Choosing Keyword For Conversion And Driving Potential Buyers

You probably know many techniques to drive traffic to your page. Most of the webmasters are aware about proper On Page SEO and even some slightly black hat tricks to drive traffic. Problem is getting the right kind of traffic, so that the thing which you are expecting should happen. Yes, I am talking about conversion.

Let us understand this taking an example: I want to sell 3D Video Software.

Common Sense and Listen To Suggestions

potential buyersBefore targeting any keyword, make use of common sense. Ask yourself few questions and first one should be What would you type in search bar if you were looking out for a software which would convert 2D videos to 3D?

Think as if you were going to buy 3D video converter so what would be your requirements, queries in mind, questions about product, etc. Ask some people whom you think as potential customers.

Note down it. This would form a first set of raw ideas and suggestions which you will you have to refine to come up with final keyword.

Pay Attention to Advertisers

Not just potential buyers but also think about what advertisers are bidding on. This is certainly a point to be taken into consideration if you are using some Advertising network like Adsense to generate revenue.

Out of the keywords shortlisted, make a Google search and check out which keyword yields more ads. Observe the keyword they are targeting on.

Use Google AdWords Tool

By accessing one or more phrases related to your product or service, this tool displays the most appropriate words and phrases for your Business, according to searches on Google.

In this way it is possible to draw up lists of words for which the potential client.

Quality Over Quantity

Conversion FunnelNow, when you have already made a list of keywords which really matters to your business and have potential to generate traffic and sales eventually.

For example. If I decide to use the word “3D video”, probably I will get a lot of traffic because page will attract users seeking:

  • 3D videos download
  • 3D video glass
  • 3D video Television
  • 3D video converter download
  • 3D video
  • Etc!

Pretty traffic, right? But how many of those searches are really interested in 2D to 3D video converter? Probably very few, and we would be taking poor quality traffic to the website.

What we must ensure is that most visits take the action we want:

  • Purchase
  • Ask for Quote
  • Downloading an e-book
  • The subscription to a newsletter, etc..

Simply, get a conversion.

So back to the example above, it would be better to use a more specific word, such as “2D to 3D video converter“. You may receive fewer visits, it is true, but the percentage of the conversion rate should be much higher than in the first example above.

By adding a word “free download”, I could have got some more page visits but those people aren’t really interested in buying a product. So, I simply restricted myself from using it and stressed on best 2d to 3d conversion software.

Here, the word “converter” is the differentiation, i.e, an aspect that could differentiate yourself from the competition, an added value that a company offers over another.

To define a keyword properly, the most important thing is to know that every market or industry has its peculiarities. The more you know it, the better the results of your analysis and definition of keywords. This would ultimately determine the success of your online business.

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  1. Great idea to limit some terms (for example “free download” as you mentioned above) used in the text, because even though it may drive more traffic, it will also give you a higher bounce rate and will appear to Google that people are leaving the site because they didn’t find what they are looking for…which will hurt you in the long run.

  2. When searching for the right keywords to target, we can used the AdWords keyword analysis tool and check which keywords are being used by users to search. It’s really helpful.

  3. It’s difficult to assess commercial value however a high CPC on adwords can suggest a high value keyword, balance that with potential traffic and you should have a good idea of what keywords are worth targeting

  4. Very cogent presentation.
    Your article has stressed the importance of the keywords. Selection of proper keywords is important to receive the traffic and using them relevantly helps in sustaining the same.
    Helpful article.
    Good luck!


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