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7 Brands With Fans Who Love Them To The Core


Inventing a popular brand is one thing, staying on top is a whole different story. The quest for companies is to not just achieve popularity, but to sustain it as well. In order to do that, a company must reach out to their followers and continue to deliver quality products as well as other incentives to keep them relevant.

In the age of social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, these seven brands have constantly delivered to their followers and it explains why they are on top.

#1. Pepsi

FB Pepsi

The company that has long been recognized as one of the top soft drink brands in the country continues to grow it’s fan base. Its Facebook page averages around 23,000 new fans daily. It’s keeping its customers engaged by posting messages about the Pepsi Refresh Project as well as the new “drinkable snack” called Tropolis. With innovative ideas like that, who needs Coca-Cola?

#2. Whole Foods


Whole Foods been a staple of hippies and other self righteous individuals for years launched their Facebook page years ago. They have sustained their success by retaining a local image though their branded nationally. Their Facebook page has sub-pages for each neighborhood store

#3. Kars4Kids


Kars4Kids features the most maddeningly infectious jingle in decades has become a household name. With ads that run nationally, the organization has strived to keep supporters engaged. They recently allowed others to try and write the new jingle through YouTube and a chance at advertising immortality.

#4. Red Bull

Red Bull

The key ingredient to giving twenty-something’s the energy they need to go bar hopping and relentlessly hitting on women, is also one of the popular brands with their fans. Playing off their high octane image, the Red Bull big shots constantly offer fans a chance to see live bands and share in free Red Bull products.

#5. Skype


Skype has become so big, even Oprah uses them. When this company received the highest honour in the world (the Oprah honor) they decided to up their image. They took advantage of their Twitter account and began using it as an update center as well as a platform for angry tweets.

#6. Starbucks

FB Star Bucks

The place that made pretentious acceptable, is now making criticism desirable. Their Facebook page attracts thousands of followers every day. They can go to the My Starbucks Idea and submit their idea or gimmick to improve the overall quality of the brand.

#7. Dell

Dell Twitter

The computer company has been on top for years, and it has nothing to do with their rash of irritating pitchmen. The truth is Dell has found a way to make their Twitter page fan friendly and profitable. The company began tweeting discounts to computers from their Home Outlet store. The idea not only wrangled a whole new set of followers, but netted the company over $1 million in sales.

These companies have used the technology of today’s world to increase their brand. They have upped their public profile and it’s paying off in their popularity. Ti’s a testament to what innovation and concern for the customer can do.


Selena Narayanasamy loves all things technology, blogging, productivity, social media and caffeine. You can find her writing on her social/tech website Esvienne, or follow her on Twitter- @SelenaVidya

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    • Jacob

      All high brands have much fans all over the world due to awareness from print media, electronic media and cyber net. we should also try to follow their strategies according to our strength and growth. Nice post!

    • Princess

      Hi! I appreciate your taking this opportunity to speak about this, I am strongly about this strategy to make our brands popular all over the world. I've discovered it extremely useful. Thanks!

    • Lauren

      No doubt these brands are well know, but there are so many top brands are also presents with providing quality products and services. We should also encourage them!!!

    • Maria

      Nice post about fans of branded reviews, I am glad to see that people are actually writing about this issue in such a smart way, showing us all different sides to it. You are a great blogger. Please keep it up. Thanks!!!!!

    • Sana

      Thanks for useful and informatics post. Nice attention to make fans and lovers who like much your product and easy for you to achieve your business tasks. Thanks Selena.

    • Matt

      Not only these seven, all top brands should teach us a lesson that we should also improve our brand name and make it popular to all the world, and cyber world is the best resource for it. Thanks.

    • Tony

      Well Selena , nice sharing about our fans community, which actually should cause to attract and appealed to other users to come and visit the brand products. Thanks.

    • Julia

      Fan, fan, fan….. every one want to be familiar and well known all over the cyber world and having all people are their fans. To increase the number of our fans, should beneficial to our sites and even for our online business.

    • Rehan

      Took me time to read all the responses, but I truly loved the article about how the branded product companies grip their fans. It turned out to be very useful to me and I am sure to all the commenters here! Thanks.

