10 Habits That Can Make You A Better Content Writer

habits content writerEven if you were perfect with writing an essay or composition writing at school and university, it does not mean you are ready to write good and readable content for blogs and websites to please an average reader. We do not want to disappoint you, but good grammar and syntax are not enough for people to love your writing and find it really interesting and useful. When in school, you were able to please separate readers only (your teachers and professors), but when it comes to average readers, other rules and tricks appear. If your plan to write something more than novels or poems (where your feelings and impressions play some role of course), you need to understand one important thing:

What you find great and interesting is NOTHING compared to what a reader needs to find your writing great.

So, what can you do with that? What does a content writer need to create great and inspiring articles? Just try to imagine yourself a reader of your articles and answer the question: “What is in this piece of writing for me?”, “Why should I read it?”, or “What is so catchy in this article for people?”. Keeping that in mind, here we have 10 habits for you to cultivate if you want to become a better content writer. Once they’ve become your habits, the process of high-quality content writing will not seem Greek to you anymore.

1. Evaluate your abilities honestly

Yes, it may hurt your self-esteem much, but you should be honest with yourself and confess that you are a mediocre writer (if you actually are of course). No one can become a great writer if he does not have this talent. If you understand that, you may help others by hiring them to write some content for you. When you see how they write, what tricks they use to attract readers, it may help you understand what a really good content is, and improve your own writing skills in such a way.

2. Wake up early

Try to cultivate a habit of waking up early and start writing while coffee is brewing for example. It will help your head start working and cultivating new ideas.

3. Never think you have nothing to write about

Just write something. Then write something more. When you write, you start thinking, not vice versa. Never tell yourself that you do not know what to write about, what to start a sentence with, and where to get an idea for writing. The process of writing itself will help you here.

4. Write just like you speak

There is no need to think over difficult words, precious language, slang, etc. Do not try to impress your reader with a number of cool words you know, just write your article as if you told it yourself. This is the best way to make others understand you.

5. Write to your Ideal Reader

Focus on those people whom you write your articles to. Just imagine your reader and the benefits he will get from your writing. It will help you reach him and hold his attention.

6. Write a title after your article is finished

Many writers have problems with choosing a good and catchy title for their works. If you are not given any specific title to use, you may write it when the article is ready. Just re-read what you’ve written and sum up it in the title. Make it clear for a reader: he should understand from your title what information he will find if he decides to read your piece of writing.

7. Always finish your drafts

Write as if your dead line is in front of you. Such a habit is a great focus for your mind, and it lets you keep all your work finished.

8. Move!

Many writers think that mental activity is quite enough for them to cultivate new ideas and write better, but it is not true. Do not ignore physical exercises: they help you make your mind and thoughts clear, so, they will start cultivating new ideas faster and more effectively.

9. Live!

Do not shut yourself away from everyone in the name of your writing. Life experience is very important for writers, because it helps us improve our lives, get new knowledge and skills, transform into someone else, and start writing in a different way. Your life experience is a perfect chance to improve yourself not just as a person, but as a writer as well.

10. Beware of perfection

It may sound strange, but your perfectionism can kill your writing. Why? Because it does not let you start! You always think this or that idea is not good enough to write about, you believe that some words are bad to use, some sentences look sloppy, or a title is not eye-catchy enough to use. You do not even imagine how many good ideas were killed by such thoughts. Just write, and you will always have enough time to revise your writing afterwards.

The force of habits may be really powerful. Cultivate those of them that fit you most, and they will become your best weapon to struggle for good content writing. Good luck!

5 Content Writing Rules that You Must Follow

Content WritingDo you feel that you have a flair for writing?

Are you able to consistently write on different topics without any hesitations?

If the answers of these 2 questions are “Yes”, then I must say that you are a good writer. But you able to find lots of good writers like you who can paddle up their pen to write down their valuable thoughts in their daily diary.

Being a good writer doesn’t means that you can write a better web content. Because web content writing is different aspects and enrolls lots of factor to consider about then any other forms of writing.

Content writing for web is completely different from any other writings that are used in printing media. The most important factor that differentiates web content writing from other writing source is that people reads web content to find solution for their problem or for growing their knowledge tree more rapidly and widely. If your web content doesn’t fits in the readers requirement list they just easily going to shut your blog or site without doing anything on your site.

So you have to write web content in a very engaging and attractive manner that people will fall in love with your written words. So they are not easily able to press the back button of their browser. If you are blogger or content writer then you must know that in online world content is everything and how you write and present your content can change the whole game.

To be a successful blogger and web content writer we all need some blogging help and content writing help, and today I’m going to help you by telling you 5 insanely awesome content writing rule that will help you to write better web content and also give you a proper impression of web content writing style that you can follow to move on.

1. Write For Your Audience

Always think before you pick up your pen to start writing about your thoughts, that this thought (content) is related to my blog audience or they are going to like it or not. Because if your blog readers are not showing any interest on reading your written content then what’s the use of writing that contents.

So it’s better to have the impression about what types of content your blog reader’s wants and likes to read so you can craft your thoughts to write those types of content. If you don’t have any impression that what types of content your blog readers wants then there are lots of tactics that you can use to know what your blog reader wants like post poll.  Just showcase 5 titles of your upcoming blogging articles and ask which one they like to read first and most. This will help you to increase the user engagement on your blog as well as create suspense in your blog readers mind that what this blog post is going to contain.

