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HOW TO: Find Back-Link Opportunities Inside Google


Google is an amazing place to not only use as a search engine but to find back-links. Google makes it as easy as pie for you to find some sites where you can comment on. You can find sites ranging from .com to .edu ones. It is truly great that Google lets you do this. Lets begin shall we?

First things first make sure you are at If you aren’t go there now. Next click on the search bar and insert one of the search terms I am going to provide you below:

    Google Backlinks

  • inurl:blog
  • inurl:forum
  • inurl:blog
  • inurl:forum
  • inurl:blog “post a comment”
  • intitle:add+url “keyword phrase”
  • intitle:submit+site “keyword phrase”
  • intitle:submit+url “keyword phrase”
  • intitle:add+site “keyword phrase”
  • intitle:add+your+site “keyword phrase”
  • intitle:directory “keyword phrase”
  • intitle:list “keyword phrase”
  • intitle:sites “keyword phrase”

If you look carefully at the codes above each one does something different. Some let you find edu sites, others filter sites to only appear with your predetermined keyword.

Once you have selected a code and edited it with your own keyword phrase click Search.

Go one by one through each of the sites and post a comment on them. Every comment gives you an extra back-link.

Over time this really adds up and your search engine rankings will improve. Its been proven!

Guest Blogging: So Why Should You Care?

Go out and try some of the codes above out. Use Google other than a search engine but a back-link opportunity.

This article is written by Edwin. He is a blogger and tech enthusiast. He blogs at Guide Goods HQ where he posts awesome computer tips for you to read.



Edwin is a blogger and tech enthusiast. He blogs at Guide Goods where he posts awesome computer tips for you to read. Like him on Facebook today!

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    • Avatar

      Rick Johnson

      Excellent information, I have found many good sites to comment on now. We all need as many backlinks as possible. Good stuff Hellbound Bloggers!

    • Avatar

      Rob Mayer

      Hi Edwin,

      FINALLY someone that is really helping! I was kind of not sure if I should buy a software to find those sites, fortunatly I have found you first 😉 lol!

      The gurus always say “you NEED this or that” of software they sell to find sites to backlink, with the search terms you are giving us will be as easy as 123.

      Thanks a million … now I have to work lol


    • Avatar


      This will definitely help Link Building and some good backlinks from .edu sites which are very useful. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Avatar


      Thanks I'm going to try this out

    • Avatar


      We can simply locate the desired sites to build our links with google search engine system.
      There are lots of code existing to make positive we got what we need
      You enclose shared a very attractive thing about Google search.

    • Avatar


      Google not only search engine it is now a earning site also.
      It is advertisers site and free e-mail site .

    • Avatar

      Derek Jansen

      Thanks for the great list Edwin. These short codes will really help save time when it comes to blog commenting. Keep up the great work.

    • Avatar

      Derek Jansen

      Great list Edwin. This takes a lot of time out of the traditional blog searching method 🙂 Keep up the great posts.

    • Avatar


      The tips of who to search a proper blogs and site are absolutely fantastic especially if you are using some automated software tools to economize the time

    • Avatar

      shyam jos

      really great post dude,
      easiest way to explore new blogs to comment

    • Avatar

      Jan Smith

      What a handy list of ways to get some good backlinks. Thank you for the info and for sharing. I liked your site so much that I have already added you to my rss list and believe me, there aren’t too many there!

      Finding good info sprinkled amongst the fluff makes subscribing to your list a REAL no-brainer (I hope using that expression doesn’t make you cringe too much ?) 🙂

    • Avatar


      Never thought about it in this way…Thanks for letting know. Nice post will try it out soon. I am sure it will help my SEo drive a lot.

    • Avatar


      Good tactics, but consumes time to find the proper blogs.

    • Avatar

      Vijayraj Reddy

      this is great trick, i have found some sites, thx for sharing…

    • Avatar

      Priya @ Goa Carnival

      Hi Edwin,

      Really nice post and I was not aware about these searching codes. Now I’m going to try these out for getting quality backlinks.

    • Avatar

      richa kanodia

      Thanks.. I didnt know this.. I will check it out…

    • Avatar

      Rakesh Kumar

      This is easier step i have seen to find back-links through Google. Thanks

    • Avatar


      Very useful information Edwin 🙂 . I would like to share with you all a way to find comment luv enabled blogs. type your niche & “title=”CommentLuv Enabled” in google


    • Avatar

      Ravi Reddy

      Ya Good To learn About This

    • Avatar

      Jason@Make Beats

      Hey Edwin,

      I'm actually planning on looking for some more back-link opportunities so I couldn't have found this blog post at a better time. A few of these codes look familiar to me because I already use them myself. However, I had no clue there were so many you could use to search in Google. Thanks a lot for the codes I plan on using them today.

    • Avatar


      You have shared a very interesting thing about Google search.

    • Avatar


      Yeah, we can easily find the needed sites to build our links by using google search engine code. There are many code available to make sure we got what we need.

    • Avatar

      Rohit Batra @ IpodTouch4G

      Nice Share Edwin.. Google is really helpful in finding what we are looking for..

    • Avatar

      Tuan@Online Technology News

      This way doesn’t work well as most of them are no follow sites.

    • Avatar


      I hope it works well for my Blog too. Thanks!

    • Avatar

      Rajan Balana @ Gadgets Reviews

      Hey, I was not aware about this trick, will give it a try today only. 🙂

    • Avatar

      Ankit kumar

      hey thanks for sharing.

    • Avatar

      Anoop Sudhakaran

      I too love Google Dorks!!
      You can not only find blogs but anything you want with the help of dorks!

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