3 Out Of The Crowd Ways To Get Your Comments Noticed

Blog commenting has taken a totally different route since it is started to be considered as a link building technique (thanks to the CommentLuv plugin!).

As people have started building links via comments there are hundreds and hundreds of comments invading the blogosphere every second

Most bloggers receive a lot of comments on their blogs and out of those comments only some of them are genuine others are building links

In this crowded blogosphere where everyone is busy building links for the search engines if you need to take help of comments to quench your thirst about any particular topic and you make a comment, there are high chances that your comment will get lost in those crowded comments

If you notice a blogger who receives a lot of comments on his blog, he doesn’t replies to most of them. The blogger will look for a person who actually needs his help and will reply to that comment only

Get Noticed!

The bloggers tries his best to solve every issue among his readers but he often leaves some of them

If you want to get the admin’s reply on your comment then you need to make it outstanding, you need to make it different so that the admin notices it in the first look and can’t stop himself from replying to your comment

In this post we are going to such more tips to help you get your genuine comments noticed among those hundreds of link building comments.

1. Make it Long

This is the thing that works on every admin, the more text you write the more space it covers on the webpage and those big comments often catch attention of the admin and he thinks

“This guy has a lot to say, let me have a read”

Once he reads your comment he surely will reply to your comment if you have a genuine concern or question

But when you try out this tip you need to keep this thing in mind that you should make your comment as valuable as you can because however long your comment is if it is filled with useless text and crap it will become a more worse case which we call as a spam

And you don’t want your comment to land in the spam box, do you?

2. Highlight the important text using HTML

This tip is useful if the blog you are commenting on is using the default WordPress comment system or is based on blogspot because as far as I know no other comment system allows you to use HTML in comments

This is a beneficial tip because most people don’t use HTML in comments and if you use it then the admin will be able to notice your comment in the crowd

If you notice, most comment systems have a small line below the comment box which says you can use clean HTML in your comments

That is the point I want you to keep in mind is the you should only use clean HTML means if you add a lot of code it will make your comment look like a spam and most bloggers won’t approve your comment

So now let me tell you what kind of codes you should use so that you can kill the snake without breaking your stick I mean you can make your comment attractive without making it look like spam

Use the Bold tag

Just enclose your question or just the important part of your comment within the <b> tag


<b> important text </b>

Use the italics tag

Just enclose the important part of the text you want to highlight within the <i> tag


<i> important text </i>

Use the underline tag

Just enclose your question or important part of your comment within the <u> tag


<u> important part of your comment </u>

Use the Blockquote tag

This is my favorite tip, you can add quotes in your comment to make it interesting and attractive but if you add quote normally it won’t be easily noticeable

All you need to do is just add your quote within the <blockquote> tag


<blockquote> the quote you want to add </blockquote>

The third tip I would love to give you is…

3. Make it interesting and don’t just connect with the admin

This is a nice tip to get your comments noticed, if you make your comment interesting in such a way the one who reads it feels like replying to your comment then you are actually doing the best trick of the above

Most of us ask our queries to the admin and if you want to make it noticeable then ask the question to his readers, some of the people who read a post will continue reading the comments too and if one even one of them finds your comment interesting then he will reply to your comment

If the admin sees that a comment has a reply from one of his readers then he will notice the discussion

Or more better instead of making other reply to your comment you can try replying to someone’s un replied comment. This will firstly make your comment noticeable by the admin and secondly you will make relations with one his readers too (the person whom you replied too).


I am not asking you to act desperate all I want to say is, you know that Blogging is all about building relations and for building relations it is important to interact. The above tips will help you interact with more and more people using comments and will also boost your trust factor or reputation in the blogosphere to a little extent

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And If you want to try out any of these tips then consider this post as your test ground and try out the above mention tips by Commenting below with your feedback on this post and inspire me to create more such pieces

10 thoughts on “3 Out Of The Crowd Ways To Get Your Comments Noticed”

  1. Excellent post @ Nishant…commenting is the best way to link building. Another advantage of commenting is to build the relation between the bloggers. Nice One Keep it up 🙂 🙂

  2. Excellent tips, i have never really thought about formatting the comments, will definitely try it.

    One thing about the comments though, if you recognize the gravatar or the name, you will get more brand value out of it. It takes time to build, but in the longer run, it is very helpful.

  3. These are easy but effective steps to get attraction from rush of comments. All these three steps are very easy and important, with the help of using these steps we can easily get attention from hundreds of comments but one thing every commentator should keep in mind that never present your comment as spam.

    • Hi Lawrance

      Making a valuable comment without making it look like spam should be the first priority of a reader because every blogger hates spam and it really makes one angry when he sees lots of comments in the spambox when he logs in to his blog every morning

      Thanks for commenting 🙂

  4. Blog commenting is the best way to do in link building as well as you can learn many things about new tactics of online marketing.

  5. OF course, link building is one benefit of blog commenting, but the primary cause should be for building relationships with fellow bloggers, which is far more important than merely building links.

    • Hi Samantha

      Yeah, I agree with you that the primary reason fro blog commenting should be building relations because links may lose their value with time but the relations never will


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