice article HBB, i hope these tips will help me., i researched a lot about factor affecting the alexa rank a lot but i didn’t get satisfactory results.., hope this will work…:)

    • Paul Steele

      Good to see someone put this in easily listed way thank you. Yes Alexa seems only count traffic from people with tool bar.. So if you go to your own site a lot then get the toolbar.. Of course if you go to a competitors site then you give them a hit too so just concentrate on yourself and doing right and often update.. All seems to improve over time with what you say. Thanks

    • Tarot Cirkel

      Since Alexa ranked me, I went up in Google. So I think Alexa helps….

    • Kundan Bhardwaj

      I will certainly give it a try and followup if my blog’s alexa rank improves. Good tut there by the way. Thanks for sharing buddy.

    • Sanjay

      Sir, as u suggest to register or Use widget, but its publicly show all info about website include traffic source and keyword for traffic , Is it risky as compare to competitors ?

      • S.Pradeep Kumar

        Sanjay, I think we don’t really have control over that, public listing sites like these displays all such information. But sites like compete provide an option for disabling that.

    • Vignat Vora

      Will it work if I use toolbar in my own browsers ?? It is nearly impossible to have every visitor with Alexa toolbar installed .

    • Mr.Bhavesh

      I have alexa widget to my blog and this helped me to pulled up my alexa rank.Now I got 6 digit alexa rank within a month from 7 digit alexa rank with regular posting.

    • Itender Rawat

      Nice tips. Hope these will work for my rankings. Thanks

    • Tushar

      Your tips are too good .My point of view the social ranking is first factor in alexa ranking.

    • El peso ideal

      #4 you did very smart;). The most of the points I already knew, but it is always nice to confirm your knowledga by reading articles.


    • Harry Sehgal

      Thanks for sharing it. I think installing Alexa Toolbar really works a lot.

    • liaqat

      you mentioned about buysellads considers alexa rank
      that is not true in my opinion
      when i applied for buysellads my blog’s alexa rank was over 1 lac
      they asked for a monthly screen shot and approved my site
      buysellads approves blogs which have traffic over 100,000 per month nothing else

    • Jasmine

      Great tips. I can’t help but keep coming back here to re-look at the tips. What do you think of my Alexa ranking?

    • aswin

      I am following the tips and my blog is improving day by day thanks pradeep πŸ™‚

      • aswin

        rellay useful

        Today my rank is 1,19,441

        I could able to get this in less that 2 months I started my blog on Jan-01-2011

    • Arjun Singh

      i dont think u missed any tips!

      The tips you discussed above are magnanimous.. πŸ˜€

      HBB ROCKS!!

    • Jessi | Landscape

      I thing some autoprograms that bring you traffic like toplists etc may help on better ranks on Alexa.

    • milky

      I found this great service to improve Alexa rank, check it out at www.alexage.com
      It worked great for me and my Alexa rank is now in the top 100K.

    • yogi

      In this article, we can gathered more information about alexa…

      and thanks a lot for giving this information to us…..

    • Nouman

      Nice tips Pradeep. Alexa rank is indeed an important factor when we talk about a blog’s strength in the blogosphere.

    • Vivek Parmar

      Alexa, quite a big name among bloggers everyone needs higher alexa rank and achieving this is not possible. I will gurantee if anyone is consistent with his work from day one then achieving good alexa rank is not a big job

    • Umer

      Well i think Alexa ranking depends on the amount of traffic a website receives. The more traffic on a website the more chances are of higher rankings

    • Usman

      I think more visitors on a website means higher Alexa ranking

    • Gogo

      Great tips to improve the alexa rank of our site as already nowadays Google not update the pr of sites and the people only put their concentration only to upgrade the alexa rank of their site.
      Nice sharing…………!

    • Luis

      What is the benefit of improving the alexa rank?

    • Umer

      Thanks for sharing nice tips to improve Alexa Ranking for a Blog

    • Usman Khan

      I agree Regular U[pdate of a Blog with Quality Content Improves Alexa Ranking for the blog

    • TechVista

      Alexa plays main role for advertisers. So, it’s important to take care of it. my blog goal for this year is too cross 100k ranking.

