Yahoo Messenger 11 Beta Now Available For Download

Yahoo finally released the new beta version of their most popular Instant Messaging Software — Yahoo Messenger. This new beta version allows you to play games with friends including several popular ones from Zynga. Yahoo! Messenger is an instant messaging client and associated protocol provided by Yahoo!

Yahoo Messenger Beta 11 screenshot

Yahoo recently partnered with Zynga to bring their popular Farmville game to Yahoo Network. This beta version will also contain other popular games of Zynga such as Fishville and Mafia Wars. You can also manage all your social networks (including Twitter and Facebook) from one place.

Download Yahoo Messenger 11 Beta Version [here]

Yahoo Launches Zombie Game — Shambling Hordes

Halloween TreatYahoo!, one of the most popular search engines, launched a cool zombie game that teaches the principles of economics. The game is called Shambling Hordes, and it was developed by the team from Yahoo! Labs. I think this is for Halloween, a treat from Yahoo!.

Build an army of zombies and battle other players to claim your territories. ShamblingHordes is a game between two players that takes place on a map of countries. Each player has a home base where they can produce a number of zombies to form a team in each round. The more zombies a player produces, the more territory they control.

Players can challenge each other for control of a territory through battle, in which each player distributes a number of zombies across a set of locations. A player wins a location by having the most zombies at that location and wins a battle by winning a majority of the locations. There is no random chance at all in the outcome; ShamblingHordes is completely a game of skill.

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HOW TO: Get Your Photos Featured On Yahoo! News

Yahoo News - You Witness NewsNeedless to say, Yahoo! News is one of the most popular news aggregators out there. If you want your snaps/photographs to get exposure and famous, then you can try Yahoo! News for sure.

It gives more opportunity for photographers and journalists to get exposure. If you want your photos to be considered on Yahoo! News, then you can try your best through You Witness News (Of Yahoo! News).

You can submit photos through their partner Flickr for consideration on Yahoo! News. But, yes, they have some decent rules and conditions which are mentioned below. Earlier I shared a resource list for photographers to earn money by selling their photos.

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HOW TO: Get Your Site Featured On Yahoo! News

Yahoo! NewsYahoo! News is one of the most popular news aggregators out there. It gets millions of visitors now and then, and it will be great if your site gets a place there.

Think about the traffic and huge exposure. Yahoo! News works almost similar to Google News and Techmeme. Main stories, which you can see on front page, are generated by content partners indeed.

Also check my articles on getting featured series — Google News and Techmeme.

Getting Featured On Yahoo! News [Basic]

Below I mentioned 4 simple steps to make Yahoo! aware about your site/blog. That will be a great step for achieving this feat.

#1 – Submit Your Site : Make sure your blog/site is indexed by Yahoo! properly. If not, then submit your site URL to Yahoo! search engine.

#2 – Yahoo! Directory : You can actually suggest a site to get listed in Yahoo! Directory — The large scale directory of the Internet., though am not sure whether this one is really useful, still nothing wrong in trying this. 🙂

#3 – Yahoo! Site Explorer : Site Explorer allows you to explore all the web pages indexed by Yahoo! Search. View the most popular pages from any site, dive into a comprehensive site map, and find pages that link to that site or any page. Add your site/blog there.

#4 – Yahoo! News Source Form : Yahoo! likes to have your opinions too. Just fill this form and make sure you satisfy Yahoo! with all your answers and sources. Finally if your blog is approved/accepted, they’ll contact you.

Getting Featured On Yahoo! News [Tips]

You don’t need to work so hard to get featured, instead just follow the normal rules. I already mentioned those tips on getting featured on Google News and Techmeme articles. Below I mentioned 3 common tips for getting featured.

  • Original Content : Unless your content is unique and SEO friendly, you can’t get featured. Also avoid duplicate posts.
  • Multi-Authored : It will be great if your blog has more than one or two authors. For this, enable Guest Blogging on your blog.
  • Response Time : Your pages should index and load quickly.

Do you know any other tips for getting featured on Yahoo! News? Share the tips in the comments. Meanwhile, if you want further tips (quickly) subscribe to our feeds.