Get Quality Organic Backlinks As You Start A Blog

According to Matt from Google Anti Spam Team, there are many soft ways to get back links as you start a blog. It need not be gray hat methods to spam others blog with comments that link back to your site or just blast your links on Twitter, Facebook and Orkut Communities. Well these methods do evolve from time to time but nothing more can beat than creating quality content for your readers. It is the best way that reads link back to you from their blogs and can be the best way to get organic back links .


Here are few tricks to get quality back links and increase google page rank:

  1. Join forums and answer to people’s queries. Your participation bring users interest to know more about you and your blogs content. This essentially doesn’t mean you have to spam the forums with your links. Users are more receptive to interesting content than spam.
  2. Do original research before you write something. A first hand experience helps a lot when you are answering queries. Say for example there is something out on the web like Google DNS. You can do a thorough research and find how Google DNS is better than OPEN DNS or the DNS of your ISP and why should you consider using that. These reviews and tips brings general interest of the user and considerably easy to read and spread awareness.
  3. Find where users  spend their time. If they spend time on Facebook or Myspace, consider getting to know them and their interest. Join them and let them know what you have to offer them exactly by knowing what they are looking for.
  4. Run a service that people find useful. Release Free Products like ebooks, Firefox Extensions, Chrome Extensions, WordPress Plugins. If your services are good people will come to you to try things out and you get quality traffic and even some links.
  5. Create videos. This makes it easier for the users to watch it at any point and get a lot of value out of it.
  6. Create an easy site structure for both Google and users to read your site and find it easily. Most blogs or websites miss these things and hence don’t get the attentions they should be getting otherwise. You can get my help to get your WordPress blog structured and SEO optimized.

9 thoughts on “Get Quality Organic Backlinks As You Start A Blog”

  1. Most important point you shared is “Create an easy site structure” many bloggers and webmasters neglect this point therefore they didn’t get good response from users or visitors. You are right that there are many ways to get easy, organic and ethical backlinks such as social media sites. Every blogger should concentrate on these method and ways to get better response.

  2. Hi Sourish ,

    Thanks for sharing this article , you have mentioned some good points here. I think for the when who is entering into the blogging the best way to get easy backlinks is by commenting on same niche , bookmarkings , plus submitting some good articles to article submission site or web2.0 sites.

  3. I am agree with the points. If we are creating content that is useful for a wide range of readers, you will surely get lots of backlinks naturally.

  4. I am totally agree with you that we always think about how to stick engage to users with us with good website structure.

  5. Creating quality content that people want to link to is always the key. If you are not providing value to others, then you might as well just quit the blogging in the first place. Find something that separates you from your competitors. You always need to have that one thing that everyone else needs. If you can find that, then you will be just fine.

  6. Amazing article, thanks for sharing Sourish and thanks to Pradeep !
    I found for new ways to make backlinks to my newer blogs, and this will definitely help me out.


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