    • Amandeep Singh

      Hey Pradeep, Thanks for the great tips… I have also written a review of HBB on Alexa.. Check it out πŸ™‚

    • Prateek

      nice article,
      but i have a question how installing toolbar can help in increasing my blogs alexa

      • S.Pradeep Kumar

        Actually, the thing is, installing the toolbar alone won’t do the trick Prateek. If people visit your blog with their Alexa toolbar installed browser, then it helps Alexa to gather much more info about your blog, in that way.. automatically helps to improve your rank.

        • sai@dailyblogtools

          hey pradeep i too agree with you. alexa toolbar is well worked for my site.nice points mate πŸ™‚

    • ogitu

      thank you for your tips…..

    • Jasmine

      Great tips. I find that if we update our website and blog regularly, the Alexa rank will improve naturally. Must also ping the blog to ping sites also so that they are informed of new updates.

    • Hemanth Kumar

      Nice Tips Pradeep. Alexa ranks is purely based on Traffic of the website. It won’t consider any other facts, even if the website is getting visits from single IP address. So, to get good traffic, you need write good content and promote it on communities. If you catch them, they will become regular readers to your blog and your traffic grows, Alexa rank improves.

      keep Blogging Folks.. All da best.

    • Shams

      Nice tips Pradeep.
      But I think Alexa rank determinea traffic on a wesbite so it must be based on traffic and not on any other fact.
      Due to many Alexa Rank improving hacks now it is hard to detect exact amount of traffic on a website.
      If someone surfs continuously on his own blog then it also increase Alexa Rank.
      I think real Alexa traffic rank is below 40000.

    • NRF

      Nice useful tips, how do i update info on alexa ? Do I have to submit my site in alexa or it automatically crawls on it ?

    • Eddie Gear

      These are great tips. Thanks for sharing, I’ve been researching a lot about the various ranking methodologies.

    • mosarrof

      This post will helpful for Beginner to Advanced, Thanks for Sharing Tips About Alexa. πŸ™‚

    • David Do

      Thanks for sharing your information. I highly value it

    • Abhimanyu

      Thanks dude. you rock. My alexa rank wasn’t really improving but after installing the toolbar, my rank dipped to 20 lacs from 54 lacs.

      PS: I read your article a week ago.

    • Irfan Siddiqui

      Done with installing toolbar a week ago and also done with other stuff. Now just hoping to have a good Alexa rank for my blogs.

    • Vinayak Nagri

      I will try my best to do the things listed in the post because I need to increase my alexa rank

    • Saket

      If BSA didn’t give so much attention to alexa, i would not have given a shit about it.
      How can You judge a websites popularity just by tracking people who have installed your toolbar?!

    • Technical Tips

      We just go bit ahead and posted 21 Quick Ways to Improve your Alexa Ranking. We currently 604,577 in Global level and 33,743 in India just in 50 days by following these tips.

    • Luis

      This are great tips. Thank you for sharing with us.

    • Business to Business Directory

      nice post,Thanks for sharing resource tips.Its really helpful for me.

    • fullentertainment

      Friend don’t mind i don’t think so it will be increase due to daily posting other things but the main factor is you would increase your traffic then it will increases automatically personal experience.

    • Sue James

      Hi all,
      come across your site while searching a query i have and wondered if you could help please? It is regarding the Alexa traffic graph, i know your site has to be in the ranked below 100,000 to show on the graph but is that global rank or your lowest country ranking. My site is ranked around 640,000 Global and around 20,000 United Kingdom. My site does not show on the graph and i assumed it must be because it has to be below 100,000 Global, however i see U.K sites which are around 190,000 Global and 25,000 U.K and theirs show on the graph. Could anyone shed any light on this for me please.
      Thanks in advance.

    • Ayush

      Nice tip , i will surely follow this tips


    • aatif

      writing review part is new for me i will try to say people to write review

    • Ryan

      Perhaps I’m wrong here…but I thought most webmasters knew Alexa was very inaccurate and not worth considering when estimating the value or traffic of a website? Its my understanding that its based on those that have the toolbar installed and has a significant margin of error in terms of estimating overall traffic. For instance, those that have the alexa bar installed would typically be more tech savvy, and more likely to visit tech related sites. This stuff skews the accuracy.

      • Technical Tips

        I agree with you that Alexa has a very bad algorithm to calculate the ranking of websites. But it still has a value in blogosphere.

    • Tin@ 9ct gold earrings

      Well, I don’t really consider the Alexa Rank even before. But I guess I am wrong after I read your article. And I think I need to do some changes starting today.

