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5 Great Features For A WordPress Newsletter Plugin


WordPress NewsletterWordPress newsletter plugins are the easiest way to launch a newsletter. However, not all plugins are made equal and when you are choosing which plugin to get, you need to know what matters most. Here are 5 features that are a must for any good WordPress newsletter plugin.

1. Easy to Use, Yet Flexible Opt-in Form

Any newsletter starts with its subscribers. Because of this, you would want an easy to use, yet flexible opt-in form that attracts users to your newsletter rather than scare them away. On the other hand, there are separate opt-in form plugins, so if the WordPress newsletter plugin you have picked has all the other features but its opt-in form isn’t exactly what you like, you can get both plugins and use them in tandem.

2. Reliability and Easy of Use

Unlike the situation in the first paragraph, when reliability and easy of use are concerned, there is no place for compromise. If the plugin crashes every now and then, this will cause you way too much trouble. Similarly, if its installation, configuration, and day-to-day operation is rocket science, this will cause you so much frustration that you will regret you have launched a newsletter.

3. Many and Good Newsletter Templates

The newsletter template you will be using for your newsletter can make or break your campaigns. You can always find third-party newsletter templates but they aren’t always compatible with the plugin of your choice. This is why it is only good, if the WordPress newsletter plugin you have picked comes with an impressive collection of templates. The next best thing is to to allow customization options, so you can make the minor changes you will need to make the template exactly to your liking.

4. Tracking and Monitoring Features

You will never know if you are successful or not, if you don’t track and monitor the performance of your newsletter. Some of the best WordPress newsletter plugins include newsletter analytics but don’t accept this for granted and check if the one you have picked does. Open rate and conversion rate are two of the common parameters to keep an eye on but there are also many others.

5. A Fair Price

Finally, one of the key decision factors for the choice of one or another WordPress newsletter plugin is its price. While there are free WordPress newsletter plugins that offer almost anything you need for a newsletter, there are also many high-end ones that cost really a lot and aren’t necessarily much better. In between come the $20-50 ones and those that are $100 or so but include a multisite license. You need to search a bit and find your price range.

When you know what features matter most in a WordPress newsletter plugin and you know where to find comparisons of the best WordPress newsletter plugins, it isn’t hard to make your choice. Of course, these 5 features on this list aren’t the only features you can expect from a newsletter plugin but they are the essential ones you absolutely need.

This article is written by Mark. He works for Ada, a Blogger Relations Manager at WinkPress – a site dedicated to WordPress, its themes, and plugins. If you wish to write for us, kindly check this.


Ada is the Blogger Relations Manager at WinkPress – a site dedicated to WordPress, its themes, and plugins. If you want to learn more about what WordPress newsletter plugins are available and how to use them, check our site.

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    • Saksham Talwar

      I have used some WordPress Newsletter plugins and my favorites are Maxblogpress Subscribers Magnet & Newsletter Booster. I've also tried some free ones which you can find here – http://www.bloggingjunction.com/wordpress-newsletter-plugins/ (you can remove the link if you want) or unlink it 🙂

    • Imran Soudagar

      Thanks for sharing. Will try this plugin on my blog.

    • kim

      I can recommend our own plugin, called Wysija.

      We launched it recently to offer a fast and easy alternative to the current solutions out there. It's essentially dummy proof, and in case anything goes wrong, we're here to help.

      Check us out, we come in free and premium flavors:

    • Alicia

      I have not used any newsletter plugin before, but your tips are great and very helpful. Thanks for the sharing.

    • chandan

      WordPress newsletter plugin is one awesome plugin. I use this plugin for one of tech blog to send newsletter.

    • Ashok

      Would have been happier if the author had also given a list of the free plugins for this purpose which are good in his opinion.

      • ada


        Here is a page dedicated to WP newsletter plugins: http://winkpress.com/newsletter/. Those that are free, this is mentioned. Actually, many of them are free and quite decent in functionality. They are all good but it depends on what you want and how technical you are, so I can't say which one is best for you.

    • Raj

      I don't like the pop-up plugins that ask readers to sign up for a newsletter. Especially the ones that come before someone starts reading the blog…

      • ada

        Almost any WordPress opt-in plugin can be configured to display at various times, not only when a user lands but I guess many webmasters don't bother to do it, despite that these popups do irritate users and the worst is that they aren't doing a good job in attracting subscribers either.

    • Jordan Xiong@closeout wholesale

      WordPress newsletter plugins are very interesting. This is really a nice option for launching a newsletter. WordPress plugins are the easiest way to launch a newsletter. Agree with you these are userfriendly. Starting your newsletter then WordPress plugins will really very much beneficial for beginners. Thanks for your post!

    • Jasmine

      WordPress newsletter plugin should be a good plugin to add to my blog, what do you think?

    • Manish

      Hey thanks for sharing a great features. Newsletter plugin must be properly selected and then only it should be updated on wordpress to get the better and positive results.

    • Prabhakaran

      I hope it ll be essential for newsletter subscription, and gonna try in my blog 🙂

    • manoj

      can u suggest one

    • ada

      WordPress newsletter plugins are really a great option because they are less hassle to set, have sufficient options, and don't cost a fortune. As for recommendations, it is hard to say which ones are best for everybody but generally speaking, Tribulant Newsletter, WP Autoresponder, and Satollo's Newsletter are the greatest ones. You can check our comparison at http://winkpress.com/newsletter/ and see which plugins have the options you need.

    • aatif

      never used any plugin like that . think to get one which one you recommend ?

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