Cyber Bullying In YouTube

Kind note from the Author :

If you come across anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or cause distress on the Social Networking Sites or anywhere on the Internet, please make sure your parents or any other known adults aware of it. Tell them immediately about the issue.

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YouTube like other social networking sites is only for people above the age of 13 and not below it. Bullying may look common and it may be like an issue not to be concern of. But conditions do apply. It may turn serious to the extent of unanswerable. So better be Safe than Sorry.

Youtube bullying

These are some solutions like prefer to people for preventing such problems :

1. Privacy :

Please make sure to click the Log Off or Log Out link before leaving the website or leaving the system.

  • Remove Your Age : You can remove your age from your profile or channel. Go to My Account | Channel Settings | Personal Info. Choose Do not display age on your public profile and then click Update Channel.
  • To Change Your Personal Info : Click Channel Info link for changing your personal information. It recommended not to fill details that shows all your identities. In certain circumstances this will be useful.
  • Location Information : You can change your location information in My Channel. Again it is for your safety.

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Abusive comments are very difficult to answer and it will depress the user. It will surely end in a disaster if replied to it.

  • Disable Comments : You can disable comments for avoiding these things. Go to My Videos and click the Edit Video button. You can also moderate the comments by choosing moderate comments options under Sharing.
  • Remove an Abusive Comment : You can remove a comment which you think is offensive. Go to that video and jump to Respones and Comments, find that comment and click the Remove link.

3. Report Abuse :

If you think that a video is offensive and it is somehow abusing you or the society, you can flag that video. YouTube will check that video and verifies whether it obeys their Terms Of Use. If it disobeys, then the video will be surely removed.

YouTube is friendly to its users, it often takes action against such people and they even delete that uploader’s account.

YouTube has a section for Reporting Abuse.


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Here are some useful links from YouTube and other sources:

  • YouTube – Community Guidelines
  • YouTube – Terms Of Use
  • YouTube – Report Abuse


p style=”text-align: center;”>Better Be Safe than Sorry. Prevention is always better than cure!

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  1. Well, What’s good about youtube is that they really take action once a report has been sent. That is why its one of sites that I love the most. They would really care about us.

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