    • Kunal

      I found it really hard to understand how can setting up a Alexa Widget and writing for Alexa would improve your page ranking?
      If its so I would start a blog exclusively for Alexa!! and Google too.

      Your post is good but do tell me how can this help?
      I would call it partial on Alexa side (if they do so, I mean if they improve your page rank if your write about them).

      • S.Pradeep Kumar

        I love your Question. But the answer is complicated! : |

        Kunal, keeping Alexa Widget helps Alexa to calculate easily and writing about Alexa will also help your site to get into consideration for some reasons*. Maybe they’ll link to you and send you targeted traffic. πŸ™‚

        • Kunal

          May be Sandeep. But I don't think that Axela will follow this policies. If they do than Axela is not thrust worthy.
          hope if your next post you write about your star marked "some reason*".
          πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

    • Udegbunam Chukwudi

      I got tired of the widget so I just installed the meta tag code in my blog’s header so as to claim my site/blog.

    • Puneet Sahalot

      well.. If that’s all about increasing the Alexa Ranking. It is for sure that this ranking is useless until and unless it’s not genuine. Setting up your site as homepage, then installing toolbars on as many systems as possible.. this all seems to be something “biased”.

    • GoosPoos :: Tech Blog

      Great tips. Alexa is still relevant for blog owners. I think Alexa toolbar is a good try.

    • Vinish Parikh

      My Alexa ranking is not that good. This tips will be really helpful to me

    • Harry

      Alexa depends on many things, like site content should be unique and informative but many people knows alexa for traffic. You describe very well and things are really helpful for me.


    • Programming Tutorials

      Interesting post , I thought that, for example if you rank is 100.000 then you website is the 100.000th website on the net based on the visitors number

    • Nabeel

      well is alexa ranking important or not?

      we all know that alexa ranking can easily be altered by some simple techniques and you can (although not become top 1000!) come to top 100k

      but why shall we still consider or why is alexa still being considered?

      the answer is, if some one even spoofed alexa to have higher alexa rank, it simply shows that they do care about their blog ranking, so this in turn means that they would definitely would have worked on other aspects of their blog too like quality posts and traffic

      • MME Engineering

        Yeah You are right.
        But what do you get from that rank. Who bothers with a alexa rank. Any system that can be Jacked is in my honest opinion not worth your time and effort. The top SEOs all feel alexa is bull shit and I believe them totally.

    • Sydney Property Inspections

      Im not sure why and how using the Alexa toolbar would improve your ranking. There would be no point to the ranking at all if that were the case.

    • hoshi

      okay now i know!

      hmmm so i have to update my site regularly?
      i actually have more posts last month but my stat is continuously dropping down.

      may i’ll juts follow the other option

      thanks for the tips!

    • Directory Sieve

      my alexa ranks are improving too, thanks for the tips, will try to follow them. i still don’t have to alexa widget on the site, am actually waiting for the ranks to improve first πŸ˜› other wise it will look poor to dispaly alexa ranks in lakhs…

    • Blogging + Tech Blog

      Thanks for those tips. Using Alexa toolbar is most effective.

    • Sandeep

      Actually, You are the reason for lowering my Alexa Rank! Pradeep…u simply rokkk!

    • bret@forex cfd

      Great tips! I like it and I want to try it to see if it works for my sites. But I know this will work, i have a great feelings about it! Thanks anyway..
      .-= bret@forex cfd’s last undefined…Response cached until Thu 13 @ 17:40 GMT (Refreshes in 23.88 Hours) =-.

    • William

      thank you for the tips. will be helpful in increasing my new blogs PR and ALEXA rank

    • tleo

      those tips helped me a lot to increse my pagerank

    • Net Age | Web Design

      While Alexa is discounted by many, the bottom line is that their ranking is one of the factors that get considered by most analysts when evaluating the value of an online property, as they are pretty much seen as the most reliable indicator of traffic. Install the toolbar, and set your URL as your homepage, helps, and the more people you have doing this for you, the better. Ask the friends and family to assist, it works a charm.

    • 3rdBrain

      wow what a response to the article and the response is overwhelming.. great πŸ™‚

    • Adrian Swinscoe

      Hi there,
      My first time here. I have using Alexa to track my progress over the last few months. Thanks for your tips as there are a couple of things that I am not doing yet.


