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10 Habits That Can Make You A Better Content Writer


habits content writerEven if you were perfect with writing an essay or composition writing at school and university, it does not mean you are ready to write good and readable content for blogs and websites to please an average reader. We do not want to disappoint you, but good grammar and syntax are not enough for people to love your writing and find it really interesting and useful. When in school, you were able to please separate readers only (your teachers and professors), but when it comes to average readers, other rules and tricks appear. If your plan to write something more than novels or poems (where your feelings and impressions play some role of course), you need to understand one important thing:

What you find great and interesting is NOTHING compared to what a reader needs to find your writing great.

So, what can you do with that? What does a content writer need to create great and inspiring articles? Just try to imagine yourself a reader of your articles and answer the question: “What is in this piece of writing for me?”, “Why should I read it?”, or “What is so catchy in this article for people?”. Keeping that in mind, here we have 10 habits for you to cultivate if you want to become a better content writer. Once they’ve become your habits, the process of high-quality content writing will not seem Greek to you anymore.

1. Evaluate your abilities honestly

Yes, it may hurt your self-esteem much, but you should be honest with yourself and confess that you are a mediocre writer (if you actually are of course). No one can become a great writer if he does not have this talent. If you understand that, you may help others by hiring them to write some content for you. When you see how they write, what tricks they use to attract readers, it may help you understand what a really good content is, and improve your own writing skills in such a way.

2. Wake up early

Try to cultivate a habit of waking up early and start writing while coffee is brewing for example. It will help your head start working and cultivating new ideas.

3. Never think you have nothing to write about

Just write something. Then write something more. When you write, you start thinking, not vice versa. Never tell yourself that you do not know what to write about, what to start a sentence with, and where to get an idea for writing. The process of writing itself will help you here.

4. Write just like you speak

There is no need to think over difficult words, precious language, slang, etc. Do not try to impress your reader with a number of cool words you know, just write your article as if you told it yourself. This is the best way to make others understand you.

5. Write to your Ideal Reader

Focus on those people whom you write your articles to. Just imagine your reader and the benefits he will get from your writing. It will help you reach him and hold his attention.

6. Write a title after your article is finished

Many writers have problems with choosing a good and catchy title for their works. If you are not given any specific title to use, you may write it when the article is ready. Just re-read what you’ve written and sum up it in the title. Make it clear for a reader: he should understand from your title what information he will find if he decides to read your piece of writing.

7. Always finish your drafts

Write as if your dead line is in front of you. Such a habit is a great focus for your mind, and it lets you keep all your work finished.

8. Move!

Many writers think that mental activity is quite enough for them to cultivate new ideas and write better, but it is not true. Do not ignore physical exercises: they help you make your mind and thoughts clear, so, they will start cultivating new ideas faster and more effectively.

9. Live!

Do not shut yourself away from everyone in the name of your writing. Life experience is very important for writers, because it helps us improve our lives, get new knowledge and skills, transform into someone else, and start writing in a different way. Your life experience is a perfect chance to improve yourself not just as a person, but as a writer as well.

10. Beware of perfection

It may sound strange, but your perfectionism can kill your writing. Why? Because it does not let you start! You always think this or that idea is not good enough to write about, you believe that some words are bad to use, some sentences look sloppy, or a title is not eye-catchy enough to use. You do not even imagine how many good ideas were killed by such thoughts. Just write, and you will always have enough time to revise your writing afterwards.

The force of habits may be really powerful. Cultivate those of them that fit you most, and they will become your best weapon to struggle for good content writing. Good luck!


Alex is a blogging enthusiast who does essay writing help which was called the best one by He is also interested in reading, concept gadgets, and social media.

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    • akshayhallur

      Great content Alex.
      I loved reading this post.
      #3 is damn true. When we start thinking of what to write about, we will waste most of our time. It’s a great idea to scribble down whatever flashes to your sporadic mind. Once started, you will be fuelled up.
      #4. Write just like you speak
      Today, there is no difference between written and spoken language. People love to read blog posts that are conversational and interactive. Use of bold and italic tags helped me a lot.
      Thanks for sharing.

    • johnw

      This is the complete guideline for better content writing. Thanks

    • adjustabledumbbellsnet

      yes, i am really touched by this, i really need to cultivate this habit to me a better blogger to m readers and fans. blogging in the night period always makes me think better and calmer.. except when there’s so flying bird noise that just makes me shiver a little.

