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5 Free Thesis Alternatives for Beginners



So, coming to self hosted WordPress is actually a decision to be proud of. But, do you need to use a premium theme as soon as you start Blogging. My answer would be to wait and try some free themes. Just becuase you will have an idea of what kind of theme to purchase and use later in the future. Here are some themes that you can use as free thesis alternative for your blog.

While, I’m also a newbie. I would suggest all those new bloggers to try out some free thesis alternative and actually think about what kind of theme should they buy.

Thesis is one of the best themes ever released and used. The thesis theme have almost all the features that can take you days to enhance. But, what if you don’t have that much of money and want to know how does it feels and some of the looks of the thesis theme. We have an idea, why don’t you try these non-paid but still OK themes on your start-up blog. So, here we go. You can enhance these themes whenever you like by the CSS. But, as we all know, you will be later provided with a page with options to edit the theme if you like.

1. Swift theme

Swift Themes

Swift theme is a magazine style theme and very much useful. It already have a pre-embedded slider which allows you to show posts, as a slideshow. Earlier published on this blog, a post tells you about the premium swift theme. But, there is also a free one.

[Download Swift Theme]

2.Niche WP


This theme is launched by a tech Blog Niche Wp. It is the fastest of all themes and loads your blog pretty fast, but you still need to capture the eyes of other by some modifications to the theme. For example, you can change the hover colors and the

[Download NicheWP Theme]



The Techmaish theme was also launched by a personal blog and have a great look just like you can see in the Thesis themes. You don’t need to enhance it more as it is already very modified.

[Download Techmaish theme]

4.Mantra theme

Mantra theme

The mantra theme is the best of these all with a pre-provided menu to change the settings of the theme. You don’t have to touch the CSS in this theme as it provides with it’s own menu to do that.

[Download Mantra Theme]

5.Techpad theme

Techpad theme

The theme is very good looking and allows you to display your niche correctly among others. One of the chief features of this theme is that it is free and still very useful.

[Download Techpad theme].

I don’t say that these themes are the best. But, hey! they don’t cost you a penny. And as our elders tell us to have some experience about what we are going to buy. We would tell you to try them a bit, then getting some experience from these thesis alternatives, you will have the idea of which one to buy. And an experience about needs, more than just looks.

Please leave a comment of which one would you use if you were a newbie. Thanks for reading and keep coming 🙂

This article is written by Aman Singh. He is a blogger, loves to read and addicted to write. He currently blogs at blogogeek. If you wish to write for us, kindly check this.


I am a blogger,love to read and addicted to write. I believe that you cannot earn from a venture if you are not ready to invest. I currently blog at SEO Insiter Web Solutions. You can follow me @amansinghseo. Earlier, i didn't believe, you can even sell broken iPhone.

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    • Fussedblogger

      In alternative to thesis i find Studiopress for my new blog. I’m not too good at coding so, I’ve chosen studiopress to design my blog.

    • Lakhyajyoti

      Great collection.I have been using Techmaish theme in one of my wordpress blog for last few months.The theme comes with lots of admin friendly features.

    • Nizam

      Excellent alternatives to thesis for newbies. Techpad theme looks awesome and interesting. Thanks for the list !

    • DRG

      Techmaish & Niche WP these two themes are really cool…!!!

    • ankit khurana

      nice list………….i really feel same that newbies always struggle in selecting the theme 

    • Ayush Gupta

      techpad is looking great. I will surely try it

    • Jai @ Tech India

      could you please serve up the demo links for the same.. it would be great if you provide all things in one place..

    • Chintan Jain

      Swift is really a nice theme, but Techmaish also gives better competition to swift and the rest…

    • Aman Arora @ Tech Blog

      Awesome themes man, I was looking for a thesis alternative for my next blog. I am gonna use one of these themes for my next blog for sure thanks 🙂

      Off Topic : I like your name too, its awesome 😉

    • manoj

      i use swift in one of my blogs ,its really fast

    • Novo Siena

      WOWW, I love the number 4 (Mantra theme) that's all I need!

    • Christopher

      I use Swift Theme for my Tech blog www.sparkwiz.com it is one of the best themes i have tested for my blog.. was fantastic.. Thanks for the post..:D

    • Ayush Gupta

      Swift is best. I am using it for more than 1year it simply rocks

    • Ashok

      Nice post. You can also include Suffusion theme in the list which is also free and has several features to customize it. I use it and find it good enough.

    • Adeline

      I've experimented with free themes when I started out as a blogger and realized that it's just a waste of time. Not to put off users looking for free themes, but if you are really serious about blogging, it's better to go for powerful, yet reasonably priced themes like StudioPress and others out there.

    • Andy

      Techmaish is the best among these themes.

      • Ashok

        Techmaish is a good theme. But, i understand that they insist you to show link to their site from all your web pages.

    • Eapen

      Thanks for the alternatives Aman. I am sure it will be helpful to many newbies.

    • Neha Agarwal

      Great list but as every body is asking for the demo you should try to add the demo so that we can know how the theme is exactly look like. Anyway great list

    • Surender Markam

      Swift is a really good theme. But Hybrid framework and it's free themes are also awesome, which I am using on my site.

    • Charles Darnay

      These are some of the Nice collection of theme and are good Alternative to Thesis. Well Personally i recommend using the Niche WP theme …

    • Senthil Ramesh

      Wow.. I was using a pirated thesis and my site almost got hacked. Just replaced with some other theme.

      I heard of Swift theme only yesterday.. I am confused to choose one among these. i want to choose and make it permanent. Also, I would love to play with customizations.

      So, can u just recommend a best out of these, which is fast and more customizable. Having spaces for ads and footer widgets can be better.

      Do u think I can go for Niche WP?

      • Aman Singh

        Niche wp is a great theme. And it have a 3rd version released just now. I think, you should go for it. But, why don't you think once again for the swift theme. It have modernised look and you can customize it a lot.

    • BloggersWord

      Hey Aman.. Thanks for the info.. But as a newbie blogger I need to know which one would you suggest from these alternatives..

    • Mohd Akbar

      Hi Aman, this post is very well written, and you have post excellent theme here. I like Swift theme it' very interesting. Thanks for nice post.

    • Jasmine

      These are great themes. Yes, I don't like to pay to use WordPress themes too. 🙂

    • Kuldeep @ Cool Tricks

      Really good idea to post Alternatives to Thesis! Nice post!

    • plaban

      SWIFT is best free theme. I'm using this theme is one blog and result is very impressive. It is very fast and has may customization features.

    • Hari Narayan

      I like those templates , but if you add demo button it would be nice .
      Nice templates!

    • Ujjwal Kumar

      You should also provide links to the demo of these themes.

      • Aman Singh

        The demo buttons are actually just a link to the big image of the same theme. While, i thought that placing the demo link was just a waste of time. You can see the demo(or bigger,clearer image of the screen by clicking on the images that i have displayed.

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