10+ Indispensable Tools To Run Your Business Online

Business Online ToolsIf you are going to run a business online, it is probable that you have to circulate the workforce around the world. Running a successful online business needs variety of tools and applications to get your work finished on time.

These 11 following tools mentioned here are mostly recommended for every online business owner for better effectiveness and productivity…..Companies like Salesforce also help companies manage their online presence with their different tools.

1. Invoicera

Most of the business needs some tools of invoicing system to invoice their clients and are you looking for the best invoice software, my recommendation is Invoicera. It assists you to handle invoices of clients, track time of employees, projects, salary and even it will manage your accounts effectively.

2. Zoho Projects

It is consider to be more advanced than using Base camp, it offers a set of tools that your business needs like mail, docs, writer, accounts, calendar, tracker, CRM, invoice etc., in different attractive plans.

3. Yammer

It is a free private social network site to connect and engage with co-workers. Yammer is easy to use like Facebook and Twitter build from the ground up to drive business objectives.

Key features –

  • Enterprise Micro blogging
  • Create Groups
  • Upload and share files, likes, images etc.,
  • High security and privacy
  • Create external network with other companies

4. Skype

I think you don’t need any intro for this product as you well aware of usage of this tool. Skype make audio and video calls for free while you are in computer so helping and engaging with co-workers becomes easy and also it saves a lot of money in phone bills.

5. Google Tools

The search giant has a variety of tools helpful for business owners for free of cost. Applications like Google docs, spread sheet, forms, Gmail, Gtalk, Google buzz, Calendar, G+ hangouts etc., especially G+ hangouts is very useful to make multi-user video chat with your friends and co-workers, you can also live stream the hangouts directly to YouTube.

6. Pingdom

An excellent tool to monitor your business site uptime and performance. Get instant downtime alerts, response time reports, multiple check locations, uptime reports as email, SMS and Twitter alerts etc.,

7. Basecamp

Basecamp is the most popular project management applications and one of the top choice for entrepreneurs and small business organization. It has a vast features and GUI makes users to work easy.

8. Hipchat

Hipchat is an awesome private & secure group messaging service with SSL certification. It run on multiple platforms such as available for desktop, web apps and Smart phones (iPhone, Android).

Why I need this tool ?

Group chat room available

-Drag and drop file sharing facility

-Chat is transferred in 256 bit SSL encryption, so it is highly safe and secure.

-Instant notification via email or SMS

-Add @mentions like you have in Twitter and facebook.

-Video and voice chat

9. Social Network sites

It is a must for every business at present; you can’t get success only by using search engine. Choose the right social sites for your business; not all the social sites are same because each are different from each other. Best tool to my knowledge is, use facebook for engagement and twitter for monitoring your business.

10. Mozy Backup Tool

There are many sites that provide backup solutions but Mozy back up is the most trusted name in the business. Your backup will b e automated and stored in high secure server in different part of the world, so if you are looking for a backup solution, try Mozy.

 11. Mail Chimp  (Email Marketing)

One of the most trusted brand by millions of people all over the world. It help you to design beautiful newsletter templates that can be integrate with the service you use, track the results and share it in social media sites. The cost is very affordable, it allows you to send 12k mails/month with 2k subscribers for free, if your needs are high then choose the right plans for your business.

Hope the list compiled here is more than enough for running your business online, if you have anything better than this; share your list via comments.

Cyber Bullying In YouTube

Kind note from the Author :

If you come across anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or cause distress on the Social Networking Sites or anywhere on the Internet, please make sure your parents or any other known adults aware of it. Tell them immediately about the issue.

MUST READ : Beware Of Social Engineering Attacks

YouTube like other social networking sites is only for people above the age of 13 and not below it. Bullying may look common and it may be like an issue not to be concern of. But conditions do apply. It may turn serious to the extent of unanswerable. So better be Safe than Sorry.

Youtube bullying

These are some solutions like prefer to people for preventing such problems :

1. Privacy :

Please make sure to click the Log Off or Log Out link before leaving the website or leaving the system.

  • Remove Your Age : You can remove your age from your profile or channel. Go to My Account | Channel Settings | Personal Info. Choose Do not display age on your public profile and then click Update Channel.
  • To Change Your Personal Info : Click Channel Info link for changing your personal information. It recommended not to fill details that shows all your identities. In certain circumstances this will be useful.
  • Location Information : You can change your location information in My Channel. Again it is for your safety.

USEFUL : 5 Cool Tools For Ensuring Your Online Privacy


Abusive comments are very difficult to answer and it will depress the user. It will surely end in a disaster if replied to it.

  • Disable Comments : You can disable comments for avoiding these things. Go to My Videos and click the Edit Video button. You can also moderate the comments by choosing moderate comments options under Sharing.
  • Remove an Abusive Comment : You can remove a comment which you think is offensive. Go to that video and jump to Respones and Comments, find that comment and click the Remove link.

3. Report Abuse :

If you think that a video is offensive and it is somehow abusing you or the society, you can flag that video. YouTube will check that video and verifies whether it obeys their Terms Of Use. If it disobeys, then the video will be surely removed.

YouTube is friendly to its users, it often takes action against such people and they even delete that uploader’s account.

YouTube has a section for Reporting Abuse.


  1. Don’t Click Any Third Party Links In Orkut
  2. Reporting Abuse Or Bug To Social Networking Sites
  3. Protect Your Password In Cyber Cafe and On Public Computers

Here are some useful links from YouTube and other sources:

  • YouTube – Community Guidelines
  • YouTube – Terms Of Use
  • YouTube – Report Abuse


p style=”text-align: center;”>Better Be Safe than Sorry. Prevention is always better than cure!