3 Reasons Why I Hate the Term “Content Is King”

content is not kingWho don’t heard the term “content is king” before?

Please stop saying it, tired of hearing it all over the blogosphere.

I’m sorry but that doesn’t make any sense to me. Who made up this crazyness among the bloggers? I have never seen any blogger write about how we should make the content into King, but still we use the same term.

Is really content the King?

No way!! You can’t succeed in blogging by having only content. Agree?

Okay come along with me, I will show you what ingredients are really required and how you can make your blog a success by ditching content is King myth.

There are 3 major factors that people are forgetting.

  1. Network
  2. Design

  3. Traffic

Without having the above three things can it really possible for anyone to make money blogging?

1. Network

Do you know what makes a blogger more popular?

By being everywhere. 

Inter”Net” + “Work” to build relationships = Great results!

Network is the key to success.

What do you say?

But we are forgetting to build connections with other bloggers. Most of us putting more efforts on creating only the content. Yes, in the early stage of blogging, one should focus on creating great content. But, they also should focus on networking and making relationships with others.

“You build, they will come” is just a dream.

You have to shout out and work hard to let others know about your content. Without building a network around your blog it’s impossible for you to take your blog to the next level.

Best ways to build a network:

  • Actively participate in related forums.
  • Guest posting.
  • Regular blog commenting.
  • Using Social Media to build connections.

Now don’t get me wrong. You can’t do all these things at once, but you can do them alternatively. Start being everywhere by reading and commenting on other blogs. Later increase your popularity by guest blogging, joining the forums etc.

2. Design

If content is King, design is his queen!

And queen should always look sexy 😉

Generally custom design is better than the free themes.


Using a free theme is so easy, but it’s also easier to walk away from your blog! Because most of the bloggers already using the same free themes and you can’t create a good impression on your blog when someone visits.

2 simple ways to make your design more better:

  • Hire a professional to design your site
  • Buy a premium theme like Genesis or Thesis, and customize it yourself

If you know nothing about coding, there are so many videos and tutorials out there to do this. And you can always use the child themes if you don’t want to touch the code!

Note: Always make sure to test your blog in different browsers. Use this tool do that. It’s always better to find your blog’s design mistakes before your visitors or readers do.

3. Traffic

The best quote I ever heard about driving traffic to any site is this..

Try to stick with one traffic source at a time.

Let me tell you more clearly.

If you focus on every traffic source, you might not get the desired results. Know your best traffic source first, is it Facebook? Twitter or search engines?

Then concentrate more on bringing more traffic from them.

It’s always better to drive traffic from search engines, also called “organic traffic”. Because it’s free, effective and can generate better results in the long run.

So optimize your blog posts to the search engines, include relevant images, tags and keywords to better optimize your content. But don’t do keyword stuffing by using relevant keywords too often and making your content indigestible for the readers.

Conclusion: Content becomes King only when you have the above 3 things. Without having them, even if you have great content, you can’t build a better blog.

Over to you

Have I missed anything in this post? Do share your views, I would be glad to respond to your comments.

Track Your Site’s Popularity “In and With” Pinterest

When it comes to Social Media Marketing, most of the bloggers are mostly obsessed in getting to know their site’s popularity in each of the big social network out there. If you a Social Media freak, you might have noticed that Pinterest, though launched two years back or so, has now been making revolution by generating millions and millions of visits each day. Thanks to Facebook for it’s Timeline integration. Earlier we shared 10 B2B Strategies To Win With Pinterest. Now here is a ultra cool tip that will help you to track how much people “Pin” images from your site and in turn how much it drives traffic to your site.

If you might have noticed, Pinterest has a ultra cool URL format that will help you to see how much “Pins” are made from a particular site. If you type the following URL “http://pinterest.com/source/website.com” in the address bar and hit Enter, the page will load showing the list of “Pins” made by various users of Pinterest, from your website.

A Look Into A Sample

As of now, hitting the URL “http://pinterest.com/source/axleration.com” will show all the “Pins” made by the Pinterest users right from the Axleration site. Take a look at the image below. You can see that the URL section reads “http://pinterest.com/source/axleration.com/” and below lie the list of “Pins” made from the Axleration site. You can scroll the whole way down and you can take a look at all the “Pins” made from the site with the “Pin It” button that Pinterst provides for “Pinning” images and videos from any site.