    • Matt

      Its a wired and great journey for bloggers and developers. All you have to do is spend plenty of time on internet,blogging etc.. and you’ll come to know how Alexa works.

    • Baloot

      From what I research for my blog Alexa ranking, when your website traffic gets higher in average 3 month, your Alexa also improve. Alexa ranking moves/update every single day.

      When new blog and gets traffic 300-400 every month in 6 month, their Alexa ranking can reach 500,000 to 400,000. That’s not so bad for new blog. Am I right? πŸ™‚
      .-= Baloot’s last blog…10 Tutorial Untuk Website Developer Merekabentuk Blog WordPress =-.

    • TechChunks

      I’m already doing most of these. Hoping to see our Alexa rank improving soon.
      .-= TechChunks’s last blog…If Browsers Were Girls/Women [Infographic] =-.

    • Dev | Technshare

      already done these..tips..
      anyways thanks for the post man..!!
      .-= Dev | Technshare's last blog…<a href="http://www.technshare.com/tips-to-increase-page-rank/">8 Tips to Increase your Google Page Rank</a> =-.

    • Rob @ sfilinkdirectory

      Thanks for the good tips you put up on here. Am in much need of more tips like this so feel free to mail some to me. Am developing a web directory and it seems like these tips will greatly help in promoting it out there in cyberspace and getting the traffic it deserves.

    • Mathew Day

      Great tips, I do most of these already, but I do need to claim my blog. Another way that works for me is to join webmaster forums and network with other members. Many people at these forums usually all have the Alexa toolbar installed. πŸ™‚
      .-= Mathew Day’s last blog…FREE Private-Label Rights Package – 90 Graphics and Templates =-.

    • sudharsan @ technoskillonline

      Another tips:-

      Return visitor from Alexa toolbar will also increase ur Alexa ranks
      .-= sudharsan @ technoskillonline’s last blog…Tips to Boost Pagerank – Next PR update March-April 2010 =-.

    • Sandeep Singh

      I need to implement it !! need a boost to ma rank

    • seo for blogger-money from blogging

      its not good to hear that Alexa give some ranking boost by downloading their tool bar and placing their widget in side bar
      .-= seo for blogger-money from blogging’s last blog…SEO Tips for Blogger and Blogspot =-.

    • sriganesh

      guest what i am getting good result its work now in my blog

    • Kunal

      Thanks for the useful tips to increase alexa rank.

    • Mrpant

      Man i’m worried. My rank 1 mnth ago was 7mil. This is whn i started blogin regular. Now its arnd 1.6million. Too less than 700k of urs when u startd. Ill wrk wid ur tips. Lets see aftr 1 mnth.

    • shahnawaz hossain

      Good article. But I think something is missing there.
      Some time back, I wrote an article on same topic.
      Visit it here http://www.takeme2yourheart.com/2009/12/how-to-improve-alexa-rank-of-your.html and also waiting for your comment.

    • Pubudu Kodikara

      Very useful tips bro…. must try them right away!

    • sernan

      i have already followed some of the tips above and it certainly improved my alexa ranking… from 26 million, its now 1.4 million.. not bad… πŸ™‚

    • Pavan Somu

      Nice information points. I will add a widget now.

    • aks

      cool article. but i guess alexa uses their own algorithms for ranking and i guess your points are useful for it.

    • Pharmacy Tech

      Amazing as always πŸ™‚

    • Bhanu @ HackingArticles

      Well that’s a very nice post. It surely help bloggers improving their Alexa Ranking!

    • Senthil Ramesh

      One more tip. I have had contests in my blog for the last two weeks and I have promoted it. On November 15 my ranking was 900,000+ and now its 362,706.

    • Rajeel

      HI Pradeep,

      Adding the alexa widget to your blog is a great idea. I had done it and seen a lot of improvement in my rankings. But, Alexa rankings are becoming irrelevant nowadays

    • Uttoran Sen

      looks like your alexa rank has further improved a lot, its 49k now and you mentioned 70k in the post, great going, congrats,

      i will follow your methods and see if mine improves, i had also setup my goal for 2009 to enter the 100k alexa rank, but its very unlikely to happen as 2009 has just a month to go, still trying hard,

    • satyabhamasahoo


      Thanks,specially i like this Articles (Tips for increasing your blog’s Alexa rank)

    • Sanjeev

      You have covered some really nice point. Alexa Rating is very much biased but still some advertisers prefer those ratings and these tips will definitely help bloggers increasing their Alexa rating.

