Top 5 Questions About .XXX Domain Names

I guess you be might be aware about the .xxx domain names which are exclusively allocated for ‘Porn Industry’ and other Adult entertainment services. We also gave you a tutorial on how to reserve .xxx domain names. After that article, our readers asked various regarding this new domain via Social Networks & Contact Form. I thought of compiling these questions into an article. Here are the top 5 questions our readers asked us.

.XXX Domain Questions Answered

#1 – What is the cost of .XXX domain names?

The wholesale price will be around $60/Year per domain. Though Domain Registrars may set their own end user pricing.

#2 – Will there be any names not available for registration?

Registry operators are obligated to set aside a number of names designated by ICANN. In addition, we will set aside certain geographic, culturally significant and other names, as well as a number of names to be allocated by other means, for example, a request-for-proposals process.

#3 – Who can register a .XXX domain?

Individuals, business, entities, and organizations that; provide online, sexually-oriented adult entertainment (“Online Adult Entertainment”) intended for consenting adults or for other community members (“Providers”); 
Represent Providers (“Representatives”); or
Provide products or services to Providers and Representatives (“Service Providers”) are eligible to register .XXX domain names.

#4 – What Advantages .XXX domain names provide?

  • Consumer acceptance and confidence in .XXX domains.
  • A safe, secure and trusted environment.
  • Thousands of new domain names available to adult industry webmasters.
  • Increased traffic via registry portals, type-ins and directed search.
  • A safe, secure and anonymous way to make micropayments.
  • Opens new payment methods and markets globally. Access to untapped market.

#5 – When it will be available for registering?

The sales of .xxx domains should begin soon in Q2 2011.

Do share your opinion about .xxx domain names in the comments below.

5 Questions You Might Ask About Facebook Messages

Facebook-MessagesA couple of years back there was a craze of invitations for a web application. That was for Google Wave. But unfortunately the development was shut down as people dint find it interesting. It was one such application which was rumored to be as a mail replacement tool. Now a similar scenario is going on for New Facebook Messages invitations. Facebook has already started rolling out invitation to the users who requested for it. Anyone can request an invitation from Facebook but the million dollar question is when will you receive it? Because the invitations were not sent at once. I got a chance to test the New Facebook Messages. I can practically answer few of the questions that everyone has about New Facebook Messages

#1 – Is New Facebook Messages a mail service of Facebook?

Not exactly! Of course you get a mail id in format (for eg., and you can send mails to this id from any mail service and vice versa. There are two sections namely Friends and Others. The mails from the friends go to the Friends section and rest are dumped in Others section.

#2 – It sounds like a typical mail tool! What’s special?

The difference comes in the way the New Facebook Messages organizes these mails. It groups all the mail, chat and text messages conversations exchanged with a person. It arranges these messages Friends wise rather than the date they received.

#3 – Why don’t you call this as a mail application?

Because it doesn’t have some of the basic features of a mail service like Rick Text Formatting, Signature,POP3 Access. All these features might appear in future but for the moment it is just an additional feature.

#4 – Who will love this feature?

All those Facebook addicts who don’t want to leave the page even to send mails will loves this. The New Facebook Messages will increase the interaction between the existing users and will not bring in new users for this exclusive feature.

#5 – New Facebook Messages are more of text, does it support HTML?

No, you can’t compose HTML mails, but it does receive HTML mails. The mails are showed as text in the inbox but you get an option called Expand. On clicking which the complete HTML mail is displayed in classic Facebook Pop up.

Should I Move To A Dedicated Web Hosting?

This is yet another HBB Question and Answers section. I was asked by one of clients whether she should move to a dedicated hosting since she wants her site to be perfect!

But she was not able to differentiate between a shared hosting server and a dedicated hosting server.

For people who don’t know what a dedicated server/web host is,

A dedicated hosting service, dedicated server, or managed hosting service is a type of Internet hosting in which the client leases an entire server not shared with anyone. (via Wikipedia)

Meanwhile, if you have any questions regarding Blogging, Tweaks, Tutorials, WordPress, then feel free to ask your question via Contact form.

Dedicated Hosting

Ask Yourself Some Questions

Finally I asked her some questions regarding Dedicated Hosting Server and she changed her mind. The Questions are as follows :

#1 – Do you want to host several websites?

#2 – Do you want to install several custom applications?

#3 – Do you require high Bandwidth?

#4 – Do you need high-level security for your website?

#5 – Do you want to have your own server?

#6 – Last but not least, can you afford one?

What Makes Dedicated Hosting Special?

#1 – Storage : You can get almost unlimited disk space using dedicated hosting. Tһеу come wіtһ tһеіr οwח processors, hard drives, bandwidth capability аחԁ RAM.

#2 – Bandwidth : Dedicated server meets your bandwidth needs adequately since you don’t need to share resources with other websites. They reduce your needs to share hardware or software with other websites on the server.

#3 – Security : You are saved from intrusions caused by other sites. Using dedicated hosting, you will be in complete control of security. Anti Spam Appliance is used here which acts like a Strong Firewall.

#4 – Customization : You can customize it the way you like since you have the complete control. You can make changes and updates on software installed on your server since you have full root access to the dedicated web server.

In short, if you have money and your site receives heavy traffic, you can confidently consider a dedicated server or a Virtual Private Server (VPS).

Are you using a shared web server or a dedicated one? Are you comfortable with it? Share your opinions are comments!