HOW TO: Get Your Photos Featured On Yahoo! News

Yahoo News - You Witness NewsNeedless to say, Yahoo! News is one of the most popular news aggregators out there. If you want your snaps/photographs to get exposure and famous, then you can try Yahoo! News for sure.

It gives more opportunity for photographers and journalists to get exposure. If you want your photos to be considered on Yahoo! News, then you can try your best through You Witness News (Of Yahoo! News).

You can submit photos through their partner Flickr for consideration on Yahoo! News. But, yes, they have some decent rules and conditions which are mentioned below. Earlier I shared a resource list for photographers to earn money by selling their photos.

You Witness News

Required Photos [What You Should Submit]

  • Submit Photos that you have captured yourself.
  • Submit photos that are timely.

Not Required Photos [You Should Not Submit Them]

  • Copyrighted photos you did not take.
  • Photos containing nudity or graphic violence.
  • Photos taken weeks ago.
  • Photos that harms yourself or others.

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I’m going to split this process into two :

#1 – Uploading and formatting your photos for Submission.

#2 – Submitting your photos to “You Witness News” section.

Uploading And Formatting Your Photos For Submission

#1 – Upload to Flickr : Upload photos which you wish to submit to You Witness News to your Photostream.

#2 – Privacy : Check the “Public” button under “Set Privacy”.

#3 – Submission : Now go your Photostream; Click on the photo you want to submit.

You’ll need to add specific information for each photo so we can verify and use your photos. You will need to include the below information for every photo you submit to us.

If you don’t fill in these fields, they won’t consider your photos for use.

In the right column, you’ll see some settings. Follow these steps:

  • “All rights reserved” is the default setting for photos. We can only accept photos tagged as “All rights reserved”.
  • Be sure “Anyone can see this photo”.
  • Click “Add to your map.” You must enter the location where this photo was taken; we can’t use it if you don’t add this info.
  • On the map page, enter the location in the search box (or you can navigate using the map). Once you select the correct location, click “Save to Map,” and close the map window.
  • Check the date next to “Taken on” to be sure it’s correct. If not, click Edit.
  • Click “Edit title, description and tags”. Please enter an appropriate title and 1-sentence description of event. Add relevant tags if you like. Save the changes.

Submitting Photos To “You Witness News”

#1 – Join You Witness News Flickr group. Make sure you read the rules and terms for that group.

#2 – After joining, click “Add photos or video” at top of the group page.

Note : As of now, Yahoo! News is not accepting videos, only photos are accepted.

#3 – Select the photo(s) you wish to submit – be sure they’re labeled according to instructions above – and click “Add to Group.” NOTE: Adding your photos to the You Witness News group means you are giving permission for Yahoo! News to use those photos in the manner described below, in Permission and Representations.

#4 – Once submitted, their photo editors will review. If accepted, you’ll see your photos on the You Witness News slideshow at Yahoo! News, and maybe, accompanying a breaking news event!

After joining the You Witness Group, submit photos from your Photostream. Remember that the terms you agree to when you join the Group apply to all photos you subsequently submit to the Group.

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  1. this same thing is available under iWitness [NDTV iphone/ipod app] . take a picture and upload directly to them ..

  2. Thanks Pradeep for the interesting tip. Never thought of featuring my photos on yahoo news but i will surely give it a shot after reading your article.


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