10 Habits That Can Make You A Better Content Writer

habits content writerEven if you were perfect with writing an essay or composition writing at school and university, it does not mean you are ready to write good and readable content for blogs and websites to please an average reader. We do not want to disappoint you, but good grammar and syntax are not enough for people to love your writing and find it really interesting and useful. When in school, you were able to please separate readers only (your teachers and professors), but when it comes to average readers, other rules and tricks appear. If your plan to write something more than novels or poems (where your feelings and impressions play some role of course), you need to understand one important thing:

What you find great and interesting is NOTHING compared to what a reader needs to find your writing great.

So, what can you do with that? What does a content writer need to create great and inspiring articles? Just try to imagine yourself a reader of your articles and answer the question: “What is in this piece of writing for me?”, “Why should I read it?”, or “What is so catchy in this article for people?”. Keeping that in mind, here we have 10 habits for you to cultivate if you want to become a better content writer. Once they’ve become your habits, the process of high-quality content writing will not seem Greek to you anymore.

1. Evaluate your abilities honestly

Yes, it may hurt your self-esteem much, but you should be honest with yourself and confess that you are a mediocre writer (if you actually are of course). No one can become a great writer if he does not have this talent. If you understand that, you may help others by hiring them to write some content for you. When you see how they write, what tricks they use to attract readers, it may help you understand what a really good content is, and improve your own writing skills in such a way.

2. Wake up early

Try to cultivate a habit of waking up early and start writing while coffee is brewing for example. It will help your head start working and cultivating new ideas.

3. Never think you have nothing to write about

Just write something. Then write something more. When you write, you start thinking, not vice versa. Never tell yourself that you do not know what to write about, what to start a sentence with, and where to get an idea for writing. The process of writing itself will help you here.

4. Write just like you speak

There is no need to think over difficult words, precious language, slang, etc. Do not try to impress your reader with a number of cool words you know, just write your article as if you told it yourself. This is the best way to make others understand you.

5. Write to your Ideal Reader

Focus on those people whom you write your articles to. Just imagine your reader and the benefits he will get from your writing. It will help you reach him and hold his attention.

6. Write a title after your article is finished

Many writers have problems with choosing a good and catchy title for their works. If you are not given any specific title to use, you may write it when the article is ready. Just re-read what you’ve written and sum up it in the title. Make it clear for a reader: he should understand from your title what information he will find if he decides to read your piece of writing.

7. Always finish your drafts

Write as if your dead line is in front of you. Such a habit is a great focus for your mind, and it lets you keep all your work finished.

8. Move!

Many writers think that mental activity is quite enough for them to cultivate new ideas and write better, but it is not true. Do not ignore physical exercises: they help you make your mind and thoughts clear, so, they will start cultivating new ideas faster and more effectively.

9. Live!

Do not shut yourself away from everyone in the name of your writing. Life experience is very important for writers, because it helps us improve our lives, get new knowledge and skills, transform into someone else, and start writing in a different way. Your life experience is a perfect chance to improve yourself not just as a person, but as a writer as well.

10. Beware of perfection

It may sound strange, but your perfectionism can kill your writing. Why? Because it does not let you start! You always think this or that idea is not good enough to write about, you believe that some words are bad to use, some sentences look sloppy, or a title is not eye-catchy enough to use. You do not even imagine how many good ideas were killed by such thoughts. Just write, and you will always have enough time to revise your writing afterwards.

The force of habits may be really powerful. Cultivate those of them that fit you most, and they will become your best weapon to struggle for good content writing. Good luck!

5 Main Things For Every Blogger To Remember

things blogger rememberSo, you’ve decided to join the bloggers community and start your own blog. That’s great, let me congratulate you with this really wonderful decision! But for this decision to become right and profitable, let me share 5 main things every blogger should remember before starting a blog. Try to accept the following things, and you will definitely become one of the best bloggers on the web!

1. Be yourself no matter what they say

Many newbies understand that a blog is their personal territory but still don’t play their own rules there. Very often we try to do everything for our readers to consider us clever, intelligent, and serious. Remember: never try to seem someone you are actually not. Your readers will understand your sham with your every new publication, and they will feel you are trying to cheat them. Believe me, any audience will accept such an attitude.

If you’re not itself at your blog, you’ll thrust it on a slow and painful death. Therefore, all your efforts to seem who you really are not is nothing but a dead end and a path to self-destruction.

Moreover, it often happens that newbies (and not just newbies actually) are afraid to express their own opinions because some readers may judge it in comments, write something unpleasant, etc. Here I can tell you the following: no matter what you write on your blog, there will always be people who disagree with you. If you write for many people it’s impossible to avoid that! The question is “How bad it is for your blog?”

It’s not bad at all! Here is the advice from Donald Trump: if you see that someone disagrees with your opinion, just ask yourself two following questions:

  • Should this opinion matter for you in general?
  • If yes, then what benefits can you gain from it?

So, don’t be afraid of critics, write what you think and don’t care about unfounded attacks on your address.

2. Be yourself but don’t go too far!

First of all, despite the fact you need to make friends with your audience, showing yourself in all glory, there are things that your readers should not necessarily know. To publish your phone number or address of your apartment on your blog doesn’t seem to be a good idea. Or personal pictures taken by your spouse when you took a bath… The main idea is caught here, I suppose?

You must learn to distinguish information the publication of which will do you good from the one that you should not tell to a wide audience.

We speak not only about your blog’s success and your personal reputation among readers and subscribers. Your personal safety also matters. Therefore, remove the rose-colored glasses, keep your distance and do not make your private information public, try to identify whom to share this or that information with.

3. Telling about a person in your post, never call his real name

Very often bloggers like telling about not only themselves but other people too. There is nothing bad or criminal with it, but you should be very careful if you decided to do that.

First of all, never call real names of the people you talk about. The exception is if those people asked you to do this. But if they didn’t let you use their names in your blog, please, don’t do that, as it can cause many problems to deal with. Do you need that? It’s better to write about yourself, as you will be responsible only to yourself and your readers, but not any third persons.

Do not be like a cheap tabloid.

4. Keep all your publications fresh.

Perhaps, the best thing you can do for the good of your blog and its readers is to maintain the freshness of the information published on it constantly. Simply speaking, your blog should be regularly updated with new material.

Certainly no one requires you to publish a new content five times a day. Just update your blog REGULARLY. Your readers should get used to the fact that (for example) 3 times a week you post a new material on your blog. Then they will keep coming back there with interest to study the content. You will make your blog be a real brand like this!

5. Practice your blogging for free.

Yes, you need to perform your blog professionally if you want to create a good entrepreneurial blog that will have well-deserved commercial success. A paid hosting and a second-level domain name will be perfect for this aim. But you should understand that you need some training before you start working on a professional tool, and you can easily manage it for free.

There is a big variety of services on the network which allow you to start your blog within 5-7 minutes. You can easily find it via your search engine. Such free blog platforms can be a very good place to practice in Blogging.

So, now you know the five most important things every new blogger should remember. Just don’t forget about them when you decide to start your own commercial website, and you will always be good in it!