Pinterest Source

Few Tips Worth Knowing While Using This Tool

You can use this tool to track the number of visits you get from Pinterest and get to know the your site’s presence in the world of Pinterest.

A few things to keep in mind while you use this tool :

  • With this tool, you can see only the original “Pins” made by the users. It neglects the number of “Repins” made by the users. To know the number of “Repins” too, you ought to click the image and below lies the “Repins” count.
  • Pinterest neglects the “www” section of the domain name. Typing the domain name with the “www” section would give a 404 error, which in turn does not revert you with the “Pins” made from your site.
  • This tool’s algorithm gives a different result when you search for a particular subdomain. If you search for “Pins” from http://pinterest.com/source/subdomain.maindomain.com“, it could vary from the results of the original site, that’s http://pinterest.com/source/website.com“. So, do check for each subdomain to know more about your site’s presence on Pinterest.

With these tips in your mind, you can make sure to get know your site’s online presence on Pinterest and how much it has been driving traffic to your site. Also, make sure to follow those users who have “Pinned” content from your website, to get to know more about them. Sharing is caring, right? Go ahead and check out those users and friend them.

5 Tips to Turn Everyday Traffic to Loyal Followers

Loyal ReadersThe World Wide Web continues to grow at a dizzying rate everyday. Getting readers to notice your blog and keeping them coming back is becoming more and more difficult. But if you’re new to blogging, don’t despair. Everybody has to start somewhere. Try these tips and you’ll surely breathe some new life into your blog.

1. Reply to comments and don’t just ignore e-mails

Having a blog is a personal way of communicating to the rest of the world, at least to those parts that have internet access. Communication is a two-way street and could not happen if you’re not responding to comments and e-mails that they send. Replying to these make them feel more valued and will make it easier for them to spread the news of how great a blogger you are.

2. Post it, tweet it, and spread the news

Getting more traffic is all about connecting to as many people as possible. And what better to reach out to audiences than to post it on Social Media. Post your blog updates on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. Your friends can significantly increase the blog visits that you get. Use Twitter and put a hash tag on your entry’s keywords. This way, your tweet will be visible to all users worldwide.

3. Don’t just share your blog—share yourself

You might think that people are just interested in the latest trending topics. You might be tempted to blog mostly about the hottest news in your niche. This may get you in the mainstream but does not show much about your personal side. A lot of successful bloggers write about personal topics: silly, serious and funny stuff. By opening their personal side, they are able to establish a more personal relationship with their readers.

4. Throw away some freebies

Everybody loves free stuff. Giving freebies rewards loyal readers and attract more to your doorstep. E-books, blog themes, and coupons are just some of the freebies that you can easily give without breaking the bank. Subscriber’s love being pampered and appreciated so if there’s something you could pull out from that magic hat, then throw it your readers’ way.

5. Join blogger parties

Spend some time outside your desktop. Bloggers are entitled to a personal life and blogger parties are some of the most fun activities you can join in. These occasions can also be your opportunity to meet fellow bloggers and readers. You can invite your most loyal readers and reward them a great time for giving life to your blog. Remember, it does not have to be a wild college party. A simple, quiet gathering will do the job.

Learn, Why You Should Attend Blogger Meetups

This article is written by Suzzane Edwards, a financial advisor. When she’s not writing, she could be found online browsing.

5 Simple Free Traffic Examples for Startups

Startup TrafficOften in the digital marketing community there are posts on where to build links, how to build links and what sort of links we should be building. This is quite often discussed whilst forgetting what the purpose of link building should be, to generate traffic to your site.

So today we’re going to be running through 5 examples of how you can generate quality traffic to your site for free, all it will cost you is a little bit of time and perhaps a few well placed business cards.

This list is in no way exhaustive, and some of which you may well already be implementing as it’s designed for start-ups or those new to online marketing.

1. Google Products

Google Products/Shopping Results/Base/Froogle which ever you like to call it is the handy shopping results that appear in Google natural listings, or you can access it by hitting more on Google’s top navigation bar.