    • karthik

      Clever post @Alex. I totally agree with your points except the 2nd. Everyone has their own work time and since I’m a night owl, i prefer blogging at night. Just saying 😉

      • alexstrike

        I am a night owl as well, and very often it’s much better for me to work at nights. But I usually do the following: when i come up with some good idea at night, i just write it down in order not to forget, and write an article during a daytime. I just have some schedule to work, that is why I have to work since the very moment. But this is a great chance to do much more than i would do if i woke up after the midday. 😉

    • Jack

      Hi Alex, I liked the point of getting up early. As a child, my father used to wake us up early in the morning to study. He always used to say getting up early gives you time to move ahead of the world. You work when the world sleeps and as a result end up being ahead of others.

      • alexstrike

        Hello Jack!

        This is the most difficult habit for me actually)) i understand, that the earlier I wake up – the more things I will do, but my bed does not want to let me go)) But I am trying anyway! ))

    • James

      Hi Alex, writing the way you personally speak to someone is the mantra working behind achieving a good fan following. The more you make the readers comfortable with your writing, the better will be your relations.

      • alexstrike

        Thank you James! yes, I totally agree with you, and I always try to write the way I would just speak to people. some grammar constructions still remain wrong, but I’m working on that all the time )))

    • Ajay

      The point of Writing a title after finishing the article seems interesting to me. I always decide the title first and write article next. I will try implementing your tip from now.

      • alexstrike

        Just try – sometimes it works really good for me )) When the article is ready, it may be much easier to come up with a really informative and catchy title. as far as i know, some authors even changed the titles of their books after finishing them, as they appeared totally different from what they planned first ))

    • Sai Krishna

      All habits are exactly correct, I worked with many writers and i know how they feel and how they write and their habits too. As you said they wake up earlier and prepare their self for producing creative articles.

      • alexstrike

        Hello sai!

        Thank you for passing by and sharing your somment with us. I am sure, your writers were really good thanks to the right habits they developed to improve their writing skills!

    • Ayan

      Thanks for sharing such a wonderful tips for writers.

      I don’t wanna go too far to call myself “A Writer” but the fact is I’m a blogger. I do write when I get free time and when I’m really feels like to write.

      What I experienced about writing is that it needs lot of cool mind and fresh air. Means if you sit all day at home and try to write something interesting, it will not be that easy. But apart from sitting home, if you go out, see the world, interact with people, surely your mind will be fresh enough to come up with some very interesting writing ideas.

      What you think guy?

      • alexstrike

        hello Ayan!

        Thanks for comment!

        Yes, I totally agree with you, because I have an experience of sitting all day in the office and trying to come up with great writing ideas, though it was not easy to do of course, as I needed some things to get the inspiration from)) and an office is not a very creative place for it, as far as you understand. people, nature, music, animals… all this can really help you write better and come up with very creative ideas for your writing

    • Shahnawaz

      Good Read,But i personally feel that every one has a different way to write content .

      • alexstrike

        hello Shahnawaz!

        Thank you for your comment. Yes, you are right, every content writer has his own methods to improve his writing skills. we all are different, and different things inspire and work for us. I just try to mention some general things here, that would work for the majority of us )))

    • Faizan

      Awesome article thanks for sharing.

    • Robert William

      Hi Alex, content writing is all ways lazy things for me, its very boring to write a good content for my website, any time i think about how to make content writing easy and interesting, i read your article. and its very nice. thanks for make it interesting.

      • alexstrike

        Hello Robert!

        Nooooo, writing can’t be boring for those who like the process itself )) Certainly, not all of us are Stephen Kings, or Oscar Wildes )) I am glad to know that you find my article interesting, and I hope it will help you change your mind about writing in general))

        All the best,

    • disha20sharma

      hmm seriously this is nice article to be a Better Content Writer. I love all points of these wonderful article. I love & appreciate this “Always finish your drafts” this is the more unique point to well understand & be a Better Content Writer.

      • alexstrike

        Thank you very much for passing by and sharing your thoughts with us! i am glad to know that you liked my piece of writing!

        Cheers! 🙂

    • Vasya Postranski

      Honestly I’m poor in writing I have a blog but I hired content writer. But will try your tips and hope it helps. Thanks for sharing this.

      • alexstrike

        You are always welcome, Vasya! I am afraid, that your content writer will lose his job soon (( 😉

    • Aniruddha

      Nice article .. the way it has been written indeed depict habit of writing quality 😛

      • alexstrike

        Thank you very much for your words)) This is a great honour for me to hear this from my readers 🙂

        All the best!


    • Arup Ghosh

      Recently I am having trouble to write new contents for my blog and I have no idea about recovering from this condition. I’ll surely try give a try to your tips.
      Hope those will help me to recover.

    • sameer bille

      Hi alex,
      Nice tips about writing.Content writing is very important in blogging. You share very good tips indeed,you should have to believe on yourself and have to write unique artical.and proper planning and time management is also very important in writing.

      • alexstrike

        Hello Sameer!

        Thank you for your comment! As an author, I am happy to know that you liked my article and found its content quite useful for you.


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