6 Basic Things To Become A Good Hacker

Hacking had never been an easy work. Never! But still a lot of computer freaks want to be a hacker. Being a hacker is easy. What is tough is being a good hacker. Here I’m putting down some tips to be a good hacker. Having good skills in computers is an obvious thing that is required to be a hacker, so am not considering that below.


1. Keep up to date

You gotta stay tuned with what’s new in the software market. Keep browsing for the latest software that can help you in hacking. After all, technology and science has made things easier so make use of them. Newer is the technology, faster is the work.

2. Be patient

Patience is a quality that every hacker should have in him. As they say, Rome was not built in a day, so is the case with hacking. If you think hacking someone’s profile or something is a task of a day or two, I’m sorry to say that you are mistaken! Hacking requires patience and of course it keeps checking it too, for in some cases it may take about a week or two to hack a profile!

3. Be a good observer

This quality will help you in making guesses. A good observer is one who observes things very carefully and keeps them in mind for you never know what is next and whenever it’s gonna help you. So, whenever you visit someone’s ,let’s say, facebook profile, observe things carefully like what music, movies, pages on facebook, etc. does the person likes.

4. An excellent guess-maker

After capturing details of a person from his/her facebook profile, your main target to hack is his/her primary e mail address. There is the test which decides how good you are at making guesses. Well, I’m not saying that make guesses for the passwords, but you can try for answers of the security questions. And the details of that person have the maximum probability to have answers hidden in them.

5. Never neglect small things

By small things I mean the things that you may have never thought of paying any attention to them, this is where you are mistaken. Well, even a small and un-necessary detail about the individual can prove to be of a great worth later on. This thing is interlinked to the quality of being a good observer and thus to the guess-making.

6. An effective convincer

You should have very good convincing skills so that you can make your target to log in on your phisher. Well, it’s a bit tough task to convince the person on the other end, but yes if you are a high class convincer, you are half way through.

Always remember – While you are hacking don’t think of any kinda guarantee that you’ll surely penetrate through someone’s account or else. Sometimes you have to taste defeat too. As they say, where there’s a will, there’s a way, so, try for an alternate method. Like, if your guessing method has failed many times, go for phishing method. If that too fails, try remote key logger. Well, there are many ways to hack something and one of them will surely work unless your target is very intelligent and has a good knowledge of computers too.

Try avoiding – Being over-confident is what you are not supposed to be. Don’t ever underestimate your target and take him/her as a fool. Always plan for the future and for your alternate hacking method that you’ll choose if the current one fails. One more thing you should avoid is publicizing yourself and your hacking skills and techniques.
Mind it.

If you are a good hacker, everyone knows your name; but if you are great hacker, no one knows who you are!!!

This article is written by Bharat Chauhan. He likes coffee and Pepsi very much, cause those are very good source of caffeine instead of doing drugs. If you wish to write for us, kindly check this.

13 thoughts on “6 Basic Things To Become A Good Hacker”

  1. ''If you are a good hacker, everyone knows your name; but if you are great hacker, no one knows who you are''

    Haha I like that line.
    Great because i just hacked two accounts yesterday 😀
    Keep the secret 😛

  2. Hackers Hack because of silly mistakes done by the programmer or the web expert. One should think like a hacker and then try to protect his or her website. I think content of your website is really good and interesting.

  3. Hackers and bloggers are same in nature. Like hacker, blogger also have patient, creativity and always have a tendency to do something different.

  4. Good points to be a good hacker but m bit disappointed as I was thinking you're going to tell some important tips about how to hack and more. ;). Never-mind I'm sure you'll tell in next post!! 😀

  5. Woe…….no doubt you provide us some typical sources for hacking the sites to negative mind guys…… now you should write also the prevention from hacking.

  6. This is one of the worth ful article on here 🙂 Those 6 points to become a good hackers in the wide. Thanks a lot for given up your info on here 🙂

  7. Oh yes, it must be hell lots of fun being a hacker. But it is not easy to become a good hacker, one needs to have the qualities you have just outlined above!

  8. He should know 5 more computer language >PHP is important for Phishing .We can also integrate Trojan virus inside our site


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