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linkwithin-logoLinkWithin is a related posts widget that displays related post with photo thumbnails indeed. Related posts in the sense we always heard about the posts related to each story in words. But this one shows that with pictures. Related Posts in this manner will let your page views increase, it will keep your readers engaged with your blog. This widget is free and ad-free. No Signup Required. For WordPress users there is a plugin for this, you need to download it from their website. The plugin makes the magic next.

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28 thoughts on “Show Related Posts With Photo Thumbnails”

  1. Well, Im using Linkwith for my tech2hell blog it was quite good. I recommend this to all..

  2. i like this plugin, but at the same time it have a small drawback, sometimes it show non related post and you have to use the no of post thumbnails during registration |

  3. I was expecting somd hack. The plugin seems to be nice. I am working on to display recent post thumbnails on sidebar using rob marsh plugin.

  4. That was one of the things I look for. What if I don't use any thumbnail in the post. Does it have any default one?

  5. Great post.

    Having thumbnailes or photos on related posts does look kind of cool and is eye catching.

  6. thanks for this plugin….. although I can hack the theme to show related posts but it needs a thumbnail image… let me check how it works.


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