It’s for these reasons why Google Products is the world’s most popular price comparison site and it’s about to be your favourite price comparison site as well, because its free.

All you need to do is head over to Google Merchant Centre, setup an account, upload your product feed; and hey presto you’ll be advertising on Google Products.

2. Social Media Sites

If you and you’re business aren’t on any of the Social Media sites, it begs the question why?

Being able to directly interact with your customers on a daily basis is a brilliant way of creating brand loyalty. However be careful to use social media to add value to your customers rather than constantly update them with your new products!

3. Guest Posting

Guest posting can be a powerful tool in your arsenal, the premise behind this is generating useful content for relevant 3rd parties so they will feature your post.

How does this generate traffic? In return for giving other people good (really good) content that their reader’s will want to read, most sites will link back to you via an author bio.

This bio and link allows you to engage active communities that would wouldn’t otherwise be able to and get your face, brand, product known by a whole new group of potential visitors.

Despite what you might think this is actually a very good source of getting new quality traffic to your site, In fact I was introduced to this site by their guest posts elsewhere and have become a regular reader.

4. Brand Ambassadors

Creating brand ambassadors is in my mind one of the most important things you can do as an online marketer/business owner. It’s not a complex idea and hopefully you may be already doing this.

Firstly what is a brand ambassador? (this is not a BA) What I mean by brand ambassador is someone who is likely to tell others about how awesome your brand/product/service is.

So how do we go about creating these individuals? Don’t worry like charity this start’s at home, your family & friends will be your first brand ambassadors.

Arm them with Comp slips or business cards (they’re really cheap, honest!) ask them to give them out to all their friends, colleagues, hairdresser, whoever they have contact with on a daily, weekly basis. They will be more than happy to help you, trust me.

This method will allow you to penetrate into circles that would otherwise have taken thousands of pounds worth of advertising to infiltrate.

5. Outreach

Hopefully you’ve got a product or service that solves a particular problem, therefore its more than likely that people online will be talking about this particular issue that your product or service resolves.

So head over to the search engine of your choice and find these people, give them helpful insightful answers and link to your site, whilst you’re doing it.

I hope that you’ve found this post somewhat useful, if you’ve got any other brilliant idea’s then please don’t hesitate to leave a comment!


This article is written by Chris Stott. He is a part of the online marketing team at FindMySupplies. He is specialized in SEO and PPC. If you wish to write for us, kindly check this.

3 Simple Ways To Generate Traffic From Old Blog Posts

Old PostsBlogging can serve myriad purposes for just about any website. For small businesses, in particular, blogging can not only help you generate traffic but also educate your customers. If you own a B2B website and are blogging for quite some time now, there must be many of your posts buried in your archives.

Google loves fresh data, which is why content generation is a regular practice. But instead of writing new content, you can use your old blog posts to generate more traffic. In order to do so, you will need to recycle or revive your older posts. There are many ways to recycle your old posts some of the ways to revive and recycle old posts will be discussed here.

1. Rewrite the post

There are lots of things you can do to old posts. One thing you can do is to rewrite the post while changing its body, style and context. You can also update your post with recent developments if it is some kind of news or information.

The main thing that you need to review in your old post is the title. No matter what kind of trading business you own, the title of your blog posts does not have to be boring. You can make the title catchy, witty or ironic – whatever you make of it, it should look interesting. The reason behind this is that the online readers are not the same as the traditional newspaper readers and their attention span is very little. If you fail to impress them within the first few seconds, you lose your readers.

Besides the title, the post you are going to rewrite should also have some substance. There is no use of rewriting the post if it contains outdated information that is not even interesting. To entice readers, rewrite the post in a funny, ironic and interesting style. Once the readers get addicted to your tone and style of writing then they become your permanent readers.

2. Submit to Article submission sites

After making necessary changes, you can rewrite and convert your blog posts into articles and submit them to different article submission directories. There are a lot of benefits of doing this as submission sites have higher page ranks and are frequently updated. These frequently updated sites receive more recognition since search engines love fresh content. One of the benefits of article submission is linkback. You can use your articles to redirect traffic to your website.