    • Rajesh Kanuri

      nice tips.. i want to be in 1,00,000 club soon.. but that is for sheer satisfaction..

    • sandesh

      Nice post, but I do not agree with you. Its the content of your blog which gets you visitor and return visitor which in turn brings you traffic and this helps your ranking.

    • Phaoloo

      Nice and clearly tips! But why Alexa is so easier to improve the rank why Google is harder. So should they judge a site by see Alexa rank?

      • S.Pradeep Kumar

        Hmm.. that’s a legitimate question..

        There is a difference between them… Alexa sees traffic and PR sees backlinks.. so… more traffic good Alexa Rank… more backlinks good PR! πŸ™‚

    • articleresource

      What i say is experience is the only thing which helps in internet.
      You should have experience with internet and alexa so you can understand it.

    • Vivek

      A very useful tips but i do not consider alexa rank as the best one because for this you have to install the alexa toolbar. updating your blog day by day is the best way. But now it becomes a standard to show the alexa rank on blog because it produce a good influence on the visitors you received

      • S.Pradeep Kumar

        I agree with you Vivek.. I don’t depend on Alexa much.. πŸ™‚

        I prefer Technorati and Pagerank more than Alexa.. keen on improving’em.. πŸ˜€

        • Sapan

          I don’t think that u can totally neglect the Alexa rank… these days many of the ad networks see ur Alexa rank before approving your site for ads. Moreover, if u r thinking of going for direct ads, then also this rank will prove to be useful…

          Though we know that it isn’t very important, but still a good number of the netizens feel that a site can be judged by its Alexa rank…

          Just think, if u visit a site/blog and u see the Alexa rank something like 1324, how would u feel ? even if the content isn’t that gr8, u will feel that there must be something in this site as the Alexa rank is gr8 .. πŸ˜‰ what say ??

    • mytheory

      I want to ask something, does alexa toolbar slow the internet speed? I’m just afraid if i installed it on my firefox, my browsing experience become unwell.

      • Sapan

        Hello mytheory,

        I don’t know exactly about the Alexa toolbar and its impact on the browsing experience.

        But I have been using Alexa Sparky, which shows all the details of Alexa ranking of any website… So maybe u can try that. But it is possible that it may not help u to increase your alexa ranking.

        What I would suggest u is that, u already have a decent PR and a good Alexa rank.. So don’t worry much about it. U can give the toolbar a try but if u feel that its making ur browser ‘unwell’, just remove it. looking at ur blog it doesn’t seem that u’ll have any probs… ur rank will keep on increasing consistently… I have noticed that myself.. though my rank is real bad but still, it changes in leaps and bounds..

        • S.Pradeep Kumar

          I agree with Sapan..

          And this toolbar won’t bother your browsing speed buddy… this is up to my experience of using it! πŸ™‚

        • mytheory

          Hello Sapan, thanks for answering my question. Actually, i have installed alexa sparky on my firefox, and it doesn’t slow down my browsing speed. And thanks for you compliment about my blog ranking πŸ™‚

    • Sushant

      yup daily posting has major effect on your alexa rank

    • Mostlyblog

      good post buddy, yes i agree with you

    • FunmusiQ.com

      hi pradeep,

      ya ur article is true,though i am getting traffic my rank is not improving,after ur advice its increasing

    • ben lang

      Great tips, Alexa is so faulty though… it only works based on the toolbar…

    • Tech-Freak Stuff

      I dont really think that it does really matter about claiming the blog or Updating everyday! I only depends on the content you write! If you write technical content you will get a good Alexa rank because people who know about Alexa mostly belong to the Geek category!

      • S.Pradeep Kumar

        I agree with you Rohit! DI, Problogger and many blogs don’t care about Alexa, but still they get good Alexa Rank because of their content.

        But, following some tips like this helps your blog to get updated or pinged easily by Alexa..! πŸ˜‰

    • Sunny Bhasin

      Well thanks for the tips πŸ™‚
      I need some help from you for my theme customization of my blog as i have chosen same theme only ???

    • Marlene

      These tips are new to me. I thought it’s enough with Alexa toolbar. I will definitely follow what you’ve done.

    • Pallab

      In my experience StumbleUpon traffic always has a major positive effect on Alexa rank. So, try to get stumbled. That will really really help.

