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5 Basic Things Your SEO Consultant Should Analyze


The first thing you need to make sure is you hire the right SEO consultant. Not all SEO companies or consultants are same. Some know more, some charge more, some will work for you and some will work with you. So you should decide which one you require.

SEO Consultant

Here are some things an expert SEO consultant will look at if you want to be successful online when they work on to help you get more exposure, traffic, and sales.

#1 – Present traffic : Analyzing your present traffic will help your SEO Company know where your website stands today. Even if your website has a little traffic coming in developing on that traffic means you do not have to begin from square one.

#2 – The layout and structure of your website : SEO consultants look at several points for helping you succeed. First they look into the way your web-site is designed. You may need a little change or it may be necessary for you to refurbish your website totally. A little alteration could make your website more approachable. Another thing the SEO consultant looks into is your present structure of your website which may be a barricade to your success.

#3 – The keyword approach : An SEO company will explore to find out if your hard work so far has been unproductive or not. They may help you benefit from the keywords you consider you should aim or they may guide you in a different way. In this way they will assist you take the correct approach to be successful at getting listed for the “keywords” that seem right.

#4 – SMO : In Search Engine Optimization SMO (Social media optimization) is an important factor. If you have already been doing Social media optimization your SEO consultant will certainly help you tweak your approach. If you have not been gaining from the power of social media sites like Twitter, Facebook etc your SEO professional will help you plan an approach.

#5 – Managing Reputation : Online reputation is a very important aspect of “online marketing”. An SEO consultant can help you maximize your status.

These are some of the things your SEO consultant will look into. SEO is not just about keywords but it’s about search engines picture creation that will help them see your website as greatly valuable and relevant. A good SEO agency will help you get reputation online as well as help you make sales.

This guest article is written by Usman, co-owner of, which provides Reliable and Affordable Web Hosting services.


9xhost offers cheap web hosting services since early 2011, including shared hosting, reseller hosting, virtual private server hosting and dedicated servers. I also blog at Cyberpersons regarding web security.

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    • Noel Addison

      Managing Reputation is also important in SEO. Today, SEO is about gaining the trust of your target audience so it is necessary that the SEO consultant help you out in managing your online reputation.

    • Asho

      SEO in India seems very worst… i worked with more than 3 company, they don't even know what is know… and also they are great money eaters… i lost all my money on them…

    • Bishwajeet @Comptalks

      Some nice points out there,since nowadays even social media affects ranking every SEO consultant should look into that.

    • Ivan Dimitrijevic

      Great 5 points list. As SEO analyst I can add to your list something about competition analysis.
      This is something that have to be done after targeting important keywords.

    • Mel Lifshitz

      Website owners and business companies should keep this list in their minds. This is very important in selecting the best SEO worker that can effectively help you through the process of search engine optimization.

    • MobiGizmos

      well written, simple and great tips. Recently got hold of one SEO Scam company, they have been cheating clients by telling them they will rank first on google serp but they just use adwords and show them the ads that display top on serp.

    • Angelina Smith

      This 5 basic point are really essential and its the basic main thing in SEO we can, really an good information given on your post on seo. I will follow this 5 tips.

    • Kavya Hari

      Initially, have to analysis key words approach because it should be most important task on here 🙂 Thank you so much for given great post on here 🙂

    • Phanindra

      Along with the content, the picture used to illustrate this article is best.
      Its looking great.

    • John@Google Cash Monster Bonus

      Google seems to be getting better and better, in a number of ways. With better SEO we can receive high volume of traffic. But competition is also getting tougher and so its really important to have good SEO consultant to analyze website. Thanks for this tips, it is going to be really helpful.

    • Andreas

      Speaking of online reputation, its important to investigate the reputation of a site online because with bad reputations, any serious SEO effort may be wasted.

    • Usman

      Well the thing i learned today "SMO Social Media Optimization". I think it would be adding the right people in social media accounts and posting in a way that other's follow status updates

    • Priya @ Goa Beaches

      These five points are really very essential and always play vital role in site success and achieving desired result.

    • Amrish Singh

      SEO is the first and last method to drive traffic to blog . So , for this consultant should must focus on the better keywords that give better traffic and easy to archive good ranking

    • Amrish Singh

      SEO is the first and last method to drive traffic to blog . So , for this consultant should must focus on the better keywords

    • Bharath Mandava

      The keyword approach is the key factor in SEO…

    • Gael

      Very good article, even though Google themselves posted that kind of stuff, I still see clients come to us, deceived by other companies especially when it comes down to keyword choice. They usually pick keywords with no competition but also no volume to show them great results but this tends to create negative roi.


    • Will

      I think no1 is extremely important even though most SEO's don't bother. Finding out where the traffic is coming from and analysing that data is one of the most overlooked yet most important aspect for an SEO.

      Search engine optimisation isn't just building rankings in the search engines, its optimising your site to make to most out of the search engines..

      • Jane @ need seo expert

        I agree with you Will. Traffic do plays an important part in driving more people to your website.

        But I must admit, imho, your website must have more relevant information for search engines to crawl, most appropriate for people who have search them.

      • Usman

        For that I guess patience is important, I think the SEO guy without patience is not going to give any results.

        looking back and forward is very important to get things into action.

    • Kaloyan

      The title say this properly "basic things" of course there are many aspects of research and analysis that need to be taken into account, before even start new SEO campaign.

    • Hassam Ahmad Awan

      I believe chosing the right keywords on which your blog would base has a massive importance.

      The right keyword is the one which relates to your niche and has a high traffic rates. A keyword should be chosen which has a low competition too.


      • Usman

        Keywords are key to seo they are most important things.

        how can one find you without having proper keywords ? so definitely they worth a lot.

    • fazal mayar

      good post, the consultant should analyzze your seo structure and check if your websit eis properly optimized for the search engines

    • Dr.Zachar

      Social media is the forefront of SEO. When I say social media I'd like to be the first to admit it's not PERFECT, but in do time any consultant worth his salt will be using social media..

    • Mark | WordPress SEO

      Nice high level diagram and detailing on SEO 101. Generally speaking, I've found that optimized video content does more to drive traffic and get a better SERP that all other content. Still, the power and influence of a well built and managed tier 1 tier 2 link wheel will produce pretty strong seo sem results.

      • Usman

        Well but with vides you really need to be an expert, because I gues this would be the step you do when you're very good at every thing.

        its not that easy as other.


    • Sandeep Singh

      SEO is a big bussiness on the web world. Like real world , cyber world has got frauds need to be very careful before paying money !

      Considering the article it is true that most company follow these things and creating a better SEO site.

    • Extreme John

      Social media optimization is indeed very crucial for every SEO and finding for the best and most effective approach with this aspect of optimization will be a good way to improve SEO. Analysis of our site's SEO efforts really can be best dealt with a good SEO consultant. These things will surely help us in finding the right person so thanks for the share friend.

    • Mani Viswanathan @ DMIT

      I agree with most of your points except that of the Social Media aspect. I don't seem to get what has Social Media got to do with SEO. I can understand if the SEO consultant is asked (outside the working time) then he should help. But I as an SEO consultant would never look into Social Media unless asked.

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