So if you want to write better web content then the first Golden rule to follow is “Always Write For Your blog or Website audience (Readers)”

2. Keep it simple

People don’t have dictionary while they are reading your web content or your blog post so that they can easily find the meaning of all those complicated words that you have used in your content. Or no one likes to put their effort in searching or finding the meaning of your complicated written words.

People like to read uncomplicated and easy to understand web content. Because in online world people want all information quickly and easily. So if your content has some complication in it then just everybody going to bounce upon your content and visit next website to get the info. So it’s better to stick with simple words to tell the whole story or write your whole blogging article.

3. Stick A Pic

An image helps us to grab the attention of people and makes them to think why you used this image for this blog post or web content, and to know more they start reading your blogging article or web content.  By sticking a conceptual image to your content piece you can skyrocket the numbers of people reads your content. Like if you are writing content about how you can boost your blogging income then you must stick a picture like a person who is struggling for money and finally gets it.

You can check this : 40+ Websites For Copyright And Royalty Free Photos

4. Stuck With The Main Point

Whenever you pick up your pen to start writing any content you have a main point that you want to clear by your whole content like I’m writing this blog post to tell you how you can improve your web content writing by following this 5 simple rules.

Same like this you may be writing a content to tell how you can boost your blogging income or on any other topic. But in the end make sure that your whole content tells the same story that you wants to tell with your content because lots of time when writer starts writing on something else and ends on something else because so many reasons but the 2 main reasons are riding too much on off topic stories and less focused with your main point.  And you know what that this type of content in online world has its special place and the place is well known by the name of content dustbin. So make sure your words represent the main story that you want them to represent.

5. In The End Test Your Content Pie

According to me web content writers and bloggers must follow the one habit of food chef. They test their cooked food in the end to know how it tests and the customers are going to like it or not. So same like a food chef you also read your written content after it gets completed to know that how it tests and your readers are going to like it or not.

Reading your content by yourself also helps you to short out some small problems that impacts on your writing in bigger amount like spelling mistakes , uses of its and it’s, then and than etc… so it’s better to test your content by yourself to know how you write and what your writing style and how you can improve it…

So here I rest my case of telling you 5 insanely awesome web content writing rules that will help you to boost your writing skills. Now it’s your turn to share this post with your entire social media network, so all your fellow friends are able to take advantage of it. You can also try a new kind of content writing services on WebThePensters.


This article has been written by Sarvesh. If you need some blogging help in writing blogging articles, generating traffic for your blog then do contact him.

5 Tips To Market Your Content Effectively

Content writing is the best way to educate your customers about your latest products. It is also a great way to stay connected with your clients and feed them with new information or new development regarding your business. So, you need to market your content the right way, to ensure that it reaches a wide audience. Here are 5 simple tips to market your content effectively.

Content Marketing

Consistency in Quality and Quantity

You should continuously create and update new content for your site on a regular basis. It is common knowledge that search engines prefer new content more than the older ones. So, if you want people to be aware of your product then creating newer contents would always help them get to you easily.

But, make sure that the content you produce is of good quality and interests the readers to know more about your products. Your content should be useful and meaningful. Creating large amount of senseless content would be a waste both for you and your clients as no one would like to read them through. Hence, you should have a right balance between quality and quantity.


There are billions of people who use the search engines to look up their particular items of interest. This means that there are specific segments of users who would like to invest in products similar to yours. So, you should investigate the exact keywords that these people put into the search engines to look up the products.

There are several free internet tools such as Google‘s Keyword Tools and Search.twitter.com that inform you about the people’s search preferences. You can even take the help of Web analytics to know which keywords would bring in more customers to your site. So, use these keywords effectively into your content writings and see a boost in your business.

Optmize content for search engines

Content that is optimized for search engines has a specific keyword density (among other things) that helps it to get ranked for those keywords. If the keyword density lies between 2.5% to 3% that’s good. An excess of keyword sprinkling will make it look like spam.

So, don’t overdo SEO while writing great value content to bag a top position in the search engine results. Hence, once you know about the targeted keywords you can easily spin your article around them and make thematically rich content for your readers.

Share Tips

People love to know more about the particular product/service/niche in which they would like to invest. So, share useful and insightful materials with them. You can also include some good advice and tips to use the products in a better manner.

The tips should be genuine and related to the product that you sell. It should have the capacity to solve your client’s problems or have an enhancement in the quality of their lives. This is a great way to build up trust in your followers who would come back to you again and again in the hope of gaining some more valuable information from you.

So, do your homework right. Do adequate research work and then offer your customers some well written content.

Subtle Approach

Instead of directly selling your products, do a subtle approach. Inform you clients about the various benefits associated with that merchandise. You can also subtly show them how this product can make a great change in their lives.

If you inform them about certain benefits of the product which they were not aware of before, then this would help them to gain more trust in your company and you. Hence, go for subtle promotions instead of direct thrust marketing.

With the help of these simple marketing tips you can make your articles reach more number of people with less effort and in less time. It might be hard for you to carry out these tips initially, but once you practice things will become as easy as breeze.