      • Pradeep

        I think Digg also works for this! πŸ˜€

        Unique title and content always get stumbled ! πŸ˜‰

      • Ashok

        The reason why StumbleUpon and Digg traffic improves Alexa ranks is the fact that many of their users are bloggers themselves and they use Alexa toolbar in their browsers. Therefore, as pointed out by Pradeep in this article, since more people with Alexa toolbar visit your site, your Alexa rank increases. Alexa rank is dependent mainly on the number of people using Alexa toolbar and then visiting a website; it does not depend on your total traffic. This is the reason why blogs that deal with topics meant for other bloggers get good rank in Alexa.

    • George Serradinho

      I have tried my best to update my blog a few times a week to improve my ranking, currently it’s below 100,000. I don’t use the toolbar although many say that I must, just don’t like having extra stuff on my laptop.

    • Fatin Pauzi

      Nice tips. But, I have many blogs and for sure, I can’t set those blogs as homepage. But, other tips would be done and follow up. Thanks! πŸ˜‰

    • crazy blogger

      what’s the use of alexa rank.do it increase the ctr of adsense ads

    • Surender Sharma

      Hi Pradeep,
      Nice tips.But I believe only on frequency of the blog’s update.I update my blog daily and achieved the wonderful Alexa ranking.

    • Anish K.S

      Check regularly, your Alexa, rank, it will help to improve it.

    • Ruchi

      Thanks for great tip . I was not aware of claiming blog on facebook. Really useful post. :).

    • zeesu

      the best trick i think which works is to include the alexa widget on your website.i have seen lots of improvement in the ranking of my website

    • IndianCashMaker

      i do not think writing about ALEXA is a good option…that means we are bribing ALEXA to rank us better and this is not fair

      • S.Pradeep Kumar

        Well.. Tushar .. I didn’t mean like that..

        By writing about Alexa, we are encouraging our readers to use Alexa Toolbar and Widget.. thus, in one way it improves our blog’s rank too! πŸ˜‰

    • nitin

      I like it…..I will tryt those tips to increase Alexa……..

    • SEO Tips for Blogger

      What ?! The alexa ranking is not determined by the traffic of the blog/website ?

    • Sham

      I not doing most of them πŸ™ This is a eye opener for me

    • Suneel

      Good ones there Pradeep. I follow these religiously all the while and my Alexa rank has increased tremendously.

    • Dsheray

      I didn’t know Alexa rank was this important. Thanks!

    • Muhammad Qasim

      very nice tips dude

      • S.Pradeep Kumar

        Glad you liked these tips Muhammad Qasim ! πŸ˜‰

        • Taranfx

          Alexa Rank is totally irrelevant but yes, it does bring Blogger’s attention.
          I can give you 100 Reasons why Alexa is Irrelevant.

          e.g.2 if your blog had great traffic 4 months back, and now it’s not, you will have no credit of that.

          I wrote blog on this that took 1 year of Research: http://www.taranfx.com/alexa-rank-irrelevant-how-alexa-works
          Any kinds of comments are welcome. Let’s dig-out alexa’s reality!

    • sriganesh

      thanks for the post and iam ready for writing review @ the same time i need too for my new blog πŸ™‚ anyone there…. πŸ˜†

    • Amar

      Hey pradeep thanks for these tips, certainly alexa rank is important. I mean I personally get impressed with the sites who have good alexa rank, Point 2 is So True πŸ™‚

    • John Samuel

      Thanks for the tips. Currently I have a good alexa rank but not as good as comparable to you. I think I must write an article on Alexa, according to one of the tips mentioned here

    • Tejaswini

      hmm…I too agree with you, Alexa ranking is day by day becoming a very important stats that measures the success of any website. Hope these Alexa people also create a toolbar for Chrome. May be I would be benefited more. Anyways, this is a good post, thanks for sharing.

      • S.Pradeep Kumar

        Yeah.. hope Google and Alexa makes a discussion about it ! πŸ˜€

        And Internet Techies has got excellent Alexa rank..and the full credits goes to Sanjeev and you ! Kudos … πŸ™‚

      • sureshpeters

        hey tejashwini..there is a some extensions for chrome..recently i installed in chrome

    • How Can I improve my Alexa ranking

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    • mktanny

      You know wat bro ? i need to follow you,coz the last time i was here your ranking was not so good ,but now you are rocking.
      I'll adhere to what you said above.

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