3. Convert to PDF format

Another way of putting your blog posts to good use is by converting them into PDF format. The benefit of doing so is that you will not need to change anything since there are no repercussions of posting duplicate content if it’s in PDF format because the spider cannot access the content within the PDF file. You can also submit these PDF files to free e-book directories and for free publicity. Moreover, you can also sell the PDF file to generate extra income which will cost you nothing.

So what are you waiting for? Stop procrastinating and browse through your blog archives today and locate some of your best posts and recycle them to give your business a new client base.

This article is written by Susan Smith. She is a wholesale trade and B2B marketing expert. She writes on the topics related to online wholesale businesses.

Analyze Keyword Traffic Using Google Analytics

Analyzing keyword traffic of your blog or a website on daily basis is a really good habit. It would be great if you could do that on monthly and yearly basis (which is quite possible). Analyzing your traffic can help you in many different ways, one of the greatest advantage is that it allow you to keep track of things that are happening around your blog. It also shows the trends for the important keywords that fetch traffic to your blog or website. So, in this article, I’m gonna tell you, how you can compare the search engine keyword traffic generated by your blog on daily basis.

STEP1: Login to your Google Analytics Account and click on the Account Name you want to track.

GA Accounts

STEP2: Under website profiles page, click on View report.

GA - Profiles

STEP3: Just below the right hand corner you should find monthly date range as shown in the following screenshot. Now, click on the small triangle.

Advanced Segments

STEP4: Now, check the check box that says, “compare to past” and select the date ranges and click on apply. This should take you to a new dashboard.

Advanced Segments All Visits

STEP5: On the new dashboard, look for “Traffic Source Overview” and click on “View Report”.

Traffic Source Overview

STEP6: Now, scroll down the bottom to find “Top Traffic Sources”. Under that, you should find two sections. One is “Sources” the other is the “Keywords”. Scroll down to the end of the “Keywords” section and click on “view full report”.
That’s all, you are done. You can now compare keyword traffic generated by search engines for your blog based on the dates you specified in the initial stages.

HOW TO: Find Back-Link Opportunities Inside Google

Google is an amazing place to not only use as a search engine but to find back-links. Google makes it as easy as pie for you to find some sites where you can comment on. You can find sites ranging from .com to .edu ones. It is truly great that Google lets you do this. Lets begin shall we?

First things first make sure you are at Google.com. If you aren’t go there now. Next click on the search bar and insert one of the search terms I am going to provide you below:

    Google Backlinks

  • site:.edu inurl:blog
  • site:.edu inurl:forum
  • site:.gov inurl:blog
  • site:.gov inurl:forum
  • site:.gov inurl:blog “post a comment”
  • intitle:add+url “keyword phrase”
  • intitle:submit+site “keyword phrase”
  • intitle:submit+url “keyword phrase”
  • intitle:add+site “keyword phrase”
  • intitle:add+your+site “keyword phrase”
  • intitle:directory “keyword phrase”
  • intitle:list “keyword phrase”
  • intitle:sites “keyword phrase”

If you look carefully at the codes above each one does something different. Some let you find edu sites, others filter sites to only appear with your predetermined keyword.

Once you have selected a code and edited it with your own keyword phrase click Search.

Go one by one through each of the sites and post a comment on them. Every comment gives you an extra back-link.

Over time this really adds up and your search engine rankings will improve. Its been proven!

Go out and try some of the codes above out. Use Google other than a search engine but a back-link opportunity.

This article is written by Edwin. He is a blogger and tech enthusiast. He blogs at Guide Goods HQ where he posts awesome computer tips for you to read.

HOW TO: Get Your Free SEO Report Within Minutes

Paying heavily for SEO services that don’t even reveal much? Not satisfied with free SEO services? Jeremy Schoemaker has a solution for FREE. For people who are not aware about Schoemaker, which is really rare, he is one of the most popular bloggers with high authority.

Schoemaker is the guy behind Shoemoney.com and other networks. His new venture FreeSEOReport is what we are talking about.


This service gives us free detailed SEO Report. You will get the SEO Report in PDF format. This PDF report contains detailed analysis and gives you relevant solutions too. You can also see general suggestions nearby.

How To Get Your Free Report In 3 Easy Steps

You can easily get your free SEO report within minutes through three easy steps. Just enter some of your details & next minute you will get your report on your email.

