7 Simple Ways You Can Play With Social Media On Valentine’s Day

Social Media LoveThis year people are going to celebrate their Valentine’s Day more socially. People are taking full advantage of all that and social media has to offer to build on their special relationships. How Social media and Valentine’s Day land up on the same page. Both Valentine’s Day and Social media are about relationships. Here are some reasons that got them on the same page.

Social media is about building new relationships around what you are passionate about like if you have passion about Questions then Quora would be right place to build your relationships similarly. If like shopping then you might build your relationships with new people or your friends on ShopSocially or Blippy. Valentine’s Day is about paying attention to relationships and strengthening relationship bonds.

Here how you can use Social media help for Valentine’s Day.

#1 – If you are confused about what to do for your Valentine’s Day go ask your Facebook friends about it on  Facebook questions or try asking this question on Quora.

#2 – If you are confused what gift to buy for your Valentine’s Day you can try ShopSocially or Esty .

#3 – You can plan your travel date just try out Gogobot or try Yelp.

#4 – You can also check out Groupon for some great discounts.

Here are some fun gifts and gift ideas for your sweetheart using social media.

#5 – Create a personalized Facebook ad. You can create an ad that will only be seen by one user. You can make it as special as you want without any fear that you are sharing it with the whole world.

#6 – Upload a karaoke cover of your song on YouTube. It will be considered very romantic if you sing a song for your sweetheart in a room full of people. In fact, in this case, you will be singing in front of the entire World Wide Web.

#7 – Schedule new @replies by the hour through your twitter client send a new reason for loving him or her every hour for 24 hours. You can set it all up in advance in your Twitter client will automatically do magic for you.

With social media continuing to be a networking and economic giant, nobody will be left with a bad Valentine’s Day gift this year. Whether you love or hate the holiday,  You should definitely take advantage of social media this Valentine’s Day. And just spread the love around.

This guest article is written by Vipul Kalia. He is an Electronics Engineer, Travel Blogger and Striving Entrepreneur and a Photographer who loves to ride.

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  1. Oh my! I see that Valentine's Day is fast approaching. I really don't think that all people in the world like Valentine's but I'm sure that there would be the time they'll like it too. In spite all of that, Valentine's is such a fancy holiday. The time to show your love and affection to your special someone, to give roses and chocolates, and the time to love one another. Mixed with Social Media, I think the Valentine's day of lovers would be easier than any Valentine's that had come.

    I really appreciate the tips given here and I like the most is #3, because I really like going to far places with my special someone. Valentine's is the perfect day for us. Advice such as these, may really help those who's in need of ideas for Valentine's.


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