    • Mike

      Its Pleasure to understand your blog.The above articles about brands with fans is pretty extraordinary, and I really enjoyed reading your blog and points that you expressed. I really like to appear back over a typical basis,post a lot more within the topic.Thanks for sharing…keep writing!!!

    • Jim

      You completed several good points there. I did a search on the subject and found nearly all people will consent with your view about making their fans to be loved them. Thanks for nice sharing…..!

    • Rehan

      I like this blogging tips related website, and it has given me some sort of commitment to have success for some reason, so keep up the good work.

    • William

      This is very useful information. I need to say I love reading this article a lot. It can help me to become better grasp about the subject. It is all well and good written. I’ll definitely find this specific content incredibly intriguing. Thanks Selena!

    • David

      By reading this post, water comes in our mouth to do something to become famous in the world as a well known brand and having a huge fans all over the global world. Its a my dream!

      • Lily

        Its not too difficult David……..! just put your concentration and focus on a single point and with some guidance and even with a little help you should struggle and work hard…….. No doubt you could achieved this marvelous task.

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    • Lynda

      By reading this post, I have decided to make my blog popular all over the cyber world just like a branded product popular all over.

    • Virtual Agent

      I would have thought that the top brand, in terms of popular drinks, with most fans would have been Coca Cola. Who would have thought they’ve been edged out by Pepsi?!

      • Ddougal

        Well pepsi is much nicer! But I too would have thought that coca cola would have been way out in front.


    • Ganesh Babu

      i recently read a article in that starbucks is going to enter india. It made very great records around the world and going to make big record in india…

    • Piyush

      I love Starbucks and skype, One of my fren works in starbucks. But i even think you are forgetting something BIG like domino’s and KFC.

    • webtechlife

      These brands have huge fans but what about Domino’s, Mtv and coco cola ………

    • Sam

      I would also say that Apple also has some loyal followers. In fact this week in San Francisco, Mac World is going on even without anyone from Apple attending. Those are some true fans.

    • Jasmine

      These are certainly all big names! It would be better if you could list out their fan base size.

      • Attorney

        No it is not necessary…………. the pop brands shines themselves having lot of fans all over the world.

    • Orchids

      It is a good luck for brand to be famous and popular all over the global world. Thanks for sharing the most popular seven brands with their some descriptions.

    • Vivek Parmar

      Pepsi, what about Pizzahut and McDonald’s??

    • Guru

      How about Facebook as it self? I would like to think there are certain brands, which have become part of our daily life. One might go and buy Pepsi insead of soda, but we it come to internet, we have become so much addict of brands like Google or Facebook, our day doesn’t go by if we don’t atleast one Googl’es product, such as gmail, search, docs, orkut and list goes on.

    • Jason@Make Beats

      Hey Selena,

      Great list of companies that have taken advantage of the technology of today to improve their brand. You can tell by visiting the Facebook pages of these companies that they all care about their customers. It's really a good thing to see. I was a little surprised that Coca Cola didn't make the list.

      And I was even more surprised that Starbucks made the list because Starbucks usually doesn't get involved with a lot of advertising methods, but I guess social media is an exception for them. Thanks for sharing.

    • Burhanuddin Tezabwala

      These brands have huge fan following.
      Nice list!

    • richa kanodia

      love pepsi and red bull…. nice post

    • Dave Grimes II

      So, I just have to ask… how on Earth did Apple not make this list? Just sayin’.

    • Anubhab

      He he…I like pepsi too..However it was a nice idea quickly picked up by dell i guess

    • Amandeep Singh

      Nice list Selena…

      Red Bull and Skype are my faves 🙂

    • Umer

      Popular Brands have a high number of fans over their Social Networks profile

    • Usman

      Pepsi is very popular and is loved by fans on Social Networks

    • selena n.

      thanks guys!

      I couldn’t include all brands with a huge fan base because otherwise I’d have a list a mile long 🙂

    • Anish K.S

      Selena Narayanasamy, Thanks for the list.

    • Praveen@techperk

      i like pepsi and redbull 🙂

      nice list

    • Rohit Sane

      I am not sure about it, but did you forget “Coca Cola” and “MTv” .. They seem to have a lot of fan following on their Facebook pages..

      • Rohit | Ipod Touch 4G

        yes you are Exactly right MTV is also having a large number of fan Following on FB and Twitter…

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