#1 – First Step : Enter your blog or website URL here.

Enter Your Blog URL

#2 – Second Step : Enter your desired keyword(s) here. You will get the report which tells you whether your blog is optimized for these keywords and also gives general suggestions.

#3 – Third Step : Now you need to enter your Email address to receive the free SEO report!

I checked some keywords for my blog and found it useful. Try FreeSEOReport and seriously you won’t regret considering the fact that this service is FREE.

What Really These Cheap Traffic Offers Are? Scam Or Not?

Like you, I tried most of the so-called guaranteed traffic sources out there. But I’ll just speak about few of them now, some of the most obvious ones. I am sure you will recognize at least one if not all. Even some of them can be labeled scam.

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Cheap Traffic Offers#1 – Traffic Exchanges

Don’t waste your time and money. Whether bees or alligators or whatever logo is used. Whether free or paid services you rarely get good results. That is because each one of those members is looking for the same thing like you…BUYERS.

#2 – Blast Your Ad To 1,000,000 Opt Ins

Blast all you want…nobody reads the ads.

#3 – Email 10,000s At The Push Of A Button

If I were you I would stay away from this one because you might get sued for spamming or even worse than that.

#4 – Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is not so bad. You will see some good results after a while. If you can stomach all those emails in your inbox from other viral members, then go for it. Though it is not suitable for me.

#5 – Guaranteed Signups

The companies tell you that these are people who have not been paid to signup to your program and that they are people who are looking to start an online business. If that is the case, then out of 25 signups, all are from the same US city, state and even same area code.

Furthermore, a group at a time sign up right behind each other. For example 3:01pm, 3:02pm or 3:03pm. And none of them clicked on the confirmation email. This type of practice has scam written all over it. There are too many traffic systems in cyber space to count. Some are scams and some genuine. Some even promise you to give 10K visits. But how do we know that we really get 10K visitors? Furthermore, If we do, they just stop by and go somewhere else. They do not purchase anything.

While reviewing this article I discovered that not everything is lost. Let’s not cry over spilled milk. The best low cost means of getting quality traffic, that I know of, is article submission. You are marketing to people who are interested in your product and to people who will buy your product. Some home businesses come with a free article submitter.

If you are not comfortable with writing your own articles, they will show you where and how to get your article written and submitted. Whether you write and submit the articles yourself or have them done for you, you can work from home and earn a substantial income using most affiliate programs.

Working Hard — But Still No Traffic Towards Your BLOG?

Blog TrafficIf you are of the view that pulling content daily on your blog and optimizing is key to your success, then you might be wrong, pulling a bunch of garbage daily on your blog is nothing BUT a great loss indeed.

The main thing you need is to submit quality content that really Google loves, because blogging is the only better way to communicate with your clients/friends etc.

These days people thinking that blog with nothing but a bunch of garbage which are totally unrelated to your business or niche of blog will help you get success. They just thought to pull a lot of content in blog no matter if it is duplicated as well, and interlink them just to get loved by Google, which is never possible thing.

People mainly rely on their blog design which is really not important, what important is unique fresh content and link juice towards your blog. BUT if you are facing all those problems mentioned above below are some tips you must follow to get out of it, try to go through them carefully.

Unique and Valuable Content

As stated million times before that valuable content is just everything what we want, just keep focus on what you are writing about and give proper solution to your readers, because now a days people are finding for some quick tips. Like if someone need information about what you are typing he/she will give you time and try to learn from you, so don’t disappoint by making your post irrelevant.

You Might Consider reading this as well : Tips for writing a great Blog Post

SEO — The King

Rather then writing unique content you must also inform Search Engine spiders that you are existing in the world, by doing some basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your blog. For this you first need unique content, because duplicate content is the most hated thing by Search Engines. But don’t try to be over smart by adding too many use less keywords because it will dis appoint your reader if your content is not for them.

You might consider reading this as well : How TO: Choose A SEO Optimized Domain Name

Post Consistently

Posting frequently does not mean that you pull garbage in your blog, try to write articles in your niche daily or most probably 3 times a week. Because Google always love freshness, and when you are loved by Google, you are done achieving your destination. So, try to post daily (not garbage but unique content).