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5 Questions You Might Ask About Facebook Messages


Facebook-MessagesA couple of years back there was a craze of invitations for a web application. That was for Google Wave. But unfortunately the development was shut down as people dint find it interesting. It was one such application which was rumored to be as a mail replacement tool. Now a similar scenario is going on for New Facebook Messages invitations. Facebook has already started rolling out invitation to the users who requested for it. Anyone can request an invitation from Facebook but the million dollar question is when will you receive it? Because the invitations were not sent at once. I got a chance to test the New Facebook Messages. I can practically answer few of the questions that everyone has about New Facebook Messages

#1 – Is New Facebook Messages a mail service of Facebook?

Not exactly! Of course you get a mail id in format (for eg., and you can send mails to this id from any mail service and vice versa. There are two sections namely Friends and Others. The mails from the friends go to the Friends section and rest are dumped in Others section.

#2 – It sounds like a typical mail tool! What’s special?

The difference comes in the way the New Facebook Messages organizes these mails. It groups all the mail, chat and text messages conversations exchanged with a person. It arranges these messages Friends wise rather than the date they received.

#3 – Why don’t you call this as a mail application?

Because it doesn’t have some of the basic features of a mail service like Rick Text Formatting, Signature,POP3 Access. All these features might appear in future but for the moment it is just an additional feature.

#4 – Who will love this feature?

All those Facebook addicts who don’t want to leave the page even to send mails will loves this. The New Facebook Messages will increase the interaction between the existing users and will not bring in new users for this exclusive feature.

#5 – New Facebook Messages are more of text, does it support HTML?

No, you can’t compose HTML mails, but it does receive HTML mails. The mails are showed as text in the inbox but you get an option called Expand. On clicking which the complete HTML mail is displayed in classic Facebook Pop up.


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    • Lynda

      No doubt Facebook is a great source of social links, communication and business deal, they all do specially by using messages implementations.

    • Monique

      A great post about Facebook messages and how to manage them. I have got a lot of knowledge form your nice sharing. Thanks……!

    • Amandeep Singh

      I got the FB messages invite 2 days back and I think it is a good feature… The grouping of all the mail, chat and text messages conversations exchanged with a person is really helping me save some time.. also it saves all the chat.. that is awesome…

    • Burhanuddin Tezabwala

      Now I think I should switch to this new FB mail service.
      As, was wondering just like new FB layout it should be annoying and typical. But these FAQ’s made my work easier.

    • Umer

      Facebook Messages will gain popularity by the passage of time

    • Usman

      i think in coming years Facebook Messages will be just like text messages

    • webtechlife

      thanks for the information………………

    • eTipsLibrary

      i am still waiting for Facebook to update to latest message service.

    • Usman

      its a kind of mail services if you use gmail with your facebook.

    • Vuong

      I feel really happy with the beauty of the address that Facebook gave me. But I hope the giant social network will enhance it soon. At the moment, I think FaceMail is only a kind of testing system.

      Btw, you can read a short review written by me about Facemail here.

    • Jamie

      I did not like so much the new message interface. Is there a way to change it back to what it used to be?

    • Seenu

      No doubt it will ramp int he feature and will be tough competitor for other mail services.

    • Jasmine

      Cool, that explains a lot of my doubts. Just like many others, I don’t think I will need it for now. For email, I already have too many accounts to keep track of. 🙂

    • Orchids

      Yeah! for a Facebook Fan these questions may arise in he mind and some clarifications have been verified by your briefings.
      Thanks for nice sharing…………..!

    • Vijayraj Reddy

      the msg/mail service is still new and they may add more features later…

    • Praveen@techperk

      i hate this FB messages/mail, it is sending all offline chats as messages huh, cannot delete all

    • Dave Grimes II

      This answers a lot of questions I had about the new FB Messages app. I still don’t think it will be for me, but I can see why they’re adding it to the site. I’m sure it will be popular, it just doesn’t feel right to me.

      Nice explanation though. Cheers.

    • Vivek Parmar

      did not know many of the things but i like one feature of them that is you can send message on cell phone of the users.

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